Friday, December 27, 2013

New Invention New iPad mini NoteBook

Do you know what is Laptop and Tablet, olden days we called desktops, and Laptop, modern technology gives Tablet, now it again gives NoteBooks, like Google Chrome book. We surprised some one thinks why iPad turn into Laptop; an excellent idea came in Japan, company name is Japan Trust Technology It is called JTT Bookey cover2.

Specifications of the iPad mini NotBook: Weight 294 grams, battery capacity 150mAh, dimensions (when folded, excluding rubber feet) about side 205mm x depth 145mm x 23mm thickness. It has a special iPad mini note book used in 2 ways if you want to use only iPad you removed the keyboard, yes wonder what an idea.

It is available in more colors Red, Blue, White, and Black; cost of the Bookey Cover 2 is $40 cost is very low, key board is English array, total 59 keys, connection method is Bluetooth 3.0, charging method is connect USB port of a PC. Amazing in this is iPad mini Retina your looks is not turned other side.

You want to by it you go to JTT online store and buy it. In the store you chose which color you want. Friends technology creates wonders, we wish science and technology give many products in the New Year 2014.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

We See only 2 Solar and 2 Lunar Eclipses in - 2014

 In the space we see many wonders as same as Eclipses are include in the list. We are going to New Year within 5 days, in the New Year 2014 sun and moon show eclipses with the witness of Earth, it so wonder 2 Lunar and 2 Solar eclipses are expected. First formed lunar eclipse in the month of April 15th in 2014, it is completed in nearly 1 hour and 18 minutes, 2nd lunar eclipse formed in October 8th, it complete 59 minutes.

 First solar eclipse is expected in 2014 on April 29th, it complete in only 6 minutes, the last Eclipse of the 2014 will be held on October 23rd. it is the natural wonder in the world many people believe that days are bad days it gives bad effects on the earth, in India most of the people believe  2  Monsters named Rahu and Katu are the enemies of Sun and Moon, they have a revenge against on the moon and sun so every year they eat moon and sun, the Godsend is gave The God Lord Srimahavishnu, it is a ancient story in Hindu puranas, and many countries are believed same stories but some changes are in that stories.

Scientists told there is no believes at the eclipses time Earth, Sun and Moon come on the same line the shades of earth and moon obstacles sun’s shade then eclipses are formed any how it is created a great sensation.  Friends don’t see eclipses without Glass if you want record, it is done with Google Glass. Wait and see.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Google’s new Website Verification API-2014

Google announced in the New Year-2014 Webmaster Tools the site verification is changed it is updated in this year. In 2014 it is totally changed, why websites are needed verification, every website has indexed by Google Webmaster tools, after that the websites are shown in search engines like Google, Bing, search UK, Scrub the web and others, if site is not verified it is not shown in searches, it is totally loss of the website.

Google indexed your website it is appear in search engines, now Google updated old verification system, old system is site verified with Google’s Analytics property code and you put html code it is provided by Webmaster Tools, because it is verified you are the owner of the site and not verified you are not owner of the site, it tested only you are owner or not.
Webmaster Tools indexed your web pages, it is a Great help to the owner, you get more and more traffic,  after verified your owner ship of your site, you can see Google data for your site, in that any errors, any type of malwares infected your site to day Google warned Chrome browser users don’t opened it is totally amazing  you see it how can Google give website owners, Google products users, and our computers Google watched 24x7 in every minute, how many WebPages are indexed, search preference, meta tags, linking sites and so on.

Google’s new Webmaster verification is working on March-2014 on the March the old verification is not working.  Now  new web site owners follow new verification method. Thank you.

Monday, December 23, 2013

One Terabytes Space Free from Mail.Ru?

 Mail.Ru give a free space of 1 terabytes to its cloud users, it is a Christmas Eve gift from it. It is Russian based mail provider like Google mail, Yahoo mail and other. In last August Beta Testing Cloud Mail.Ru, participants can get a free  space not more than 100 GB, it is cloud storage, in it you can store your all Videos, Files, Photos and all your work in net.

From December 20-2013 it offers free and all of its users get 1 TB storage in the cloud. It is a golden chance to people, in Russia many people used have accounts in Mail.Ru, and it is a large provider of internet mails in Russia. It gives tough competition to other email providers.

Mail.Ru is one of the first big cloud service provider, it gives the users free storage capacity like a computer Hard Disc. Now it is free I think near future it take some changes, it is very hot topic in Internet, in internet it is a big step, at present these type of offers are not provided of any email providers, but Google provide 5 GB space free, it is called Google Drive, in it you store your videos, photos, presentations, all of your information about you, and many people stored in Google Drive their websites also.

The 1 terabytes storage free is  give big competition among email providers, main aim of it is attracts costumers, people want always which is freely available, so the free storage is attracted many people and opened their accounts, it is a marketing technique.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Google’s new Android Phone CyanongenMod N1

 Google’s Christmas and New Year gift to us, it is a big gift to us, based on the KoushikDutta shared a post in Google plus, Google accepted to make first CyanongenMod edition N1 on Christmas Eve.

  The CyanogenMod Version is tested by Google Android experts and finally Google accepted to made smart phones on this version. CanogenMod is an aftermarket firmware for a number of smart phones based on the open source Android operating system. It has a sound knowledge and resources. All products of CanogenMod accessible both desktop and smart phones, tablets, all Google apps are worked on it. After thoroughly examined of all features then Google accepted to prepare for Google. The CyanogenMod N1 Edition model video is available in YouTube

 We heard a happy news before Christmas Eve, so we are lucky, the CyanogenMod N1 version available from December 24 in Opp on line stores and I think it is also available in Google Store. 

 It has a new look and to friendly used android phone, stunning shape, looking very cute. Its cost is $599, but variations are in cost by each country, now it is buying from December 24, if you want to give a gift on the Christmas Eve you buy and give it.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

How can understand Mark Zuckerberg?

Mark Zuckerberg he is the ruled the internet, how can we understand him. His doings are very suspense no one can understand his mind, to day morning he announced he wants to give $18 million to charity, I think he is following of the great person Microsoft owner Bill Gates he is famous to charity, he is the meaning of the charity in the world, now many billionaires followed Bill Gates. In a few days we celebrate Christmas Eve, so early we heard happy news from Mark Zuckerberg.  All the money goes to his owns foundation (Zuckerberg's foundation), Silicon Valley foundation and the breakthrough Prize in Life Science.A big prize
(in this prize Google also include) it is like a Noble Prize. He also opened to reach internet to all over the world it is called internetOrg

Mark Zuckerberg offer people who missed at the may 2012 public issue of Facebook, now Mark offer 70 million shares in the market. Why he sold the shares any one can expect no, it is suspense, and recently he announced TV ads are appeared in Facebook it is also create sensation. Many people think Face book is opened a video sharing channel like YouTube. What can happen in future wait and see.
Face book stocks are sold in the market the news heard people response heavily, the news hit internet like “Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake” Dance video in YouTube.

Tech billionaires are knew earning is not important than Human, we earned billions of dollars, the money coming from people, so we helped people in their own way.  God give full strength to him to help more people through his charity all over the world.  We wish best of luck to Zuckerberg.

Amazing Sun show we have Never Seen

(snapshot image)
                               (Video courtesy by videos of Jewl box of NASA)
 Sun he is the important to us no sun no earth. See above video it is taken by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), it shows the wide range of wave lengths, the telescope captured the picture, based on it NASA created the video, it is mind blowing, we are not seen in past in the movie colors sweep around the sun, identify the sun appears in different colors at same areas.

  NASA movie creators created video in NASA’s Scientific Visualization studio (SVS), really it is amazing. Each wavelength of light represents solar material at specific temperatures. It shows sun’s surface and atmosphere, so scientists to paint a full picture on the different variations in different tempters on sun. it shows different colors and wave length. It is an experiment and track how particles move on sun’s surface.

 It is not a question to see it has different wave lengths of colors. For example take Yellow of 5800 Angstroms, it is represented the surface of the sun. You examined the pictures of the sun in a variety of wavelengths. It is created by not only SDO, but also by NASA’s interface Region Imaging Spectrograph and the European space Agency. Scientists can track how particles and heat move through the sun’s surface and atmosphere.

So we see a memorable sun surface, directly we could not see the surface, we have NASA so all work done it and released to public after we see any of the amazing news and pictures of about total universe. Don’t worry we have NASA

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Google Hit Net with 3D Twist

Google hit net with 3D list, totally 2013 list released with a 3D effect, named Google Zeitgeist- 2013. In it shows top of the top searches in 2013. Really it is a new experience in this year. We see like kids type that. Our eyes not see other side.

The Google zeitgeist list includes worldwide, country wide, day’s wise list, if you see the list it is very attracted design. Top searches list Former South African president Nelson Mandela, 2. Movie Star Paul Walker (died in November 30th, 3.The iPhone5S (Apple phone).

Above all are Google search counting’s, it released YouTube top searches in the list Harlem Shake is most popular searching video. Google thoroughly examined the all data with its source, it released early to Christmas Eve, we have another 13 days but the list includes today also. Google tries the list very new it is not compare to any lists released other sites, it has own search engine, world top most sites are Google and YouTube so there is no way to estimate what is top search in 2013 of other sites. It tries this list is not crashed other lists and it takes huge data from its search hits. Every year Google give lists, now it is in 3D look. Everything Google create wonders today net is hit by Google Zeitgeist. It is prepared in 3D version. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Massive Virus attacks on Online Games in -2013


 Science and technology used in wrong way, Online gaming sites attacked by many hackers, average Thirty-five thousands attacks are counted by some of online antivirus developers. Al l attacks are occurred in from January and November-2013. Mainly this attacks only on games online gaming industry growing in peak. World celebrates Christmas Eve depended on it millions of games hit online, it is continue. All countries include in the list.

 Spain: 138,786, Poland: 127,509, UK: 27,049, Germany: 29,049 and more countries.

   Malware chose all kinds of games, which is very popular online (the games hits with billions of people and kids).  Phishers are used latest technology, it is developed with java, they made a fake game, if people opened, they through net with their fake site. They stole your all details of your account login. You received a mail about games; we give a great discount, to buy our popular games, the games names also in popular gaming websites. Then you buy online you entered your user name and password of your bank account, and download the fake game, it shows download is completed it is also fake.
Prevention is better than cure, I suggested some precautions, in your mail you see good offers, first you don’t click, and you take address of it, and search for address in Google search, it shows address and phone numbers you enquired to make a call of that company which is send mail to you. After you clarify it is true then you buy.

 Password changed weekly once, if you are Gmail user it give more security, if any one try to open your account, it is blocked and warning us. You install the best antivirus software in any device you used.  Only you do friendship well known persons.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

How to test Beta version of Facebook app for Android?

New stunning beta version of Facebook app for Android came into force,   in this beta version it is latest and bug fixed application. It can give a new experience to users, more features it has, available in Google play store. It is tested time, if you want use Facebook app for Android, must complete the some steps after that you get access the app in your smart phone. You take test it Face book give a chance to tested it first you go to, face book help center. 

 At that you can joined Facebook for android beta testers group in Google groups to become eligible to a tester of your app,, it is created only for Facebook app for android. Second download it from Google play store if you allowed beta downloads. Third if already has face book app you also download this beta version form play store to update your old app. Finally you like the Facebook Android Beta Testers page with your account log-in, tell them what you think about it and follow the officialpage to get the newest updates to face book for android app.
You must join the Google group with the same Gmail account used to sign in Google play store account.

Wonder the new beta version Face book for android is also used on a desk top computers, (it is really wonder a android app used on desktop tremendous idea it is), any variety of mobiles, and tablets, chrome books. Now smart phone owners go to test the face book app for android.  It give a chance to us how to stop using the beta version of face book app for android

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Google new app for G+, shake your android phone fill with Snow

Google doings are awesome, a new app for Android phones it is G+ app; it has a little fun to us. Opened a photo in your phone, shake your device ( mobile) and see the snow fall on your photo it is very awesome for its users, it is only on G+ app for Android. Your mobile has downloaded this G+ app at that time you see the magic. You also save your snow fall photo and share it your friends and relatives. It is totally amazing app for android, you will go Google play store and download, and it is free of cost.

Features: you must follow what friends and relatives all over the world are sharing.
You joined G+ communities and communicate with similar passions
It has automatically back up facility, you give life to your photos with animations, panoramas and awesome images.

It is totally new from Google android app, single search box what you want to search in one single search box, and it has no bugs.
Google give more experience to you to connect people in the G+ app, totally funny features,

You are also joined main stream what is going on in G+ around the Clock. dont waste smart phone owners download new application for G + (Google Plus)

Friday, December 13, 2013

Google gives more security to its Users

 After stolen over 2 millions of passwords from different sites, Google concentrate how to give security to its users, then they begins implemented many technologies. To day morning I opened my Gmail account its show “help us improve your account experience”. It is all to improve more security of our Gmail accounts. It asked some questions based on my account login, you are used for your own purpose, or other, how many persons are used it, your personal / business account, Are you used  communicate with friends, family and sharing with your account, does someone used this account? I answered only I am using. You faced this event from Google, at your login page it shows some questions, you carefully answered that 2 questions, it’s give more security to your Gmail account. you want know more for Google account security visit this Goolge security

Many mail account providers like Google, MSN, HOT mail, and other social networking sites shocked, more than 2 million passwords published on line, users were afraid of the news, our accounts are not secured, many mail accounts has personal information like passwords, images, bank account information’s, all famous web sites thinking how to give more security, in the first Google is the First place it is thinking around the clock how to give more experience to its users, it changed its policies of security.

Here I told one thing in my Face book account in my time line some shares are showed you like this post, really I don’t like it, but its shows I like it. It could happen automatically I think it is a automatic program/ or soft ware, those likes are in the field of Advertisements, now it is not repeated. So Google give more security to our accounts. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Great Online Shopping Festival of our Google begins


 Google’s great online shopping festival begins (GOSF) in India it is ends on December-13. It is a 72 hours festival now it is going on. Here it is a mega shopping festival. Our Google wants to plan all mega eCommerce companies in one platform to all more than 20 million online shoppers and customers. It goes a viral every people want to participate in the GOSF event. Important partners of this mega event are Airtel, Intel, Paytm, and many retailers all over the world are also participated in it.
   All retailers letters begins A – Z (means retailers names begin with A to Z) Amazon, Big basket and all other mega retailers are participated. And one surprise news is every product has discount and you are also bargained on the cost. From cars to cashmere and Laptops to Luggage, there are bargains in every category which product you want then you start bargained.
   In the event more than 200 millions of internet users all over the country participated in the event, if you want no doubt you participate in it. No entry fees, in the event you want buy a home, cars, life insurance policies everything you  what you want to buy. Now Indian online shoppers are more than 20 million next 2017 it will grown more than 50 million and the business will grown $16 billion.

   The GOSF give discount up to 20 to 80 percent, think biggest companies are participated, the idea comes from Google is very great, Google always do sensational things all over the world. At right it targeted India. Indian people are more than 1 billion in this 20 millions are purchased online, so Google plans to occupy the minds of Indian people.
Google future plan is to opened online shopping website. It tested and observed how the GOSF worked it is successes, and then Google comes e-commerce shopping also. Why it target India? India is a main source of marketing, every company and every country wants to market their products in India. So Google chose India. (This paragraph is my own idea).

Friends participated in mega event of Google’s GOSF it is ended 13th.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Facebook take a survey from me, for news feed


Social networking giant Face book take a survey from me, opened my account I surprised to see the invitation. The survey is mainly on its news feed, face book, I asked my friends are you faced survey of face book, they told no. I am regularly opened face book and updated every day, after joined Google +, I updated weekly once; there is no use to use face book.
In the survey , they asked 10 questions those are they take my face book friends shares and ask are you like this post ( the share is a advertisement), if like we feed more of same to your timeline, you are strongly disagree, disagree, neither agree, nor disagree, agree, strongly agree. If I take strongly option, face book send as same as type of advertisements on my wall.

   They show a image which is share of my friend, it is Kerala ayurveda ( it is a one type of treatment in India) treatment photo, I told strongly agree, then face book send same type of ( medicine) advertisements on my wall, 10 questions are one by one show some images ( means some friends like iphones, laptops, Samsung mobiles, TVs, shoes ) different advertisements, all they show compulsory something like advertisements. I think that is image related advertisement and also news all over the world, if I like some news, face book send same type of news occurring around the world.
   Totally face book tries itself to stand and occupy the market, now many people thinking what is face book, no use of it, one thing first Orkut came in internet many people opened  accounts in it, at that time all the world become a village, people wanted a new trend in their lives, they attracted Orkut, after Face book entered internet people left Orkut, joined Face book, after Google+ launched people joined in it, now the users of Google + became more than 1 billion, gradually Google + take the place of Face book. Mark Zuckerberg know this thing very well, he is also a account holder of Orkut ( I think) and Google+, I am one of the friend of Mark Zuckerberg in G+

  So Mark Zuckerberg always thinking how can improve and give more features to face book users, how can they satisfy, so he put many changes in Face book.

Magic numbers 11-12-13!


At the movement to day I heard an announcement that is “Tomorrow is the magic day, do anything it gives good result in your life, 11-12-13 is the magic numbers day, it comes in future after more years, if you want you continue your Life Insurance policy our company gives you a opportunity, if your policy is stopped or not paid installments don’t worry you resubmit and paid older installments, take this big deal day after tomorrow we are not accepted to continue your insurance policy both health and life coverage” what a advertisement.

   What is technology what is the ideas of companies to reach people, I heard and surprised, oh what an idea, see companies used anything and everything, there is no difference, they take all events and things to their advertisement of their products.

Tomorrow  date is 11-12-2013 so numbers are come one by one the same type of the date comes after more years, many people in the world has some believes, tomorrow many people want to launch their new ideas, some are buy new products, like cars, houses, lands, vehicles, gold and other products of their wanting.

Many numerologists told tomorrow is the best day to do any new thing in your life, if you are not married, tomorrow you arranged your marriage. Many people believe tomorrow is the good day so we do something that can be affected on our lives. Yes no doubt developed country people also believes the tomorrow is good day, many countries celebrates Christmas early they are do something tomorrow, our Google also give gift to us. SantaTracker Friends celebrate tomorrow and do something it is give good result in your lives, I am also doing something, I want buy a new car to me. Best of luck.

  Thank you.

Monday, December 9, 2013

YouTube faced competition!

   The internet video site king faced some competition from other sites. YouTube site viewers are more than 1 billion, per minute 72 hours, it takes many changes it is also giving money to its users (Adsense accounts holders), and some of the net works see the development of YouTube. Many news channels are also opened their channels in all countries. People are always thinking if anything going on all over the world that is must be uploaded on YouTube. It is opened live streaming.
   Right now YouTube faced competition from dailymotion, it is started in the same year of 2005, but Google buy YouTube then it became world famous video web site. First it is only accepted only Europe videos, for the past 3 years it looks on the markets of America, Japan, and India. In France it is no.1 site for video sharing. Daily audience are increasing to view videos, every people are depended YouTube videos. I saw some of the sites like Msn and other sites videos those are copied from YOUTUBE, if you want check you are  copy the title and paste YouTube videos search then it will appeared. But dailymotion is different, increasing video views and people, the  changes are observed French Government Telecom company “Orange” buy the half of the shares, then it is become slowly second place in video sites. Yahoo also wants to buy 70% of share in it, but French Government was not accepted the offer.

  At the first dailymotion looks like a news website, now it is changed, daily 25000 videos are uploading; 3 hundred million videos are available. Anything the videos site giant faced a little competition from other sites; it is Google’s property if any site give competition then Google put many changes of its own sites. All internet giant websites coming from America but dailymotion is only out of America, see what happened in future. I think any site is not exceeds of YouTube.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Google’s Early Christmas Gift!

 Search engine giant doings create sensation all over the world, it thinks to attract more and more people for its products, now Google gives  early gift for the celebrates of Christmas eve. It created a game website for children worldwide, it is very amazing, totally new if you see and play games on the website. you want to visit this link to play games SANTATRACKER WEBSITE
Google has many engineers they are worked hard on the Google Santatracker project, finally they designed the website, in that very new advanced maps used. They designed in Android version also it is worked smart phones, due to many people used smart phones to access internet, then Google designed Android version, it is also browse Google Chrome. The website is totally Android version.

  In the Santatracker we play many games. Worldwide many people are celebrates Christmas eve it is now started many people believe Santa Claus come and give gifts to people, the Lord Jesus birthday on 25 December every year. Google plans how to celebrate this Christmas Eve, and give surprising gift to children. You see in the web site  that games start day by day means its contains 24 games its started on December 1 and ended December 24, daily one game is opened other games get locked we unable to open early, it opened one game a day, the games are  air port, racer village trailer, wind tunnel, boatload, and 24 other games to play, kids are very attracted to this games, it is totally new look and web design is so attracted, color themes are wonderful, I think design engineers are worked hard on the web site. Totally Google give the best gift to us. Thanks to Google 

Google’s New Moonshot project: Robots

  Google take a new project that is called Robots, it is Moonshot project, and based on Google founder Larry Page shared news publicly in his Google+ profile. Larry Page He told I am excited about Andy Rubin’s next project, a crazy idea of him putting a supercomputer in hundreds of millions of pockets in the Universe.

  Google using the man behind Android, it puts money on this project it is called Moonshot project. Amazon can delivering books by American Drones, as same as Google think robots drive Google car and knock your door to deliver a pack, which is you ordered in Google  stores. What an idea never think, it is true in near future. Google will do it, no doubt.

 For the past year Google buy 7 powerful tech companies and all people worked on the Robots spent billions of money. All work is doing under supervision of Andy Rubin; he is the famous in the Android people. He built Google’s Android software for smart phones, he is 50 years old Google engineer, he is expert on robotics and he has experienced person to building intelligent machines. He is definitely successes on Google Moonshot project.

  People never think Google doings, not only people but also world. The project combines both software and hardware. See how Google technologists thinking new projects any one expert Google delivers packages at your door steps with Robots through self driving cars. We see in James Bond movies now it is true with Google efforts on Moonshot project.

Best of luck Google, you give more products to us.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New “Hate” Application for Face book Users

   Social networking giant face book updates day by day its give more comfort to its users. Many trends and changes are force into user’s home page. Now a new app for Face book come and it is created sensation in netizens.

  Many people opened fake accounts and they are send requests to women, normally they respond on the requests, next that fake people send unwanted, prohibited and banned material, and also send spam, they harassed women we see daily in news papers. Some are cheated women they targeted rich women now it is a headache of face book. So technologists created a new app to avoid headache of women. Now it is tested, and run successfully, you add that app now you freely navigate your account there is no disturbance and not seeing unwanted, prohibited and spam of your hate friends I think that is totally blocked hate friends shares.
 The new app is “Hate Him” or “Hate Her” it is totally new to users many people are not known it, now gradually it is spread on internet.

  You go to your face book account and log in with this site Facebook Hate app you connected with this app then a webpage show how many friends are you hated it is a great app I tested it. It asked you hate all of your friends or everyone. Friends it is a great application in face book, we thanks to its developers.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Android kit Kat downloader’s are you know? Google Banned Use of 1400 Words


 Our Google strictly followed some strict rules to its Android Kit Kat application; Google gives some list of words to Android Kit Kat app. Many illegal and controversial words are stopped at the typing stage. It take a big step, in the world Google doings are create very sensation, now Google opened its third eye. Many of internet users mainly teenagers are searching in internet prohibited sites and materials, now Google take a serious action on that.
If you type prohibited words search engine giant algorithm give no help. In the words Geek also include it is a bad word for Android Kit Kat. For Google Kit Kat application 165000 word dictionaries was prepared and it is applied for Kit Kat, in this 1400 words are banned.
Mainly now in the world many teenagers spent their time at internet and also they spoiled their life. Each and every thing is show in internet; they are exiting some of banned materials. And followed that then they spoil their lives. Many parents are afraid of their children behavior.

   Banned words are not appeared automatically, if you want see banned words the application is not support you, it show misspell. So be care friends day by day Google take many changes to its products, because its thinking is how to serve people and become a good society. We know many children spoiled their lives with the help of internet, mainly you see internet cafes under age persons are surfed net, now we are in smart phones age, so many people used phones, it is automatically internet supported phones, so everyone opened and searched many banned material,  simply I tell this is prevented the auto-correct feature from inserting nonsense or potentially embarrassing words, now Google take a big step how to stop this situation and then it is inserted banned worlds in source code of Android Kit Kat operation system. Thank to Google.

He Challenged Science and Technology

   Do you drink paint are smell paint after few seconds  definitely you will fall danger but here a man Lenoardo Granato a eye painter swill paint and now he is famous man and become celebrity. How he can become famous. Yes all are doing any thing commonly but he thinks differently. Paint with brush is common but paint with eyes is amazing, he did second thing, so he become famous.

   Paint has many chemicals, normally all are heat its smell, think if we drink paint then we will died. But Lenoardo Granato is swill paint with his nose after that he painted with his eye  help of swill paint, the swill paint coming with his eyes and he painted on canvas many drawings.

  He become very strong on its, he worked on his taught for 3 years then he became very strong on that skill, he did very hard work. After 3 years he become and commands on the work. Amazingly he is no problem to swill paint with his nose and tat paint become through his eye. All are having ducts but his ducts very powerful. Regularly he undergo medical checkup. Now he is not facing any problem with his work.
    He named his painting is “Teardrop Painting”, the painting are very cost people like very much of his paintings. He belongs to Argentina, all money coming with his paintings he donated a Children Cancer hospital. We wish he become very famous and congratulated him.

Finally a secret, “his paintings are made from trees” so there is no danger to swill the paint, he also certified from British Riplyes “Believe it or Not” man. 

Saturday, November 30, 2013


Now many countries looked at space, why they see at space don’t know , some developing countries also wants to participate in space competition. If a rocket costs billions of dollars but there are not take back step. Why they  want to spend money on space programs. We have  also NASA, it is creating wonders.
I don’t know what is the use to launched rockets to Mars, any use no use, there is no humans or any other creatures. NASA Mars missions already told. Mainly space competition among America, China, France, Japan, European union and India. In the list 5 countries are developed countries, India is developing country, it wants to create wonders in space programs.
Recently India launched Mars orbiter the cost of the mission is nearly 3 billion.  NASA also launched many rockets and conducted Mars missions, all missions told there is no humans, no use to us, we are not lived on Mars. Mean while some are opens trips to Mars, named  Mars One Mission they sold tickets to traveled on Mars, many people booked their tickets. In this trip only single trip no return trip, but many people booked tickets. Think what is the situation if there is no return how can they live on Mars.
All countries see this so they want to participate in space.  NASA send a rocket MAVEN to Mars, they also send many rockets on Mars. Suddenly India prepared rocket and send to Mars. That Mars orbiter Mission rocket begin to traveled to day night, we told best of luck to ISRO. Next year September that Mars Orbiter Mission rocket reached Mars orbit. In this program many hurdles are faced ISRO, finally it overcome and succeeded to reached its target. All world see and how can ISRO take up this mission it is fail or win. Finally it is win, so no doubt Mars Orbiter Mission reached Mars orbiter next year. In the world many countries faced many problems, but they have billions of poor people, living in poverty, but they are not see that side, they want to become super power in space.

Near future many countries participate in space competition. Any how only NASA is the king in space ( this is my own idea)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Google put its foot into Face book

Yes one is search engine giant, and another is social networking giant. These are different in their fields. Here a difference face book is only social networking site; it is not entered in other fields. It develops how to give more features to its users, Google is different first it is only search engine day by day it becomes search engine giant, first it was buy Orkut and put step in social networking site at that time Face book is a baby. After buying Orkut Google developed and Orkut become a social networking elephant. After face book entered social networking sites world, it grow up as a Tsunami and its speed is very high range, no limit it is entered all over the world. Every one surprised all credit goes to Mark Zuckerberg, he is a young dynamic leader.
Google thoroughly observed how Face book become very popular in the world, then it is thinking how to stop the popularity of face book then it plans and establishes Google Plus now Google Plus users are in more than 1 billion slowly it exceeds Face book.
Now online advertising king is only Google, its share is very high in the internet advertising marketing. Now Google buy Face book space for its advertising (Google buy Face book space). So Google used Face book space to Google Adds. Google announced a new way to working with Face book to participate FBX, their real time bidding exchange.
First the success of Google is it is encouraged partnerships to other sites, yes it gives Google adsense to bloggers and websites, and it is great idea to success of Google’s. Now it is followed this idea. It buys space for its advertising clients; Google used space of Face book, it is very useful to grown up of Google, I told my older post Google wants to buy face book.

Google tries for a long time because Face book users are more than 1 billion any how Google put its foot into Face book, in future what happened no one can not thinking. Face book users are seeing Google adds in Face book, it is a new experience, wait and see what happened. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Shocking News Face book is not Working?

No one thinking above news, yes I faced this problem, generally I opened my Face book account and update status on my wall but it is not working. I again and again update my status but it shows same message “could not update status” then I think in my account any problem is rising but after that I again update my status but it is not working shows a message there was “a problem updating your status. Please try again in a few minutes” I am shocking then I asked my friends they told same problem. But all of other features are working; only update status is not working. I searched on Google plus anyone posted on this matter but I cannot find.
The world famous and social networking Tsunami Face book is not working, why everyone thinking on this many people of face book users has complaint on to error message of update status.  If any problem takes place on the servers, first I am thinking in my account any problem and thoroughly search, but I cannot any problem in my account, why the problem raised, face book users are more than 1 billion, all are faced this problem, or some are faced this problem.
Anyhow face book recovered this problem quickly and all users are feeling free. Face book has many technologists they are trying to recover on this problem, recently it is opened data center in Sweden, it has data center in US and second data center is opened in Sweden. So feel all users are shocking why our status is not updated. So I think heavy load on servers or any data problem, face book give any updates to users so it is stopped the status updated or changed policies of status updated. I wish quickly recovered from this problem and enjoying users in status updated.
See one minute face book is not working totally world is shacking why face book is not worked. All internet people are discussed on this topic. Many of my friends also talked on this problem. I wish Any how quick recovered from this problem of face book and give a new experience to its users.

Thank you

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Billions of Diamonds take as You Wish no Limit its Free

Every people on the earth have some desires and deep ambitions, everyone has desire to wear diamonds, it is not one or two it is Universal ambition.

Our saver NASA discovered through its satellites billions tones of diamonds, first they are shocking to see. After that they think and how to take that diamonds. The inventions are done by Cassini Spacecraft.
On the Jupiter and Saturn Cassini invented these billions of diamonds, it is a wonder news to people. How can it is possible, on the 2 planets Glance storms are formed it gives birth of diamonds. First Methane gases on the planets converted Carbon after Carbon converted into Graphite next form is Diamonds. They estimated 10 million tons of diamonds are now available on the 2 planets, it is only a rough idea, and it is not correct calculation.  
 Saturn gives 1000 tons of diamonds per a year. It is very amazing news. On the Saturn 30.000 kilometer diamonds are formed in layers.  Jupiter and Saturn’s are air spheres, but diamonds are formed in climate first those are in solid state, but those are as same as of rain falls and the diamonds are going underground like water. On the 2 planets underground layers temperature is in 8000 Kelvin’s, so all diamonds are melted floating like matter and converted into a sea.
NASA scientists are discovered diamonds first time on Jupiter and Saturn, Uranus and Neptune planets are also having diamonds they invented some years ago.  All diamonds are in solid state.
Thinking on the way if NASA planed to taken the billion tones of diamonds on to the earth, many things are happen. First America economic problems are closed, America become the richest country in the Universe. All people become very rich, in Forbes list all are American people get all ranks. Uncle Syam is great it is true at that time. They develop and planed to live on other planets no poverty on the earth no hungry people no poor countries. But it is thinking only, we wish it is true in near future.
We wish best of luck of NASA its future missions, because NASA is the saver of the Earth.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Internet Through Races!


Day to day inventions is increased on this way new invention coming into force it is  called Li-Fi technology. First the idea was come from Harald Haas; he is a famous Edinburgh  University scientist in Briton. Based on the taught Chinese scientists invented Li-fi technology it is as same as Wi-Fi, but in this only data transmitted with light races, they give    a name it is called Li-Fi technology means it is come from light races so it is called Li-Fi technology. First Harold tell the thought of Internet through light races, after many days Chinese scientists doing experiments and invented only light races passed data to electronic devices. In Wi-Fi used radio waves, in Li-Fi used only races.
Uses: it is very cheap in cost, through Li-Fi one small LED bulb gives 150 mega bit speed internet connectivity to 4 computers. It gives more security to our data. Through Li-Fi we exchanged data to scanners, mobiles, TVs, and many other electronic devices.

Li-Fi is a cheaper and gives energy more than Wi-Fi, people happy to hear this news, because now we suffered with Wi-Fi, right now Wi-Fi signal equipment is much cost and low in efficiency, and we set a device for Wi-Fi. In li-Fi a small LED bulb races give internet is a great thing, in future many more inventions come from our great technologists, based on the Li-Fi technology, it is more useful to Chinese people, in China world largest and in First place internet access people, in a survey more than 600 millions connection running in China. So it is very useful to China only, near future it come into force around the world.

It is news only, near more useful technologies come into force, because we have many tichnologists and scientists, they are always worked for the world and poor. so we wish best of luck to their work and thanks to them.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

New Update News from Face book

Social networking sites king face book give news to its users, if that is good or bad news because it removed restriction to teenagers. At the past it gave many restrictions to teenagers, now around the world teenagers are opened many accounts. So Face book thoroughly observed who can navigate and how much spent time in face book. After it is decided to removes restrictions on teenagers account.
  In your account you control who you share with your stuff. If you want to share also anyone . In some surveys in 1.5 billion accounts many of accounts have teenagers in the age range from 13 to 18. Face book has many restrictions to its users gradually it is removed many restrictions. Because it’s expand and attract more users to opened accounts on face book.
People aged 13 through 17 will also have the choice to post publicly on Face book. Face book thinking to connect more users and occupy internet adds market, because  in teenagers attracted new trends and fashions easily, this is advantage of face book, it gives more adds in face book, then automatically its increase revenue from adds. It is a market plan. No doubt at all, Mark Zuckerberg is very intelligent marketing person. He know very well of market trends. So he decided to remove restriction on teenagers it is very useful to them. And also he exceeds other social networking sites like Google Plus, twitter.
In other social media networks also allow teens to share with world in their accounts. But in face book many restriction so many teenagers go to other social networking sites, it is headache of face book, now the markets are depended upon teenagers only.
Face book said it give a special notice the first couple of times they attempt to post information to the public, reminding the users that the post can be seen by anyone in face book, when teens choose public in the post select section they will see a reminder that the post can be seen by anyone, not the people they have in friends list.
Any how it is good or bad face book took a big step, we wish success in future. You want know more visit this link  facebook

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Is it true Google Faced Competition from Sputnik?

Larry Page and Sergey Brin invented   Google search engine in internet.    We know   what the power of the Google is. Slowly small search engine Google become giant in internet,   people thinking if there is no Google, there is no life. Right now Google don’t’ faced   competition. But now it is faced competition. Russian Telecom Company Rostelecom planed create internet search engine named “Sputnik”, the name is we heard in past years it is spacecraft name. It plans to occupy Russian internet market. Already Yandex search engine is running it is a competitor of Google. It is occupy 62 percent traffic in Russia. Russia has the largest internet population in Europe. Every company want to occupy the market. Internet search engine business is a different field from telecom service business. But I think already Yendex is running successfully, in China Baidu also running very successfully, and Rosteletelecom is a big telecom company so it thinks give competition to Google and Yendex in Russia. It plans launch in 2014, now it invites developers to work in the Sputnik project.  Many technology people think it is also success because Google is king in US and some other countries. I analysed depended upon Image Graphics report now in the world Google and Face books are kings, but only in some countries. Yahoo is king in Japan, as same as now netzines thinking Sputnik is give tuff competition  to Google in Russia. Some netzines think Google is well established and famous in internet Sputnik is little baby it is not competitor of Google in any way. Anyhow competition is running, it is profit to the people, products are available very cheap and saves money of the people. Any how we see Sputnik search engine in 2014, it is not born child, but Google is a elephant, it is not competitor to Google.

All rivers are finally merged in the sea as same as all search engines are merged in Google. Google is well established company, for example in India has world second largest population. All internet people used Google search engine because it is easy to operate and friendly user. So everyone wants to use Google. I think there is no alternative of Google. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Android Air breathes every one!

Now we are in android age, every day many android developments are coming into force. Many companies made android applications, these all applications are based on Google developed android application.
Every person used android phones. In youth very crazy so our life started with android we eat, drink, and breathe android so I called now we are in Android air and android climate.
I give some examples of android phones data.
In a survey in this year all over the world, selling of android phone is more than 1 billion, because people see it very crazy. In the smart phone applications up to 2017 android is the king in the market. In this year 1.80 billion android mobiles are selling around the world. In 2017 it is more than 2.30 billions. Many mobile companies give discounts to its smart phones now some phones are purchased 4000/-, now android application phones are available in cheep cost. But smart phones market is very high in developing countries.
I think Google android and Apple iOS operating systems are empires in the android market. There is no alternative for those applications. In this year Microsoft windows phone is exceeds Block Berry’s phone. Now Microsoft buys Nokia to establish and occupy smart phone market all over the world. It is big step to Microsoft. With the support of Google android applications and other company’s applications android stand its first position in the smart phone market. Position of operating systems in smart phones in the year of 2013 is Android -75.3, iOs -16.9, Windows- 3.9, Black Berry -2.7.

So day by day many android application are quenched all over the world, mainly Google concentrate android applications, recently android Kit Kat application is started, I think this is not ending only beginning. Mainly Google and Microsoft are fighting with each other in technology. It is useful to people because they invented new technologies for people day by day. So we wish more android applications are coming from our Google, Microsoft and other companies. Finally we are in Android climate.