Thursday, December 5, 2013

Google’s Early Christmas Gift!

 Search engine giant doings create sensation all over the world, it thinks to attract more and more people for its products, now Google gives  early gift for the celebrates of Christmas eve. It created a game website for children worldwide, it is very amazing, totally new if you see and play games on the website. you want to visit this link to play games SANTATRACKER WEBSITE
Google has many engineers they are worked hard on the Google Santatracker project, finally they designed the website, in that very new advanced maps used. They designed in Android version also it is worked smart phones, due to many people used smart phones to access internet, then Google designed Android version, it is also browse Google Chrome. The website is totally Android version.

  In the Santatracker we play many games. Worldwide many people are celebrates Christmas eve it is now started many people believe Santa Claus come and give gifts to people, the Lord Jesus birthday on 25 December every year. Google plans how to celebrate this Christmas Eve, and give surprising gift to children. You see in the web site  that games start day by day means its contains 24 games its started on December 1 and ended December 24, daily one game is opened other games get locked we unable to open early, it opened one game a day, the games are  air port, racer village trailer, wind tunnel, boatload, and 24 other games to play, kids are very attracted to this games, it is totally new look and web design is so attracted, color themes are wonderful, I think design engineers are worked hard on the web site. Totally Google give the best gift to us. Thanks to Google