Friday, October 18, 2013

Internet Through Races!


Day to day inventions is increased on this way new invention coming into force it is  called Li-Fi technology. First the idea was come from Harald Haas; he is a famous Edinburgh  University scientist in Briton. Based on the taught Chinese scientists invented Li-fi technology it is as same as Wi-Fi, but in this only data transmitted with light races, they give    a name it is called Li-Fi technology means it is come from light races so it is called Li-Fi technology. First Harold tell the thought of Internet through light races, after many days Chinese scientists doing experiments and invented only light races passed data to electronic devices. In Wi-Fi used radio waves, in Li-Fi used only races.
Uses: it is very cheap in cost, through Li-Fi one small LED bulb gives 150 mega bit speed internet connectivity to 4 computers. It gives more security to our data. Through Li-Fi we exchanged data to scanners, mobiles, TVs, and many other electronic devices.

Li-Fi is a cheaper and gives energy more than Wi-Fi, people happy to hear this news, because now we suffered with Wi-Fi, right now Wi-Fi signal equipment is much cost and low in efficiency, and we set a device for Wi-Fi. In li-Fi a small LED bulb races give internet is a great thing, in future many more inventions come from our great technologists, based on the Li-Fi technology, it is more useful to Chinese people, in China world largest and in First place internet access people, in a survey more than 600 millions connection running in China. So it is very useful to China only, near future it come into force around the world.

It is news only, near more useful technologies come into force, because we have many tichnologists and scientists, they are always worked for the world and poor. so we wish best of luck to their work and thanks to them.