Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Google’s new Website Verification API-2014

Google announced in the New Year-2014 Webmaster Tools the site verification is changed it is updated in this year. In 2014 it is totally changed, why websites are needed verification, every website has indexed by Google Webmaster tools, after that the websites are shown in search engines like Google, Bing, search UK, Yandex.ru Scrub the web and others, if site is not verified it is not shown in searches, it is totally loss of the website.

Google indexed your website it is appear in search engines, now Google updated old verification system, old system is site verified with Google’s Analytics property code and you put html code it is provided by Webmaster Tools, because it is verified you are the owner of the site and not verified you are not owner of the site, it tested only you are owner or not.
Webmaster Tools indexed your web pages, it is a Great help to the owner, you get more and more traffic,  after verified your owner ship of your site, you can see Google data for your site, in that any errors, any type of malwares infected your site to day Google warned Chrome browser users don’t opened ria.ru it is totally amazing  you see it how can Google give website owners, Google products users, and our computers Google watched 24x7 in every minute, how many WebPages are indexed, search preference, meta tags, linking sites and so on.

Google’s new Webmaster verification is working on March-2014 on the March the old verification is not working.  Now  new web site owners follow new verification method. Thank you.