Monday, December 9, 2013

YouTube faced competition!

   The internet video site king faced some competition from other sites. YouTube site viewers are more than 1 billion, per minute 72 hours, it takes many changes it is also giving money to its users (Adsense accounts holders), and some of the net works see the development of YouTube. Many news channels are also opened their channels in all countries. People are always thinking if anything going on all over the world that is must be uploaded on YouTube. It is opened live streaming.
   Right now YouTube faced competition from dailymotion, it is started in the same year of 2005, but Google buy YouTube then it became world famous video web site. First it is only accepted only Europe videos, for the past 3 years it looks on the markets of America, Japan, and India. In France it is no.1 site for video sharing. Daily audience are increasing to view videos, every people are depended YouTube videos. I saw some of the sites like Msn and other sites videos those are copied from YOUTUBE, if you want check you are  copy the title and paste YouTube videos search then it will appeared. But dailymotion is different, increasing video views and people, the  changes are observed French Government Telecom company “Orange” buy the half of the shares, then it is become slowly second place in video sites. Yahoo also wants to buy 70% of share in it, but French Government was not accepted the offer.

  At the first dailymotion looks like a news website, now it is changed, daily 25000 videos are uploading; 3 hundred million videos are available. Anything the videos site giant faced a little competition from other sites; it is Google’s property if any site give competition then Google put many changes of its own sites. All internet giant websites coming from America but dailymotion is only out of America, see what happened in future. I think any site is not exceeds of YouTube.