Sunday, October 20, 2013

Billions of Diamonds take as You Wish no Limit its Free

Every people on the earth have some desires and deep ambitions, everyone has desire to wear diamonds, it is not one or two it is Universal ambition.

Our saver NASA discovered through its satellites billions tones of diamonds, first they are shocking to see. After that they think and how to take that diamonds. The inventions are done by Cassini Spacecraft.
On the Jupiter and Saturn Cassini invented these billions of diamonds, it is a wonder news to people. How can it is possible, on the 2 planets Glance storms are formed it gives birth of diamonds. First Methane gases on the planets converted Carbon after Carbon converted into Graphite next form is Diamonds. They estimated 10 million tons of diamonds are now available on the 2 planets, it is only a rough idea, and it is not correct calculation.  
 Saturn gives 1000 tons of diamonds per a year. It is very amazing news. On the Saturn 30.000 kilometer diamonds are formed in layers.  Jupiter and Saturn’s are air spheres, but diamonds are formed in climate first those are in solid state, but those are as same as of rain falls and the diamonds are going underground like water. On the 2 planets underground layers temperature is in 8000 Kelvin’s, so all diamonds are melted floating like matter and converted into a sea.
NASA scientists are discovered diamonds first time on Jupiter and Saturn, Uranus and Neptune planets are also having diamonds they invented some years ago.  All diamonds are in solid state.
Thinking on the way if NASA planed to taken the billion tones of diamonds on to the earth, many things are happen. First America economic problems are closed, America become the richest country in the Universe. All people become very rich, in Forbes list all are American people get all ranks. Uncle Syam is great it is true at that time. They develop and planed to live on other planets no poverty on the earth no hungry people no poor countries. But it is thinking only, we wish it is true in near future.
We wish best of luck of NASA its future missions, because NASA is the saver of the Earth.