Monday, December 23, 2013

One Terabytes Space Free from Mail.Ru?

 Mail.Ru give a free space of 1 terabytes to its cloud users, it is a Christmas Eve gift from it. It is Russian based mail provider like Google mail, Yahoo mail and other. In last August Beta Testing Cloud Mail.Ru, participants can get a free  space not more than 100 GB, it is cloud storage, in it you can store your all Videos, Files, Photos and all your work in net.

From December 20-2013 it offers free and all of its users get 1 TB storage in the cloud. It is a golden chance to people, in Russia many people used have accounts in Mail.Ru, and it is a large provider of internet mails in Russia. It gives tough competition to other email providers.

Mail.Ru is one of the first big cloud service provider, it gives the users free storage capacity like a computer Hard Disc. Now it is free I think near future it take some changes, it is very hot topic in Internet, in internet it is a big step, at present these type of offers are not provided of any email providers, but Google provide 5 GB space free, it is called Google Drive, in it you store your videos, photos, presentations, all of your information about you, and many people stored in Google Drive their websites also.

The 1 terabytes storage free is  give big competition among email providers, main aim of it is attracts costumers, people want always which is freely available, so the free storage is attracted many people and opened their accounts, it is a marketing technique.