Friday, January 31, 2014

Future Google Search Engine thinks like Human?

We know all about what is Google search engine, if Sergey Brin and Larry Page is not invented Google, we have no internet, it is truth, each and every thing what you want find in Google. If Google search engine thinks like human, what the situation is, some of the experts told yes Google work on it, if computers think like a human.

Before few days ago Google buy a company, it is Deepmind, an artificial intelligence company, neuroscientist Demis Hassabis is the founder of the Deepmind, he sold 242 million Euros, a computer genius become overnight a millionaire to sold his company to Google, see technology creates wonders, he started it just 2 years ago, main aim of him to create computers think like humans, many people surprised to hear, what? Computers think like a human, never. He tries to create artificial intelligence computers.

He said “Google and Deepmind partnership goes to solved society’s problems with the power of machine learning tools, and they want to give more enjoyable life to people”; its unique quality is Machine learning.

Future Google Search Engine structure: now in the searching, we typed any query it shows some results, in future you typed a query it shows some amazing information, in the Google news at the right side below we see YouTube videos related to that news, near future anything it shows videos, means like Google Hangouts, some of the employees researched and learning what we want in search.  For example you searched for some beauty, education, traveling, hotels, and medical information, then it shows some videos in those videos, which information is the best and those sites its Google page rank is high, top content, traffic and other, it takes all information of that sites and show video results, unnecessary pages.

Why Google changes its searching option, people want information to live, here we have many live channels, in YouTube we saw full information about all over the universe, so Google always thinking how to give new features and experience its users. It attracts more and more people. Totally video results shown in searching result is a new experience to people. (It is my own idea) thank you.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Google add new feature in Google search engine

It is time to find a website, right now common need to all people, why?  Each and everything we find in internet with only our Google search engine, billions of websites and pages, we find everything what we want in Google. Now Google is became people life and one organ of the life. Every time Google come with a new features. 

Now it added complete information of which website you want, you want to know about health, you typed in Google search, you see complete about health means, health cards, health kart, health tips, health insurance, health and glow, health care, you want beauty it show beauty tips, beauty parlor, beauty tips, about beauty, you want insurance it shows insurance policies, insurance institutions and other. What a beauty of search in the past it shows pages directly now it shows related information about your search.

You will see more about information if the site is popular in the field and it is widely recognized in online, and also the site used Google webmaster tools. Google extended knowledge graph for new search feature. Then we have not seen in search unnecessary information, search engine recognized your words, what you want and show quickly about your search.  Google want to feedback, if your feelings on new website feature, it provided feedback from users.  I think Google is the search engine king, we have many search engines but all over the world many users used only Google search engine. Thank you, happy searching experience from Google.

Bloggers take the opportunity

We are lived in internet world, in internet we see many websites, and these sites are in the form of .com/.net/.org and other, why all websites have these extensions. It is called domain extension.

Within a short period Google implemented domain extensions in blogging, all are opened blogs with a name of their own interest, in the net it is hard to indexed, billions of blogs, and web pages in the Google indexed it is difficult, many sites have domain extensions, in the net first top level domains are indexed and in search, those are appeared in first place.

Every one want top level domain extensions, it is hard, all people want .com extension, some of the domain selling sites researched how to give more and more domain extensions to website/blog owners, in net some companies give many top level domain extensions, really it is wonder, it give all types of domain extensions.

Now amazing domain extensions are available in domain selling websites. You know domains are in cheap in cost, nearly 2 dollars you spend on it, finished, olden days domain names are high in cost, rich people are only buy domains. Now technology is at your door step, then cost is decreased. Internet access people are also grown; it is occurred on Smart phone entered in the market.

Some of the experts told near future Google changed its policies in blogging section, I.e., every blog contain domain extension, it removed “BlogSpot” it is only taught, anyhow friends first you redirected your BlogSpot into domain extension like .com or other.

I give new domain extensions list: .kitchen, .graphics, .land, .luxury, .menu, .photography, .technology, .guru, .holdings, .blog, .shop, .online, .app, .web, .clothing, .camera, .Construction, .today,  .venture, .construction, .web, .site, .vegas, .online, .nyc, .lighting, .menu, and so on.

See above domain extensions, all verities are available, if you have Real Estate business you take- .land, app developer take, blog owner take, cloth business take -.cloth, hotel business, every field domains are available, all domain extensions are very popular, you used it in your business, office, intuitions, real estate, e-commerce, online business, health, design, luxury hotels and all other fields.

Friends take this golden opportunity and before Google implemented the policy of domain extension, put your sites a domain extension.You take it many benefits are taken in your hands; your site is indexed quickly, in searching first appeared, and many other benefits. Thank you.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Is it true? Trees are Learning, Thinking and Remembering?

Yes it is true; Science gives all answers to us, what is true and false. first we know the famous Indian Scientist sir Jagadish Chandra Bose experiments with trees, the first scientist discovered trees have feelings ( Feel Pain, understand Affection etc), it gives Nobel Prize to him. After his invention many scientists are working on trees to discovered new things.

You saw lord of the rings movie in the picture, trees are thinking and talked to people and other trees, in old Indian movies also we see trees are thinking, talking and walking. Now scientists are based on the above take experiments on trees, finally trees are learn, think and remember. It is surprised new to us.

Group of scientists from the University of Western Australia trace Tropical fern plant Mimosa Pudica, its native place South America and Central America,  learn and remember from its surroundings with out brain as same as animals. We know some animal’s behavior is like a man, I read a news Elephant suffered from Diabetics, its leg turns gangrene, doctors give treatment to it, I surprised what is it, so some animals and trees feels like as man.
We know Mimosa Pudica is touch me not plant, and it is closed in darkness and opened in light. If we touch the leaves of it then it will fold inner side, if rain drops are touched it shows same, it reopened after some time, what amazing thing it is.

Recently scientists invented send messages through (chemical signals) plants; it is based on the research of Professor Richard Karban, he is working on plants talked by sending Chemical messages through the air. Now scientists based on above inventions, they found plants are learning and remember which actions takes place in nature and on them. Some trees eat animals and humans those types of trees are living in deep forests, called man-eater trees, we see these funny things in movies like Harry Potter, lord of the rings and many Holly Wood movies.

Now scientists are proved plants have life they are learning, thinking, talking and transfer information one another with our brain, friends thinking trees are no brain they helped to us no words are described the help of the trees to people and earth, but we are foolishly cutting trees, it will caused no human life on the earth in near future. Don’t cut trees rapidly.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Worldwide internet is stopped in 2014?

Yes it is truth, many experts in this field told, in this year or coming years Global Internet is disappear, it is shocking news to us, it will turns into own net works of nations, worldwide internet is going on but  limited access from foreign sources. Every country setup its own network, they do not depended up on other countries.

Many people lost their trust on the security of the internet in all services; we have no security of our accounts, passwords, personal information and other. It is very hard to maintain confidence on worldwide internet, experts told.

Technologists made many applications to give more security, mean while some of the worst people made anti applications, and enter in our accounts take personal information. In the security field I think only Google give the best security to us; recently my friend received a mail form Google, i.e.  Someone tried to open your account in Bangalore, if you are the person ignore this mail, if you are not that person immediately changed your password. He called me sir see what is this, then I told him sir changed your password immediately, unknown persons tried to open your account and he changed his password. At that time I feel what a security it is wonder only Google give more and more security to us.

Right now Smart Phones involved every one life, it gives access of internet is in high level, every people used mobiles, network providers attracts customers to give many discounts to access of internet, automatically net users are increased, many people access their accounts, like bank accounts, mail accounts, and purchased online, in India also internet population grown day by day.

Website companies see the situation and prepare many antivirus programs, to setup firewalls to their websites, increasing internet population it gives more possibility theft of information. Governments are observed the situation and feel this is caused we depended to other sources, so we setup our own networks to access internet. Anyhow near future we see many changes in internet access.

Friends I told one thing please changed your passwords weekly once, and then your accounts are safe.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Facebook launches a news paper “Paper”?

Social networking giant Face Book finally decided to launch a news paper, it is taught only, but it plans to launched in the next few days a news reading service, it is only used for face book in mobile devices. Because its plans to acquire mobile news market, it has more than one billion users, in that many users used mobile devices, last year it plans to reach every people in the world then it launched, main aim of it is to reach face book through mobile device all over the world.

We have already Google News, many internet users see the Google News, it is very popular, it gives all types of news 24x7 all over the Universe. There is no competition of Google News, now Mark Zuckerberg think how to reached people as same as Google News,  in the Face Book last year many features were added, but not hit the net, because people thinking Face book is only sharing site, so new features are not hit the people mind.

 (Image) Face Book product Chief Cox told about Face Book news feed design across Smart Phones, desktops, tablets, iPhones, and iPods.

Face Book Mobile device News paper name is “Paper” I think, and we download mobile paper app, I think it is available in Google Play Store after launching. Zucker Berg always thinking people don’t forget Face Book and not Thinking it is only sharing, updating, and posting, yes it is true there is no use of face book to people many people thinking in this way.
Soon we seen Face Book News Paper in our Smart Phones, it is a plan to acquire market of advertising, in mobile advertising, it is rapid platform to gain more profits to websites, it is easy to reached every people, then Face Book also enter in News Paper industry, it only web based mobile application only.

Any how we feel new experience on Face Book e-News Paper. (it is my Idea only)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Octopus and Blueberries on Mars

Space is a unsolved sum to the scientists.

Regularly I saw Google earth, now in the earth some new features are added i.e. Google Moon, Google Sky, Google Mars. Today I saw Mars, I spotted and shaking what is this and amazing things I saw on Mars, in that I take a screen shot, it is like Octopus, it is formed billions of years ago.

We don’t know what is going in space and other planets, but NASA has clarified some of our doubts, it is always to know what is going in space, other planets and Universe. In the way it launched many satellites, rovers and rackets, NASA is always to see the earth safeness, many hazards are in the space. But we have no problem NASA is watched the Universe, so we are happy.

In America a space museum opening, in the exhibition an image people see and stunning what is this I think it is created, a rock contain blueberries (blueberries are grown in North America) the mars rover opportunity found this cluster, it shot the image, after analyzed scientists those are in the shape of blueberries, then people eagerly see the images and spread in net. If that type of pictures is taken any rover it is spread all over the world, we know NASA released Hand of God image yesterday, it is created great sensation. As same as right now the blueberries on mars image is also a hot topic around the world.

Any how people looks always new things and topics, space gives many suspense stories like above matters. If anything takes place in space or other planet NASA told to world something is going on in space, so no problem.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Space show God’s Hand


In the space many unknown things are going on, those are invisible, but in some times our great scientists make something is possible. In the world people are believe many religions, mainly astronomy and religious matters are matching each other.

Our Big Brother NASA always watched our safeness, it launched many satellites for our safeness these satellites are watched space 24x7, one of the satellite shot space scientists are examined and shocked they see one of the photo of space in the image stars are formed like man hand, scientists called “The Hand of God” or “God’s Hand”. It is unbelievable. Yes you see the image it shows clearly hand sign. No doubt people think it is God’s Hand.

The hand of God image taken by NASA’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope “ARRAY’, in space a star released  and blowing some unknown material into outside,  all the particles connect together with magnetic fields, it makes like a leaser show, at that time telescope take picture then it appears like a hand. The star is 17,000 light years away from earth.

The image is available online on June-2013, after through research people called The Hand of God. There is no doubt if you see the picture you are also think yes this is correct. Any how people believe it is the Hand of God, but scientists believe it is died particles from a star. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

YouTube add new feature

Video website giant YouTube added a new feature, i.e. if you want send a mail or video you must visit your Google mail account and compose mail add attachment and send your mail to your circles or friends, now YouTube give if you want send or reply of your mails or any other or a video you send with your YouTube account, it is called How to find and Used Your YouTube Inbox.

 First you login into your YouTube account and go to video manager click on community then you see your “Inbox” and received messages click on send reply then you see compose menu. Here you want to attach your videos also. It is as same as Gmail message composes. It is very great help to us. We don’t opened Gmail account for YouTube messages, directly navigate in YouTube account. If you want to see video click on this, how to find and used your YouTube Inbox.

 Internet video world king YouTube users are more than 1 billion, everything what you want it is in YouTube. Many people search YouTube for breaking news videos, many news channels also opened their channels in YouTube. Every minute 74 hours videos uploaded in YouTube, there is no alternative of YouTube.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Android launcher AVATE Purchased by Yahoo

Yahoo purchased another tech company android launcher AVATE , now the all applications came from Yahoo, in the CES-2014 Yahoo announced its new take over and it is introduced new android apps, now yahoo also want to ruled android world. Aviate has joined Yahoo.

 Aviate gives to you automatically weather and any meetings at the day, if you are in driving it gives automatically traffic and directions on the roads, it is likely Google maps, I think. If you are in Washington it shows famous and favorite photos, tips, and restaurants. It works faster, give better experience, the technology and product will remain the same just put new features and join with Yahoo technology. In it improve space updates, various bug fixes and more other features are including in it. Yahoo attracted more than 400 million monthly smart phone users.

 Any how to see the news a big competition start in the field of android application, already web giants Google and others are in the field now Yahoo put its step in this field. Last year it purchased Nokia, Yahoo thinks it used applications in its own products coming from its new company Nokia. Avate app is available in Google Play store.

 Day to day Android technology grown and interacted with people daily life many products coming with android applications like toothbrushes, newly Google put android in Cars also every people depended on their smart phone android apps, people daily life put in mobiles.    

Monday, January 6, 2014

Robots Competition in Space

 Robots competition begin in the year of 2013 it is going on, European Space Agency plans to send robot into space and tested it how it works. The robots competition is now going rapidly last year Google also buy a robot manufacturing company, every one think how Google buy it, last year in the August Japan send a Humanoid robot Kirobo it has a special and unique ability to self learning, it is also worked in international space station, it also speak to co-astronauts, it is amazing thing and unbelievable.

 European Space Agency also wants to make a robot and send into space name is ABIGAILE-3. ESA is worked with the Canadian robot experts; size of Abigaile is very small. Why countries want to send robots into space? If a man want to gone into space it is very difficult he has strength and able to living space. He/she under gone training, it is more cost than robots. Already robots are tested how to work in space, the best example is Kirobo.

 In future scientists send only robots into space, because we knew, we last great space scientists and astronauts, if any loss occurred we have no loss of astronauts. I think developing country India also send satellite into Mars orbit, yesterday India send GSLV D-5 now India joined the club of cryogenic countries, in the list only America, Russia, France, Japan, and China, yesterday India also include in the list. In the world right now only 6 countries have the ability to manufacturing Cryogenic products.

India also wants to send robots in near future, it takes huge competition in space, what is the ideas of the countries why they commentate in space, no one can’t know.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Google’s new Android Car

We are in New Year, our Google plans to announce its new android car. Next week an event Consumer electronics show in Las Vegas in the event Google and German Car maker Audi AG announced their new product Android car system.

These  two companies working with each other to developed in car entertainment and information system, the new system is totally based on Google’s android software ( at present all Android applications are based on Google’s open source android application only).  Google also plans to collaborative efforts with other automotive and technology companies mainly Nvidia Corporation, they want to give people in future Android is the most important technology for all vehicles, main aim of these companies to allow drivers and passengers who traveled in vehicles they operated and enjoy music, navigation, and application those are as same as available in Android Smart phones.

It is beginning it takes more and more steps to insert android technology in all things, I think in future they created a android people, the news created sensation every people talked on this matter, a news article published on a news paper Wall Street Journal
every people see and get excitement what is the android car system and how it used, everything of Google doings are surprising people.

Google’s android car system is a New Year gift to people. Wait one week to see all developments and what is the system of the car.