Monday, December 16, 2013

Massive Virus attacks on Online Games in -2013


 Science and technology used in wrong way, Online gaming sites attacked by many hackers, average Thirty-five thousands attacks are counted by some of online antivirus developers. Al l attacks are occurred in from January and November-2013. Mainly this attacks only on games online gaming industry growing in peak. World celebrates Christmas Eve depended on it millions of games hit online, it is continue. All countries include in the list.

 Spain: 138,786, Poland: 127,509, UK: 27,049, Germany: 29,049 and more countries.

   Malware chose all kinds of games, which is very popular online (the games hits with billions of people and kids).  Phishers are used latest technology, it is developed with java, they made a fake game, if people opened, they through net with their fake site. They stole your all details of your account login. You received a mail about games; we give a great discount, to buy our popular games, the games names also in popular gaming websites. Then you buy online you entered your user name and password of your bank account, and download the fake game, it shows download is completed it is also fake.
Prevention is better than cure, I suggested some precautions, in your mail you see good offers, first you don’t click, and you take address of it, and search for address in Google search, it shows address and phone numbers you enquired to make a call of that company which is send mail to you. After you clarify it is true then you buy.

 Password changed weekly once, if you are Gmail user it give more security, if any one try to open your account, it is blocked and warning us. You install the best antivirus software in any device you used.  Only you do friendship well known persons.