Saturday, November 30, 2013


Now many countries looked at space, why they see at space don’t know , some developing countries also wants to participate in space competition. If a rocket costs billions of dollars but there are not take back step. Why they  want to spend money on space programs. We have  also NASA, it is creating wonders.
I don’t know what is the use to launched rockets to Mars, any use no use, there is no humans or any other creatures. NASA Mars missions already told. Mainly space competition among America, China, France, Japan, European union and India. In the list 5 countries are developed countries, India is developing country, it wants to create wonders in space programs.
Recently India launched Mars orbiter the cost of the mission is nearly 3 billion.  NASA also launched many rockets and conducted Mars missions, all missions told there is no humans, no use to us, we are not lived on Mars. Mean while some are opens trips to Mars, named  Mars One Mission they sold tickets to traveled on Mars, many people booked their tickets. In this trip only single trip no return trip, but many people booked tickets. Think what is the situation if there is no return how can they live on Mars.
All countries see this so they want to participate in space.  NASA send a rocket MAVEN to Mars, they also send many rockets on Mars. Suddenly India prepared rocket and send to Mars. That Mars orbiter Mission rocket begin to traveled to day night, we told best of luck to ISRO. Next year September that Mars Orbiter Mission rocket reached Mars orbit. In this program many hurdles are faced ISRO, finally it overcome and succeeded to reached its target. All world see and how can ISRO take up this mission it is fail or win. Finally it is win, so no doubt Mars Orbiter Mission reached Mars orbiter next year. In the world many countries faced many problems, but they have billions of poor people, living in poverty, but they are not see that side, they want to become super power in space.

Near future many countries participate in space competition. Any how only NASA is the king in space ( this is my own idea)