Friday, December 13, 2013

Google gives more security to its Users

 After stolen over 2 millions of passwords from different sites, Google concentrate how to give security to its users, then they begins implemented many technologies. To day morning I opened my Gmail account its show “help us improve your account experience”. It is all to improve more security of our Gmail accounts. It asked some questions based on my account login, you are used for your own purpose, or other, how many persons are used it, your personal / business account, Are you used  communicate with friends, family and sharing with your account, does someone used this account? I answered only I am using. You faced this event from Google, at your login page it shows some questions, you carefully answered that 2 questions, it’s give more security to your Gmail account. you want know more for Google account security visit this Goolge security

Many mail account providers like Google, MSN, HOT mail, and other social networking sites shocked, more than 2 million passwords published on line, users were afraid of the news, our accounts are not secured, many mail accounts has personal information like passwords, images, bank account information’s, all famous web sites thinking how to give more security, in the first Google is the First place it is thinking around the clock how to give more experience to its users, it changed its policies of security.

Here I told one thing in my Face book account in my time line some shares are showed you like this post, really I don’t like it, but its shows I like it. It could happen automatically I think it is a automatic program/ or soft ware, those likes are in the field of Advertisements, now it is not repeated. So Google give more security to our accounts.