Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Taught is password in future

  Yes this is real. We always open any account then you must entered your password then your account is opened. If we face some problems to log in accounts because we forgot password or typed wrong but near future we have not faced this problem.

Instead of typing password, you may only gave to think your password then your account is opened automatically. Some of the researchers are invented a new wireless headset device, so we thanks to that researchers.

  Remembering passwords for all our sites is very hard, there are many letters, numbers, punctuation, underscores and uppercase or lowercase letters you can recall and typed is hardly. University of California Berkeley School of Information developed the device that explores the feasibility of brainwave based computer authentication as a replace for passwords typing. By measuring brain waves with bio sensor technology, scientists are able to replace passwords with “pass thoughts” only for password typing,

  A US D 100 headset wireless connects to a computer through Bluetooth, and the device's sensor rests against the user's forehead, providing a electroencephalogram signal from the brain. The Neuro Sky Mindset looks just like any other Bluetooth set and is more user-friendly.

  Brainwaves are also unique to each user, so even if someone knew our pass thought, their emitted EEG signals would be different than ours so no problem. "Other than the EEG sensor, the headset is indistinguishable from a conventional Bluetooth headset for use with mobile phones, music players, and other computing devices,".
Simple actions like focusing on breathing or on a thought for ten seconds resulted in successful authentication. "We find that brainwave signals, even those collected using low-cost non-intrusive EEG sensors in everyday settings, can be used to authenticate users with high degrees of accuracy," told scientists.

  This is the best way to substitute password and also some of the scientists are researching different ways. They tried eye commends or breathing because eye breathing is different one to other so there is no problem. We don't worry for this because this is very useful to us.see we typed our password is very hard, brain taught or eye command or breathing is very easy to use.

  Near future many changes are takes place in technology, waited some days. See how to use this technology

Friday, April 5, 2013


  In the world every people and creature is died one day in the life. There is no way to increase our lifespan. But in the Indian yoga way there is many ways to become death less man and do many miracles. How can it possible. In India many saints show their supernatural powers.

  In this post I told a yogi, he is also called The Fire Man, yes he do many miracles. He sleep on the fire and fire flames. How can it possible. Many people don’t know what is Indian tradition  what is Hindu, what is yoga. At present many saints and yoga masters come and teach what is yoga, what is the qualities of yoga, how yoga can help to protect our body from natural and human hazards.

  Yoga is not a religious way it is a way to develop our physical and mental health, control our brain, control on our breath. See a wonder we decreased our breaths our life span is increased, if we increased our breaths our life span is decreased. Take a example Dog can breath nearly 70 to 80 times in a minute, it can live only 7 or 8 years, as same as we decreased our breaths we ruled our death.

   In the yoga way we maintained food restrictions  don’t take spice foods, and meat. We do regularly yoga we become masters in yoga. Yoga give not only health but also supernatural powers. We see many saints show their super natural powers.

  See above pictures a saint show his super natural power he sleep on fire. His name is Rambhauswami, he is 63 years, he lived in Tanjore in Tamilanadu in India. He is world famous yogi who lived in India. He totally controls his breathing. His breathing count is only 2/3 breaths in a minute, his food is one or two bananas and a cup of milk. He is the master in meditation.

  Meditation gives peacefulness and happiness to our body and brain. So we do regularly yoga and meditation our body and brain become very peace and happy condition