Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Great Online Shopping Festival of our Google begins


 Google’s great online shopping festival begins (GOSF) in India it is ends on December-13. It is a 72 hours festival now it is going on. Here it is a mega shopping festival. Our Google wants to plan all mega eCommerce companies in one platform to all more than 20 million online shoppers and customers. It goes a viral every people want to participate in the GOSF event. Important partners of this mega event are Airtel, Intel, Paytm, and many retailers all over the world are also participated in it.
   All retailers letters begins A – Z (means retailers names begin with A to Z) Amazon, Big basket and all other mega retailers are participated. And one surprise news is every product has discount and you are also bargained on the cost. From cars to cashmere and Laptops to Luggage, there are bargains in every category which product you want then you start bargained.
   In the event more than 200 millions of internet users all over the country participated in the event, if you want no doubt you participate in it. No entry fees, in the event you want buy a home, cars, life insurance policies everything you  what you want to buy. Now Indian online shoppers are more than 20 million next 2017 it will grown more than 50 million and the business will grown $16 billion.

   The GOSF give discount up to 20 to 80 percent, think biggest companies are participated, the idea comes from Google is very great, Google always do sensational things all over the world. At right it targeted India. Indian people are more than 1 billion in this 20 millions are purchased online, so Google plans to occupy the minds of Indian people.
Google future plan is to opened online shopping website. It tested and observed how the GOSF worked it is successes, and then Google comes e-commerce shopping also. Why it target India? India is a main source of marketing, every company and every country wants to market their products in India. So Google chose India. (This paragraph is my own idea).

Friends participated in mega event of Google’s GOSF it is ended 13th.