Monday, October 21, 2013

Shocking News Face book is not Working?

No one thinking above news, yes I faced this problem, generally I opened my Face book account and update status on my wall but it is not working. I again and again update my status but it shows same message “could not update status” then I think in my account any problem is rising but after that I again update my status but it is not working shows a message there was “a problem updating your status. Please try again in a few minutes” I am shocking then I asked my friends they told same problem. But all of other features are working; only update status is not working. I searched on Google plus anyone posted on this matter but I cannot find.
The world famous and social networking Tsunami Face book is not working, why everyone thinking on this many people of face book users has complaint on to error message of update status.  If any problem takes place on the servers, first I am thinking in my account any problem and thoroughly search, but I cannot any problem in my account, why the problem raised, face book users are more than 1 billion, all are faced this problem, or some are faced this problem.
Anyhow face book recovered this problem quickly and all users are feeling free. Face book has many technologists they are trying to recover on this problem, recently it is opened data center in Sweden, it has data center in US and second data center is opened in Sweden. So feel all users are shocking why our status is not updated. So I think heavy load on servers or any data problem, face book give any updates to users so it is stopped the status updated or changed policies of status updated. I wish quickly recovered from this problem and enjoying users in status updated.
See one minute face book is not working totally world is shacking why face book is not worked. All internet people are discussed on this topic. Many of my friends also talked on this problem. I wish Any how quick recovered from this problem of face book and give a new experience to its users.

Thank you