Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Google wants to buy face book?

   In internet  some of the news are very interesting  in this way we read Face Book will ended in May -2013 in WEEKLY WORLD NEWS in internet , and I read in a news article Google + Face Book announced a science award, this award money is higher than Nobel prize. This award gives in the field of science. Anyone researched to increase human life span that will be success (compulsory that experiment gives result to increased human life span then Google and Face Book gives 15 crore rupees to that person. This amount is higher than Nobel Prize) this is the very hot topic in the world.

  Some are thinking this will goes to Google buy Face book. And in weekly world news published in October -2012 Face Book will ended in may 2013  in that article Mark Zuckerberg told Face book has out of control

   This is real because every second by second uploading is increase many videos and images are uploading every second by second  in every country  this is caused to maintain very stress and costly. And recently face book announced our users are reached 1 billion this is very great successes but in the same time very stress full also. I saw in the face book many adult content images and videos also uploaded this is one bad thing in face book. In some countries people also want to ban this social networking sites this sites caused some bad impression on people.

But in some cases social networking sites are very useful how recently in Hyderabad bomb blast incident every people in face book are share their courage and hopeful messages and also some are posted any blood donors please give suffering people in Hyderabad bomb blast. This is very helpful many young men are come and give blood donation to the needy people in Hyderabad bomb blast. See hear some good and bad impressions.

But 1 billion users are in face book to maintain these users to require many servers and offices are wanting in every country. Face book users are increased day by day so they maintain this situation very stress and costly.
But Google is different than other sites because our Google is search engine not social networking site now Google products are using universally. Day by day Google become Internet Line and king of Internet. So I think only Google has capacity to maintain Face book 

             NOTE: Above matter is only my thought not real

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Who can save the earth?

Technology, Scientists, Internet, NASA, and Rich people. Who can save earth? tell me

I think no one cannot save our earth; because we are humans if nature is angry on us that day definitely earth will end no doubt in it. We saw a danger to earth on 15th February 2013.

A heavy meteor hit the Earth’s atmosphere, creating a giant shock wave that injured more than 1000 people. On the same day, an asteroid half the size of a football ground came within 17,200 miles from Earth. Yes on February 15th 10000 ton meteoroid entered the earth’s surface over Russia, that meteor becoming a big fire ball. The meteoroid was not detected any of the telescopes, International Space Station, Satellites (our bad luck) the speed of the object was nearly mach 61 speed passed over the  Southerner Ural  region and exploded in an air burst over Chelyabinsk Oblast the air burst occurred about 15 to 25 km above the earth level. The energy released was equivalent to nearly 500 kilotons of TNT which would make it 20-30 times more powerful than either of the atomic bombs detonated at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

See a wonder thing we have well developed technology, lot of money, many scientists, many satellites, telescopes, International space station, and super natural power NASA, but anything could not save from meteoroid.  See hear a wonder nature is angry on people/earth above things cannot save from nature’s angry. And one thing our bad luck our satellites, telescopes, International space station, NASA did not observed. All the damage completed in minutes. So any thing is useless at that time.
Man can went on Moon, Mars, and sent satellites on Sat ran, Jupiter and other planets, we have many richest people, technology, internet, scientists, we know space science, we always doing experiments in space, but no one observed that meteoroid. One good thing that meteoroid fall in a no man’s land but it fall on the town damage was in very high, many people were died, but god’s grace that meteoroid fall on no man’s land.

I strongly told one thing only GOD can save earth, I think SRIMANNARAYAN MURTY IS SAVED OUR EARTH. So GOD can save the earth. Everyone praying GOD daily.


Monday, February 11, 2013

The secret of Colombia space shuttle blast

 January -16-2003 first Indian lady astronaut KALPANA CHAWALA and other astronauts are traveled in the 28th journey into space in Colombia space shuttle.
The Crew: - RICK HUSBAND - mission commander
                           William MC Cool - Pilot
                     Michael Anderson- Payload Commander,
                     David M Brown -Mission specialist,
                     Kalpana chawala -Mission specialist 2,
                     Laurel Clark -Mission specialist,
                     Ilan Ramon- Payload specialist

 After they completed their work in International Space Station they spend 16 days in space they returned  February – 1- 2003, shuttle speed is in 5 km/s. Shuttle come on earth surface that was blasted. All over the world fall in sorrow. Mainly in India every people fall in sorrow. Because the first India lady astronaut Sri. Kalpana Chawala was died in that blast.

What is the Secret behind explosion of the Columbia space shuttle?

  In Kennedy space station Columbia space shuttle was launched after 82 seconds of launching a part is braked outer side of the shuttle. The size of the braked piece was in a suit case. That piece was in foam form. The piece hit very strongly of left side of wing of the shuttle. This hit causes 10 inches hole was created on the outer side of the left wing. The mission control room scientists were observed this incident but at the time of observing Columbia traveled nearly 20 km, the speed of the shuttle double the speed of the sound they were not stopped the shuttle.
But the scientists and engineers are warned, in the return journey the hole caused left wing temperature security system was failed and this was caused  to any danger to the shuttle.

Some scientists and that time NASA mission operation director John Herpoled told there is no problem we were not afraid of the incident and not told to the shuttle crew, he told the better thing is the crew did not knew the incident.( this news told  world by Van Hall,  retired NASA space program manager)  

Lastly February – 1 -2003 Columbia space shuttle returned in the morning 8.15 am it entered earth  atmosphere  the speed of the shuttle 25 times of the speed of the sound, 5 km s. Then what engineers told at the time of launching that is was takes place the left wing high air pressure causes the temperature is increased in high level in 6 minutes the temperature same in 1370◦ c at last 70 km above the earth in Texas air surface Columbia blasted this blasting caused by the heavy temperature.

We last our greatest astronauts. We salute the astronauts and pray GOD.
The Columbia space shuttle incident takes place 10 years ago in this months, and recently I saw a news about this Columbia shuttle incident so I write this article.  

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


 See this man he performed his super natural power. How can he acquire this super natural power?  In ancient India many saints had this power. They have many super natural powers. This is one of the powers of his video "Art of Levitation”. The man started recently yoga practise and Process; participants are witnessing deep meditative states and mighty yogic powers like levitation and many other powers are come. This is universal truth

 "The art of levitation now continued in INDIA” that power is called super natural power. Many scholars engaged in oriental studies also mention the phenomenon of flying SAINTS. In Ongole Akilandhra saint meeting was conducted one of the boy performed his power. In the ancient period many Indian and Tibetan saints flying in air. Sri Mahaavatar Babja and Tharanath and many saints fly in air he travelled in air with their super natural powers. Alexandra David-Neel, a British explorer, one day witnessed the flight of a Buddhist saint. The monk flew a few dozen meters over the alpine plateau Caning Tang. These are some examples of supernatural powers.

How can they acquire these powers? They are practice yoga regularly. In their practice they are come under observation of Masters (guru). They take less food for their living. They take mostly raw foods, milk, vegetables, nuts, fruits and other raw foods. This food gives more strength and control, total body in cool position. They are not emotional, their B.P is under control.
In yoga practice many advantages are come into our body. We see natural powers, unknown objects, powers, souls, ghosts and many other things. And also come some powers that is called siddas this is a Sanskrit word (ANIMA SIDDI, GARIMA SIDDI, MAHAMA SIDDI, LAGIMA SIDDI, ESITVA, VASITVA, PRKAMYA SIDDI )  these super natural powers are come to a yogi.

 These powers are not come over a night practiced many years, but in some persons come only one year or two years, that is depended on our practice and our behavior  Yoga give many useful things to our body and mind, deceases are controlled. We see many evidences to above. In my next post I show a man floating on water and a swami in fire pit.