Thursday, December 5, 2013

Google’s New Moonshot project: Robots

  Google take a new project that is called Robots, it is Moonshot project, and based on Google founder Larry Page shared news publicly in his Google+ profile. Larry Page He told I am excited about Andy Rubin’s next project, a crazy idea of him putting a supercomputer in hundreds of millions of pockets in the Universe.

  Google using the man behind Android, it puts money on this project it is called Moonshot project. Amazon can delivering books by American Drones, as same as Google think robots drive Google car and knock your door to deliver a pack, which is you ordered in Google  stores. What an idea never think, it is true in near future. Google will do it, no doubt.

 For the past year Google buy 7 powerful tech companies and all people worked on the Robots spent billions of money. All work is doing under supervision of Andy Rubin; he is the famous in the Android people. He built Google’s Android software for smart phones, he is 50 years old Google engineer, he is expert on robotics and he has experienced person to building intelligent machines. He is definitely successes on Google Moonshot project.

  People never think Google doings, not only people but also world. The project combines both software and hardware. See how Google technologists thinking new projects any one expert Google delivers packages at your door steps with Robots through self driving cars. We see in James Bond movies now it is true with Google efforts on Moonshot project.

Best of luck Google, you give more products to us.