Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Android kit Kat downloader’s are you know? Google Banned Use of 1400 Words


 Our Google strictly followed some strict rules to its Android Kit Kat application; Google gives some list of words to Android Kit Kat app. Many illegal and controversial words are stopped at the typing stage. It take a big step, in the world Google doings are create very sensation, now Google opened its third eye. Many of internet users mainly teenagers are searching in internet prohibited sites and materials, now Google take a serious action on that.
If you type prohibited words search engine giant algorithm give no help. In the words Geek also include it is a bad word for Android Kit Kat. For Google Kit Kat application 165000 word dictionaries was prepared and it is applied for Kit Kat, in this 1400 words are banned.
Mainly now in the world many teenagers spent their time at internet and also they spoiled their life. Each and every thing is show in internet; they are exiting some of banned materials. And followed that then they spoil their lives. Many parents are afraid of their children behavior.

   Banned words are not appeared automatically, if you want see banned words the application is not support you, it show misspell. So be care friends day by day Google take many changes to its products, because its thinking is how to serve people and become a good society. We know many children spoiled their lives with the help of internet, mainly you see internet cafes under age persons are surfed net, now we are in smart phones age, so many people used phones, it is automatically internet supported phones, so everyone opened and searched many banned material,  simply I tell this is prevented the auto-correct feature from inserting nonsense or potentially embarrassing words, now Google take a big step how to stop this situation and then it is inserted banned worlds in source code of Android Kit Kat operation system. Thank to Google.