Tuesday, December 3, 2013

He Challenged Science and Technology

   Do you drink paint are smell paint after few seconds  definitely you will fall danger but here a man Lenoardo Granato a eye painter swill paint and now he is famous man and become celebrity. How he can become famous. Yes all are doing any thing commonly but he thinks differently. Paint with brush is common but paint with eyes is amazing, he did second thing, so he become famous.

   Paint has many chemicals, normally all are heat its smell, think if we drink paint then we will died. But Lenoardo Granato is swill paint with his nose after that he painted with his eye  help of swill paint, the swill paint coming with his eyes and he painted on canvas many drawings.

  He become very strong on its, he worked on his taught for 3 years then he became very strong on that skill, he did very hard work. After 3 years he become and commands on the work. Amazingly he is no problem to swill paint with his nose and tat paint become through his eye. All are having ducts but his ducts very powerful. Regularly he undergo medical checkup. Now he is not facing any problem with his work.
    He named his painting is “Teardrop Painting”, the painting are very cost people like very much of his paintings. He belongs to Argentina, all money coming with his paintings he donated a Children Cancer hospital. We wish he become very famous and congratulated him.

Finally a secret, “his paintings are made from trees” so there is no danger to swill the paint, he also certified from British Riplyes “Believe it or Not” man.