Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New “Hate” Application for Face book Users

   Social networking giant face book updates day by day its give more comfort to its users. Many trends and changes are force into user’s home page. Now a new app for Face book come and it is created sensation in netizens.

  Many people opened fake accounts and they are send requests to women, normally they respond on the requests, next that fake people send unwanted, prohibited and banned material, and also send spam, they harassed women we see daily in news papers. Some are cheated women they targeted rich women now it is a headache of face book. So technologists created a new app to avoid headache of women. Now it is tested, and run successfully, you add that app now you freely navigate your account there is no disturbance and not seeing unwanted, prohibited and spam of your hate friends I think that is totally blocked hate friends shares.
 The new app is “Hate Him” or “Hate Her” it is totally new to users many people are not known it, now gradually it is spread on internet.

  You go to your face book account and log in with this site Facebook Hate app you connected with this app then a webpage show how many friends are you hated it is a great app I tested it. It asked you hate all of your friends or everyone. Friends it is a great application in face book, we thanks to its developers.