Sunday, September 29, 2013

Four Apples Changed the World

Yes 4 apples changed the world.

First Apple: God created Eve and Adam; he gives all what their needs. He created earth and everything on earth to their living. After created he told see Eve and Adam don’t eat that tree fruits, it is Apple tree, God is disappeared, then Satan told Eve and Adam God told you false statement, go and eat that apple it is very tasty so sweet, go and eat order the Satan finally the 2 are obey the Satan order and eat apple, suddenly a change came in their mind they know what is what, they feel ashamed, then creation is beginning.

2nd Apple: one of the famous scientists named Sir Isaac Newton, one day he sit under apple tree after some time a apple fall on the ground, then he thinks how can apple fall on the ground, next he invented Gravitational Force (G), Gravitational Force acting on everything on the earth, it is a big step to development in the   science and technology. As same as in Google (G) force is acting on every people in the world who used internet.

3rd Apple: one of the famous technologists Steve Jobs he is changed the world, he hit the technology, and he invented Apple iphone, iPod, it gave sudden changes in mobile market, it is great success, every people want to buy a iphone/iPod. Steve Jobs became world famous personality.

4th Apple: you know Larry Page and Sergey Brin they created Back Rub search engine now it is called, Google it is also called apple because above 3 apples changed the world as same as this Google apple is also changed the world, people not thinking without Google in internet. What we want Google gives to netizens its products are unique. Now Google gives to Gmail users 15 GB space, some of the website owners used this space to Host their websites.
Finally no Google, there is no internet. Day by day Google became a giant, no alternative of Google, now Google Plus it is become a Tsunami in social networking sites. Now the register users are in Google Plus is in more than 1 billion, no doubt it is exceeds Face book near future.

No doubt above 4 apples gave sudden changes in people lives.