Thursday, December 19, 2013

Amazing Sun show we have Never Seen

(snapshot image)
                               (Video courtesy by videos of Jewl box of NASA)
 Sun he is the important to us no sun no earth. See above video it is taken by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), it shows the wide range of wave lengths, the telescope captured the picture, based on it NASA created the video, it is mind blowing, we are not seen in past in the movie colors sweep around the sun, identify the sun appears in different colors at same areas.

  NASA movie creators created video in NASA’s Scientific Visualization studio (SVS), really it is amazing. Each wavelength of light represents solar material at specific temperatures. It shows sun’s surface and atmosphere, so scientists to paint a full picture on the different variations in different tempters on sun. it shows different colors and wave length. It is an experiment and track how particles move on sun’s surface.

 It is not a question to see it has different wave lengths of colors. For example take Yellow of 5800 Angstroms, it is represented the surface of the sun. You examined the pictures of the sun in a variety of wavelengths. It is created by not only SDO, but also by NASA’s interface Region Imaging Spectrograph and the European space Agency. Scientists can track how particles and heat move through the sun’s surface and atmosphere.

So we see a memorable sun surface, directly we could not see the surface, we have NASA so all work done it and released to public after we see any of the amazing news and pictures of about total universe. Don’t worry we have NASA