Thursday, November 29, 2012


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  Hacking is a famous word in the world. Now we are living in a password world, from wake up to sleep we used password. What is password? In our computer & internet culture people lives are connected with password. We are used many accounts and other. Every account has password, because we operate that internet accounts like email, ATM, Bank account, and all other accounts are opened only we give password.

  In this situation technology is grown very rapidly day to day new inventions, applications, products are come into force in the market, some people want use this. They became hackers. Mainly these hackers’ targeted Bank accounts, credit cards, ATM cards, email accounts, they hack some accounts and transferred money from one account to another. This is one example; I give some terrible examples of hacking.

  I saw in internet some country airlines software application was hacked, what is the situation? All flights are not fly, if in the fly they are failed and fall on the ground. Some country’s military softer ware is hacked, some country’s oil industries soft ware is hacked, you opened internet we see many examples.

  I read a news article hacking is business in some countries. Some of the technology people want earn easy money they begin hacking business, if you asked I want that person email id, password, then he hack that person’s total data in his account. This is small examples of hacking.

 Many big software companies are also taste the hacking from hackers. Some famous banks are suffered from hacking; some countries are faced lot of problems from hacking.
 Above situations are gives technology. Some people used technology in wrong way.

If a hacker hacked the satellites soft ware application what is the position of the satellites lunched country?

If hacking space shuttles, what is the position of astronauts?

If hacked a nuclear software?

If hacked government security data

If hacked a medical data of a super special hospital?

  Some people are hacked computers through virus and other programs.

  Please think what the position is. Now movies are helped they show how to hacked and how to stopped computers. Some persons see this type of movies and they practice hacking. Mainly internet give all data if a person want to build a gun he searched in internet and follow the instruction and built a gun. These all developments are giving technology.

  So friends please use technology in a right way, because we are living in world like brothers, sisters, and friends. If a person hack flight data that flight is fall in sea or other, in the flight that persons father, mother, brother, wife, son, and daughter or all are journey in the flight think what is the situation.

  I pray mainly technology persons please use technology in a right way, because I am a person suffered from hacking.

    I write this post because my account was hacked in a internet cafe, friends please carefully check if you are go to internet cafes, you see the back side of CPU if you found anything like pen drive, or other then you will compliant to police, this means you found anything that internet cafe is hacked.

 Read this article told your friends and others.

               Thank you

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Now world is in computer and internet culture. Very fast grown up in technology globally. Here some are good and some or bad things come into force.Internet world connect people globally in internet many websites are provided email accounts and many social networking sites are come into force.These sites people used for chatting send emails, sharing their feelings,comments,their own feelings, many people commented on our great leaders, presidents, prime ministers,ministers,governors,they comment and give bad jokes on all people.This is very dangerous to our societies. A person opened his account many adult content images,videos,lot of adult content sites in internet teenagers attracted these adult content sites and spoiled their lives. Here we see some good things in this year many revolutions are come into force social networking websites are helped a lot to the revolution people. They are success in their revolution.

hear i show a sample video of how to cheat women in chatting.This is not a real video only a sample video.

In India in Andhrapradesh I read a news article a teenage girl contact a person in a social networking site, this contact gradually become love, after they chatting in that site, the man in chatting person put a fake image of him, really he is a physically handicapped person, he put a beautiful man image in his profile.  She attracted that picture and fall in love with him. After some days the love became very strong, one day he asked her I am in trouble my mother health is not well please give me some money because I am a poor man, she gave huge amount, next he asked my kidneys are spoiled give me some money for curing of my kidneys. She gave huge money. Lastly she knew he is a physically handicapped person, he trapped me then she gave a complaint to police.

Recently a cinema released in Andhrapradesh, in that picture show how to trap a lady in chatting and other things. See people used technology in wrong way it is caused many problems, mainly women in India faced lot of problems from technology.

In Andhrapradesh many engineering colleges develop bad culture (some are good) if you want to see a proof come and see what is the situation of the students in engineering colleges, all students having laptops, cell phones, some students are recorded  voices in cell phone and blackmailed , they also shoot bad videos of their friends and put in internet. See what the culture is.  Many students are spoiled their lives with technology.

See here social networking sites give good and bad to our society. This is a one example of social networking sites.

Many teenagers attracted to internet love they spoiled their lives, I saw many teenagers spend most of their time in internet this gives that teenagers are in trap/cheating. In their love they are neglected studies, career, their parent’s advice  and good friend’s advice  Lastly they are in depression become a mental persons.

So rapid changes are welcome in technology but its applications fall in danger, mainly parents are strictly give some instruction to their children, they observed their children behavior.

        So please use technology in a good manner.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Yoga is the part of Devotion.  In the yoga way practice poses or body positions, after becoming a master in yoga do breathing exercises after thoroughly practice controlled their breath, we see tortoise take breathings in a minute is only 4 times.  Its lifespan is 300 or 400 years. Because it takes only 4 breathes in a minute. But we take nearly 18 to 20 breathes in a minute and we live on the earth nearly 80 to 90 years. See what is the difference between the tortoise and the man?
In the yoga way people do breathing exercises and controlled their breath, they take 5 or 6 times in a minute their life span also expands. Yoga poses give strength to our body breathing exercise give command our breathings.
In the yoga last stage is Samadhi (A state in which the aspirant is one with the object of his meditation, the supreme spirit pervading the universe, where there is a feeling of unutterable joy and peace) this means our soul is mixed to GOD or Super soul, as same as in Devotion way last stage is our soul is reached to GOD or Super soul. 
Uneducated people also easily go in the Devotion way, but in the Yoga way we go to a master and learn yoga practice.  Devotion is simple way we go to temple/church/mosque and pray GOD in our own words; this is not hard to uneducated people any man pray god in his own words, this is a simple way to people.
 I mentioned a song of soul it was wrote by Sri Adi Sankaracharya in Atma Satkam (Sanskrit). He is a famous saint who lived in India.

                     I am neither ego nor reason; I am neither mind nor thought,
                     I cannot be heard nor cast into words, nor by smell nor sight ever caught
                     In light and wind I am not found, nor yet in earth and sky
                    Consciousness and joy incarnate, bliss of the blissful am I
                     I have no name, I have no life.  I breathe no vital air
                    No elements have moulded me; no bodily sheath is my lair
                    I have no speech, no hands and feet, nor means of evolution
                   Consciousness and joy am I and bliss in dissolution
                    cast aside hatred and passion, I conquered delusion and greed
                    No touch of pride caressed me, so never did breed
                    Beyond all faiths, past reach of wealth, past freedom past desire,
                    Consciousness and joy am I   and bliss is my attire
                    Virtue and vice or pleasure and pain are not my heritage
                    Nor sacred texts, nor offerings, nor prayer, nor pilgrimage
                    I am neither food, nor eating nor yet the eater am I consciousness
                    And joy incarnate, bliss of the blissful is I
                    I have no misgiving of death; no chasms of race divide me
                    No parent ever called me child no bond of birth ever tied me
                    I am neither disciple nor master; I have no kin, no friend
                   Consciousness and joy am I and merging in bliss is my end
                   Neither knowable, knowledge, nor knower am I, formless is my form
                   I dwell within the senses but they are not my home
                   Ever serenely balanced, I am neither free nor bound
                   Consciousness and joy am I and bliss is where I am found

Read above stanza and know what our soul is?  Ever religion pray God save me and taken me to your kingdom. It means God taken my soul and merging in your soul.

Friday, November 16, 2012


Devotion is a way to people who wants to reach to God (Super soul). People on the earth belong to different religions. All religions are to pray God for their wanting and ambitions.
In the devotion way people are 2 types one is they pray God only for their wanting. For example they pray  GOD oh God give me money heavily, please blessed me become very richest man in the world, give jobs to my sun/daughter, give good health to my family, please arranged my sun/daughter very good bride/bridegrooms ,blessed me I will become prime minister/chief minister/president/governor.  These people always pray GOD very selfishness. These people do not want to other happiness.
Second type of people in devotion are always pray GOD oh GOD give good health who living on the earth ,give to wealth to all people, blessed to all people living very happily, save earth from disasters, give health and wealth to all people. These of people are called saints or sages or servants of God.
 We have many saints/sages, they have good qualities. They have some extraordinary qualities compare than common man
   Those are: -      STRONG DEVOTION
These qualities are coming from their birth. God send these people to serve poor and needy people and give messages from him. They have no other thinking; always connect their soul with GOD. God give full energy to them to serve to poor/needy people. They give speeches to people what are wrong doings and right doings. In this way sometimes GOD give super natural powers also. We see some saints do miracles in the past and present.
They established some charities to serve the people; those charities give very good service to needy and poor people.  They give corporate hospital facilities, corporate education, scholarships, build houses and give all services to poor people.  Service to poor people is one way to reach GOD.
Some saints are traveled in the world they give GOD messages to people. They told who is GOD why we are pray GOD, why we are saying always thanks to GOD.
Devotion is the best way to reach GOD. Bhagavad-Gita and Bible tell this truth. Many people traveled in this way and success in their way. Devotion way change our lives, we faced all problems very bravely because we believe d GOD is our backbone, he give strength to face any problem. This taught comes in our mind we gain lot of strength then we ready to face any problem.

Satya Sai Baba

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa


Florence Nigangel

Fr. Vincent Ferrer


                                              SEE GOOD,DO GOOD, AND BE GOOD


Saturday, November 10, 2012


In the world after man living in society.  Man faced many problems like

 family, health, money, and so on.  In the society some people came and help

 to suffering people, unhealthy people, poor people and who wants help. 

Many saints, social workers, voluntary organizations come and give helping hands to suffering people.

 Some  saints and social workers to give  their total  life without marriage like MOTHER TERESA and other people in other countries many saints and social workers are came and helping the suffering people through service and devotion.

see above images why they dedicated their lives to the poor.  Who is inspired them.
  we see today all people woke up and do their works (jobs) eating and sleeping they thinking only  this is the life many people thinking this type.  

  But some people thinking in different way what is life what is the mystery of life is?Who am I? These people see poor or suffering people their minds become very kind.

They wanted to give helping hand to those people. Who is
 inspiring them? We don’t know. Only GOD is inspiring them.

At present we see many people give their earnings (not in India)
to helping the poor and suffer.  Like Bill Gates he gives lot of 
money in his earnings to poor countries,Jacky Chan also give his 
earnings to charity. Who is inspiring them? Only GOD IS INSPIRED THEM.

We see 10 days ago sandy hurricane hit UNITED STATES any one can 
stop the hurricane, last year Japan hit by Tsunami anybody can 
stop that Tsunami. We have living very developed technology, we 
have many scientists, many satellites but why we are not stopping 

GOD’S/NATURE’S angry.  Please thinking this,

So please give helping hands to needy people.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


In my lost post I described history of yoga. Where the yoga postures drew. I told ancient people saw animals and nature, they drew the yoga postures from animals.

I give some yoga positions that positions are same as animals.All
 Yoga posture names are in Sanskrit.

SIMHASANA: - We see this yoga position then resembles a lion. Simhasana drew form lion.

MATSYASANA: - this posture is resembles a fish. Matsyasana drew form fish.

BHEKASANA: -   Bhaka means frog. This posture is reassembles a frog. The Bhekasana yoga position
 drew form frog.

GOMUKHASANA: - Go means cow mukha means face. This Gomukhasana drew from Cow.

MAYURSANA: - Mayur means peacock. The Mayursana yoga position drew from Peacock.

KURMASANA: - Kurma means tortoise. The kurmasana drew from Tortoise.

USTRASANA: - Ustra means camel. This Ustrasana drew from camel.

ADHOMUKHASANA: - Adhamukha means dog. This Adhomukhasana drew from dog

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Practice of yoga originated from ancient Vedic Sanskrit traditions. The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root YUJ meaning of YUJ is to bind, join, attach and YOKE meaning of YOKE is to direct and concentrate one’s attention on to use and apply.(union or communion) it is the true union of our will with the will of GOD.

When man first discovered that he is much more than what he sees and feels in the physical dimension, he designed specific methods through continuous research on observation of nature over the generations. Yoga traditions and practices were handed down by word of mouth form masters to disciple.

 Old Vedic masters (at present Himalayan yoga masters) they inspired from observation of animals and nature in the forests. They surprised because animals in the forests do not fall sick, get degenerative diseases and not  feel miserable (hear they know nature has given all living things (human and animal) quick survival and rejuvenate on system well beyond the terrestrial.

They think why animals are not fall into ill or sickness. Thoroughly thinking they knew God give mind only to human and strength to animals. They wanted how to gain strength to a human.

Then they started followed animal positions after that they knew their body become strength then they drew some structures for postures on how animal’s moving, stretch, and sleeping were able to create sets of postures and position for man to heal and rejuvenate. 

In the yoga posture we find that some postures resemble the positions of animals for example snake pose, cat pose, monkey pose peacock pose, frog pose etc…and so many other animals poses.

  They observed very clearly and began to imitate animal’s position after practiced they know body realization from some un-conditions then they create postures and exercises that is called yoga.