Saturday, December 21, 2013

Google’s new Android Phone CyanongenMod N1

 Google’s Christmas and New Year gift to us, it is a big gift to us, based on the KoushikDutta shared a post in Google plus, Google accepted to make first CyanongenMod edition N1 on Christmas Eve.

  The CyanogenMod Version is tested by Google Android experts and finally Google accepted to made smart phones on this version. CanogenMod is an aftermarket firmware for a number of smart phones based on the open source Android operating system. It has a sound knowledge and resources. All products of CanogenMod accessible both desktop and smart phones, tablets, all Google apps are worked on it. After thoroughly examined of all features then Google accepted to prepare for Google. The CyanogenMod N1 Edition model video is available in YouTube

 We heard a happy news before Christmas Eve, so we are lucky, the CyanogenMod N1 version available from December 24 in Opp on line stores and I think it is also available in Google Store. 

 It has a new look and to friendly used android phone, stunning shape, looking very cute. Its cost is $599, but variations are in cost by each country, now it is buying from December 24, if you want to give a gift on the Christmas Eve you buy and give it.