Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Google put its foot into Face book

Yes one is search engine giant, and another is social networking giant. These are different in their fields. Here a difference face book is only social networking site; it is not entered in other fields. It develops how to give more features to its users, Google is different first it is only search engine day by day it becomes search engine giant, first it was buy Orkut and put step in social networking site at that time Face book is a baby. After buying Orkut Google developed and Orkut become a social networking elephant. After face book entered social networking sites world, it grow up as a Tsunami and its speed is very high range, no limit it is entered all over the world. Every one surprised all credit goes to Mark Zuckerberg, he is a young dynamic leader.
Google thoroughly observed how Face book become very popular in the world, then it is thinking how to stop the popularity of face book then it plans and establishes Google Plus now Google Plus users are in more than 1 billion slowly it exceeds Face book.
Now online advertising king is only Google, its share is very high in the internet advertising marketing. Now Google buy Face book space for its advertising (Google buy Face book space). So Google used Face book space to Google Adds. Google announced a new way to working with Face book to participate FBX, their real time bidding exchange.
First the success of Google is it is encouraged partnerships to other sites, yes it gives Google adsense to bloggers and websites, and it is great idea to success of Google’s. Now it is followed this idea. It buys space for its advertising clients; Google used space of Face book, it is very useful to grown up of Google, I told my older post Google wants to buy face book.

Google tries for a long time because Face book users are more than 1 billion any how Google put its foot into Face book, in future what happened no one can not thinking. Face book users are seeing Google adds in Face book, it is a new experience, wait and see what happened.