Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Google put its foot into Face book

Yes one is search engine giant, and another is social networking giant. These are different in their fields. Here a difference face book is only social networking site; it is not entered in other fields. It develops how to give more features to its users, Google is different first it is only search engine day by day it becomes search engine giant, first it was buy Orkut and put step in social networking site at that time Face book is a baby. After buying Orkut Google developed and Orkut become a social networking elephant. After face book entered social networking sites world, it grow up as a Tsunami and its speed is very high range, no limit it is entered all over the world. Every one surprised all credit goes to Mark Zuckerberg, he is a young dynamic leader.
Google thoroughly observed how Face book become very popular in the world, then it is thinking how to stop the popularity of face book then it plans and establishes Google Plus now Google Plus users are in more than 1 billion slowly it exceeds Face book.
Now online advertising king is only Google, its share is very high in the internet advertising marketing. Now Google buy Face book space for its advertising (Google buy Face book space). So Google used Face book space to Google Adds. Google announced a new way to working with Face book to participate FBX, their real time bidding exchange.
First the success of Google is it is encouraged partnerships to other sites, yes it gives Google adsense to bloggers and websites, and it is great idea to success of Google’s. Now it is followed this idea. It buys space for its advertising clients; Google used space of Face book, it is very useful to grown up of Google, I told my older post Google wants to buy face book.

Google tries for a long time because Face book users are more than 1 billion any how Google put its foot into Face book, in future what happened no one can not thinking. Face book users are seeing Google adds in Face book, it is a new experience, wait and see what happened. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Shocking News Face book is not Working?

No one thinking above news, yes I faced this problem, generally I opened my Face book account and update status on my wall but it is not working. I again and again update my status but it shows same message “could not update status” then I think in my account any problem is rising but after that I again update my status but it is not working shows a message there was “a problem updating your status. Please try again in a few minutes” I am shocking then I asked my friends they told same problem. But all of other features are working; only update status is not working. I searched on Google plus anyone posted on this matter but I cannot find.
The world famous and social networking Tsunami Face book is not working, why everyone thinking on this many people of face book users has complaint on to error message of update status.  If any problem takes place on the servers, first I am thinking in my account any problem and thoroughly search, but I cannot any problem in my account, why the problem raised, face book users are more than 1 billion, all are faced this problem, or some are faced this problem.
Anyhow face book recovered this problem quickly and all users are feeling free. Face book has many technologists they are trying to recover on this problem, recently it is opened data center in Sweden, it has data center in US and second data center is opened in Sweden. So feel all users are shocking why our status is not updated. So I think heavy load on servers or any data problem, face book give any updates to users so it is stopped the status updated or changed policies of status updated. I wish quickly recovered from this problem and enjoying users in status updated.
See one minute face book is not working totally world is shacking why face book is not worked. All internet people are discussed on this topic. Many of my friends also talked on this problem. I wish Any how quick recovered from this problem of face book and give a new experience to its users.

Thank you

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Billions of Diamonds take as You Wish no Limit its Free

Every people on the earth have some desires and deep ambitions, everyone has desire to wear diamonds, it is not one or two it is Universal ambition.

Our saver NASA discovered through its satellites billions tones of diamonds, first they are shocking to see. After that they think and how to take that diamonds. The inventions are done by Cassini Spacecraft.
On the Jupiter and Saturn Cassini invented these billions of diamonds, it is a wonder news to people. How can it is possible, on the 2 planets Glance storms are formed it gives birth of diamonds. First Methane gases on the planets converted Carbon after Carbon converted into Graphite next form is Diamonds. They estimated 10 million tons of diamonds are now available on the 2 planets, it is only a rough idea, and it is not correct calculation.  
 Saturn gives 1000 tons of diamonds per a year. It is very amazing news. On the Saturn 30.000 kilometer diamonds are formed in layers.  Jupiter and Saturn’s are air spheres, but diamonds are formed in climate first those are in solid state, but those are as same as of rain falls and the diamonds are going underground like water. On the 2 planets underground layers temperature is in 8000 Kelvin’s, so all diamonds are melted floating like matter and converted into a sea.
NASA scientists are discovered diamonds first time on Jupiter and Saturn, Uranus and Neptune planets are also having diamonds they invented some years ago.  All diamonds are in solid state.
Thinking on the way if NASA planed to taken the billion tones of diamonds on to the earth, many things are happen. First America economic problems are closed, America become the richest country in the Universe. All people become very rich, in Forbes list all are American people get all ranks. Uncle Syam is great it is true at that time. They develop and planed to live on other planets no poverty on the earth no hungry people no poor countries. But it is thinking only, we wish it is true in near future.
We wish best of luck of NASA its future missions, because NASA is the saver of the Earth.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Internet Through Races!


Day to day inventions is increased on this way new invention coming into force it is  called Li-Fi technology. First the idea was come from Harald Haas; he is a famous Edinburgh  University scientist in Briton. Based on the taught Chinese scientists invented Li-fi technology it is as same as Wi-Fi, but in this only data transmitted with light races, they give    a name it is called Li-Fi technology means it is come from light races so it is called Li-Fi technology. First Harold tell the thought of Internet through light races, after many days Chinese scientists doing experiments and invented only light races passed data to electronic devices. In Wi-Fi used radio waves, in Li-Fi used only races.
Uses: it is very cheap in cost, through Li-Fi one small LED bulb gives 150 mega bit speed internet connectivity to 4 computers. It gives more security to our data. Through Li-Fi we exchanged data to scanners, mobiles, TVs, and many other electronic devices.

Li-Fi is a cheaper and gives energy more than Wi-Fi, people happy to hear this news, because now we suffered with Wi-Fi, right now Wi-Fi signal equipment is much cost and low in efficiency, and we set a device for Wi-Fi. In li-Fi a small LED bulb races give internet is a great thing, in future many more inventions come from our great technologists, based on the Li-Fi technology, it is more useful to Chinese people, in China world largest and in First place internet access people, in a survey more than 600 millions connection running in China. So it is very useful to China only, near future it come into force around the world.

It is news only, near more useful technologies come into force, because we have many tichnologists and scientists, they are always worked for the world and poor. so we wish best of luck to their work and thanks to them.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

New Update News from Face book

Social networking sites king face book give news to its users, if that is good or bad news because it removed restriction to teenagers. At the past it gave many restrictions to teenagers, now around the world teenagers are opened many accounts. So Face book thoroughly observed who can navigate and how much spent time in face book. After it is decided to removes restrictions on teenagers account.
  In your account you control who you share with your stuff. If you want to share also anyone . In some surveys in 1.5 billion accounts many of accounts have teenagers in the age range from 13 to 18. Face book has many restrictions to its users gradually it is removed many restrictions. Because it’s expand and attract more users to opened accounts on face book.
People aged 13 through 17 will also have the choice to post publicly on Face book. Face book thinking to connect more users and occupy internet adds market, because  in teenagers attracted new trends and fashions easily, this is advantage of face book, it gives more adds in face book, then automatically its increase revenue from adds. It is a market plan. No doubt at all, Mark Zuckerberg is very intelligent marketing person. He know very well of market trends. So he decided to remove restriction on teenagers it is very useful to them. And also he exceeds other social networking sites like Google Plus, twitter.
In other social media networks also allow teens to share with world in their accounts. But in face book many restriction so many teenagers go to other social networking sites, it is headache of face book, now the markets are depended upon teenagers only.
Face book said it give a special notice the first couple of times they attempt to post information to the public, reminding the users that the post can be seen by anyone in face book, when teens choose public in the post select section they will see a reminder that the post can be seen by anyone, not the people they have in friends list.
Any how it is good or bad face book took a big step, we wish success in future. You want know more visit this link  facebook

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Is it true Google Faced Competition from Sputnik?

Larry Page and Sergey Brin invented   Google search engine in internet.    We know   what the power of the Google is. Slowly small search engine Google become giant in internet,   people thinking if there is no Google, there is no life. Right now Google don’t’ faced   competition. But now it is faced competition. Russian Telecom Company Rostelecom planed create internet search engine named “Sputnik”, the name is we heard in past years it is spacecraft name. It plans to occupy Russian internet market. Already Yandex search engine is running it is a competitor of Google. It is occupy 62 percent traffic in Russia. Russia has the largest internet population in Europe. Every company want to occupy the market. Internet search engine business is a different field from telecom service business. But I think already Yendex is running successfully, in China Baidu also running very successfully, and Rosteletelecom is a big telecom company so it thinks give competition to Google and Yendex in Russia. It plans launch in 2014, now it invites developers to work in the Sputnik project.  Many technology people think it is also success because Google is king in US and some other countries. I analysed depended upon Image Graphics report now in the world Google and Face books are kings, but only in some countries. Yahoo is king in Japan, as same as now netzines thinking Sputnik is give tuff competition  to Google in Russia. Some netzines think Google is well established and famous in internet Sputnik is little baby it is not competitor of Google in any way. Anyhow competition is running, it is profit to the people, products are available very cheap and saves money of the people. Any how we see Sputnik search engine in 2014, it is not born child, but Google is a elephant, it is not competitor to Google.

All rivers are finally merged in the sea as same as all search engines are merged in Google. Google is well established company, for example in India has world second largest population. All internet people used Google search engine because it is easy to operate and friendly user. So everyone wants to use Google. I think there is no alternative of Google. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Android Air breathes every one!

Now we are in android age, every day many android developments are coming into force. Many companies made android applications, these all applications are based on Google developed android application.
Every person used android phones. In youth very crazy so our life started with android we eat, drink, and breathe android so I called now we are in Android air and android climate.
I give some examples of android phones data.
In a survey in this year all over the world, selling of android phone is more than 1 billion, because people see it very crazy. In the smart phone applications up to 2017 android is the king in the market. In this year 1.80 billion android mobiles are selling around the world. In 2017 it is more than 2.30 billions. Many mobile companies give discounts to its smart phones now some phones are purchased 4000/-, now android application phones are available in cheep cost. But smart phones market is very high in developing countries.
I think Google android and Apple iOS operating systems are empires in the android market. There is no alternative for those applications. In this year Microsoft windows phone is exceeds Block Berry’s phone. Now Microsoft buys Nokia to establish and occupy smart phone market all over the world. It is big step to Microsoft. With the support of Google android applications and other company’s applications android stand its first position in the smart phone market. Position of operating systems in smart phones in the year of 2013 is Android -75.3, iOs -16.9, Windows- 3.9, Black Berry -2.7.

So day by day many android application are quenched all over the world, mainly Google concentrate android applications, recently android Kit Kat application is started, I think this is not ending only beginning. Mainly Google and Microsoft are fighting with each other in technology. It is useful to people because they invented new technologies for people day by day. So we wish more android applications are coming from our Google, Microsoft and other companies. Finally we are in Android climate. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Your Heart is kept in Smart

Right now many people having iphones, they don’t know meaning of iphone, in this I means me. So you have iphone but your health is in iphone do you know it. Yes your health is kept in i-phones now. How can possible it?
Now millions of apps are crushed the mind, like appsTsunami. In these apps some of the wonder apps are used and control our body totally. Our heart is the key role in the body. Based on this many apps are created. I give some wonder apps to good for heart.
We see some people are looking very good health, suddenly they hit by heart attack, some are cured and some are died for heart attack. If you want you get rid of heart attack, you are joined in heart healthy online web service, it gives the best service to heart attack suffered people.
You want inspiration you are joined FitoCarcy web service, it is like fitness social networking site. It gives inspiration to exercises, advices, and tricks to maintain your health to become healthily. You want runner to kept good health you download in your mobile Run Keeper app. It is run by GPS. It tracks your running and walking. You know what is the speed of your walking, running, and how many kilometres are you running and walking with this app. You want know and heard your heart beat you made your mobile a stethoscope, you set Instant Heart Rate app, you run this app and touch phone camera with your finger then pulls rate is recorded. You know your daily pulse rate and saved this for future.
You are taking food heavily it is a habit you are compulsory has MyFitnesPal app in your smart phone. You take food heavily it is danger to your heart, above app is calorie counter, you are recorded your food (how much you eat) it gives how much calories food you eat. It is good for your health and heart. At that time you have living happily without medicines and medical insurance policies

In the technology world many changes are takes place, day by day many apps are come into force so any app come you find it in our friend Google Play store. So you find more health apps in our Google play store visited this Google Play Store . In my next post I will explained more health apps.
                                                                                                                         thank you

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Amazing map of Google and Facebook made by Oxford Institute

(image source Internet Graphics)
Oxford Internet Institute researchers Mark Graham and Stefano De Stabbata made a map it is showing which website is the most visited website in the world in all countries; it was made from Internet access population
The Map analysis:
Which website is the most popular: the Internet giant Google or Face Book?
Our great search engine Giant Google is the king in United States, Australia and many countries in Europe and South East Asian countries.
Face book is the most visited in North Africa, Mexico, some parts in South America and some parts of the Middle East. Above map shows this information
Baidu: it is the most visited website in China, it is common because in China many websites are banned or running in strict policies. So Baidu is the King in China.
Yahoo: it is king in Japan
Yandex:   the most visited website in Russia.
They said, we are likely still in the very beginning of the Age of Internet Empires
Data Source: in the map the data source is freely available data from Alexa on 12th August-2013, Alexa.com provided data since 1996. It is collected over 25,000 different web browsers.
In the map the colours are belonging different websites.
Red is Google, Blue is Face book, Green Baidu, and other colours related other websites. The superiority of Google and Face book over other sites on the web is clearly showed in the map. Baidu is next of Google and face book in the Chain, because China has the world’s largest Internet population in the world and the first place internet access in the world. So Baidu is the next place of Google and Face Book, and wonder thing Baidu is also most visited website in South Korea.
The power of Google on the internet becomes strongly evident; it is at the 2nd place in most visited website in every country. In the 50 countries face book listed as the most visited website, in the 50 36 of them have Google as the 2nd place, and the remaining 14 countries YOUTUBE is in the list ( it is Google’s property).
Half of the entire world internet population Google is the most visited website, with more than one billion people. Only 280 million users are the most visited website is Face book.
you want know more visited below  website link

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Face Book Amazing invention View Yourself! Faces of FaceBook

World famous social net working site face book, any news from face book and other news of face book is create wonders.  Here I give wonder news to you. Face book users are in 1 billion+. Now a wonder technologist invented a great application to face book with the help of face book API. To display faces of face book 1.2 billion users. It is amazing step
The technologist name is Natalia Rojas, his creation is amazing, wow he used face book Applications of this invention now it is very hot topic in internet world wide. Every people want to know what is it, some people fear what is privacy policies of Face book in the website they told
Connected your face book account and find your face or friend face where in the gallery of face book faces your friends are and which  of them was the first to open account in Face book, they displayed a funny thing that is Note: we are extremely sorry if you cannot find your face in the provided gallery.
They said “we are not exceeds any of the face book privacy policies and rules, we don’t store any one’s private information, pictures or names. Only display photos of users. They show 1,278,842,363 face book profile pictures and organize them in chronological order.
The faces of face book are a personal project by Creative Technologist Natalia Rojas.
I think this taught became in the face book 1 billion more than users are used face book, here friends, relatives, and other, they don’t know each other my brother has account in face book, so he taught to develop this application then all are see profile pictures and know oh my brother, my friend and my relatives are used face book.
But in some countries women are follow their religion customs, they don’t want to show their photos publicly, but in this app all faces are public and open anyone want to see faces of his interest.

Any how this is a big step; Natalia Rojas has a brave person, because his invention goes to many things.
you want know more visit below link

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Google new Invention: Train locator Map with Google Maps Engine

Now train travelling is very hard, millions of people travel in trains, now super-fast trains came into force. Every one wants to know where the train is in which station, if he knows his time is saved. Everyone buy tickets and checking train status at the movement. This is common. They are tension if train comes or not.
Google gives track train location and know the train location. The Google train locator map lets people see at all the trains across the country and zoom in on a given region or station.  All people can search for any train in the country, by train number/name by searching over a train on the map; they see a message the train is on time/ late. It is very useful of the passengers; if train is late they chose another work in the late time. If rite time then they will come earlier into the station. Map locator gives the real time data from Global Position System.  Train passes by sensors near the tracks; the location information is send into Google Maps Engine, with the station data from the content management system. The information provides a reliable platform. They think up more ways to make this system traveler friendly.
Google make any thing is in different way, this train locator map is very useful to all people. They know train position in anywhere at any place, it gives save our time. It is very useful for business people. Because they have little time to leisure, if train comes late they are in station their time is wasted, so they know the actual position of the train, then they come to station correct time.

Now it is experiment, and only working in US only, after development and people response it is used worldwide. It is great step in the technology development. Google can do anything and everything no doubt.
You want know more visit below links 

Face Book new Update Graph Search in “Dancing with the Stars”

  World biggest social network site Face book gives a new update to its user’s worldwide.
 That is graph search. What is graph search? Graph Search helps people to explore face book in a different way. Graph search results are different for everyone; totally it is based on what you have shared with your friends and groups. Your privacy choices determine what your friends see when they search.
Face book told some tips, those are you can control who sees your profile info on your about tab, that means you have totally controlled your profile and chose who are sees your profile like friends, groups, and public.
 You have a chance to review photos and videos what you shared/tagged in your account. And review your posts with location tags on your activity log.
How does Graph Search work? Its results are personalized, just like news feed is unique to you. For example, if you search for some photos of America, any of your friends searched same America photos and shared with you, you will see all photos of America and your friends seeing photos.
 Who can see and find your activities in your account. It is purely your personal settings. You set to: only me, friends, and public totally control on your hand.
If you want see dancing with the stars then in graph search you typed who can see the search word are displayed. Now it is available with only some groups only. Next it will work is good, it is expanding all users. Graph search is now available for English (US) audiences.  Remember that you can always review stuff you have shared on your account in face book, you have a option, you can changed the audience for your own content, and ask others to removed photos or other stuff in your account.  
Finally Graph search is what you are sharing is searchable to all your friends in your account.

Sharing is caring, because you share and find bad stuff then some of your friends don’t want and hate that type of content then they UN-friend you. Because you have different friends so this is a big step in Face book. So sharing and searching is caring of you.
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