Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Google Hit Net with 3D Twist

Google hit net with 3D list, totally 2013 list released with a 3D effect, named Google Zeitgeist- 2013. In it shows top of the top searches in 2013. Really it is a new experience in this year. We see like kids type that. Our eyes not see other side.

The Google zeitgeist list includes worldwide, country wide, day’s wise list, if you see the list it is very attracted design. Top searches list Former South African president Nelson Mandela, 2. Movie Star Paul Walker (died in November 30th, 3.The iPhone5S (Apple phone).

Above all are Google search counting’s, it released YouTube top searches in the list Harlem Shake is most popular searching video. Google thoroughly examined the all data with its source, it released early to Christmas Eve, we have another 13 days but the list includes today also. Google tries the list very new it is not compare to any lists released other sites, it has own search engine, world top most sites are Google and YouTube so there is no way to estimate what is top search in 2013 of other sites. It tries this list is not crashed other lists and it takes huge data from its search hits. Every year Google give lists, now it is in 3D look. Everything Google create wonders today net is hit by Google Zeitgeist. It is prepared in 3D version.