Saturday, December 14, 2013

Google new app for G+, shake your android phone fill with Snow

Google doings are awesome, a new app for Android phones it is G+ app; it has a little fun to us. Opened a photo in your phone, shake your device ( mobile) and see the snow fall on your photo it is very awesome for its users, it is only on G+ app for Android. Your mobile has downloaded this G+ app at that time you see the magic. You also save your snow fall photo and share it your friends and relatives. It is totally amazing app for android, you will go Google play store and download, and it is free of cost.

Features: you must follow what friends and relatives all over the world are sharing.
You joined G+ communities and communicate with similar passions
It has automatically back up facility, you give life to your photos with animations, panoramas and awesome images.

It is totally new from Google android app, single search box what you want to search in one single search box, and it has no bugs.
Google give more experience to you to connect people in the G+ app, totally funny features,

You are also joined main stream what is going on in G+ around the Clock. dont waste smart phone owners download new application for G + (Google Plus)