Friday, April 4, 2014

Facebook allows Free Voice Calls to its Messenger App

Social Networking giant take another big step, the news is touched the heart of mobile operators, Facebook allows “Free Voice Calls” to its messenger App.

Few days ago it buys WhatsApp with $16 billion dollars, the biggest tech deal in the world. After it announced give Facebook users free voice calls to their Facebook friends only.

First it adds free voice calls to its messenger App.  Facebook updated with Voice call feature, it is as same as voice call, and Facebook users make calls like phone calls to Facebook friends for free, required at least a Wi-Fi connection. The updated version of Facebook messenger app is available iOS and Android.

In the messenger you see a phone icon at the name, click that icon to start free Voice Call to your friends. It is needed both of you and your friend a Data or Wi-Fi connection to make calls.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Google Projects and Thoughts of Google from Larry Page

image credited TED

Larry Page co-founder and CEO of Google he expressed Google notions in interview at the Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED-2014). Larry Page was interviewed by US television host Charlie Rose at TED-2014. Larry Page talked about ideas, projects and future developments of Google.

Q. where is Google and where is it going?

Larry Page: - Google is a mission we defined to organize the world’s information and make it usable and accessible with 100% accuracy. We have been doing on Google mission for 15 years already, yet it’s not at all done and not completed.

Smarter computers: we are looking at search and trying to understand, computer doesn’t know where you are, what you know and what you are doing, we are deeply trying to make devices work, to understand your context and you might need. Deep Mind is a UK company we just acquired; it worked on voice recognition, now it is not good had helped make computers smarter. He said that Google was working on its own machine learning project; we ran machine learning on YOUTUBE. We're seeing a lot of work going on artificial intelligence that crosses computer science and neuroscience, it’s very exciting.

He said that Google prepared medical records and wants patients to hand over their data to researchers then it will save billions of lives.

He told about some of his crazy ideas in this interview such as Project Loondriverless cars, Google plans to launch its driverless cars on the roads by 2017. And he added some important developments of Google, they working on Android Operating system on PCs and Smart Phones.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Facebook Implemented DeepFace App to Catch Similar Images

Facebook always tries to pick up users personal data, it grows day by day, now it is published an update about its powerful facial verification software “DeepFace” it allows Facebook servers to identify and catch individuals in images with perfect accuracy.

The DeepFace software has name derives from artificial intelligence known as “Deep Learning” (with massive amounts of computational power, machines can now recognize objects and translate speech in real time, Artificial intelligence is finally getting too smart).  According to the source Facebook explained that out of 4 million facial images of over 4,000 people DeepFace can catch and match images of individuals, shadows, position of the head and other complicating factors, it identify  with 97.25 accuracy. So Facebook enter deep and deep in user’s personal data, because security problems, many fake accounts put fake images like political leaders, celebrities, gods and other, it is very difficult to maintain their accounts they comment and share banned content, it is headache to Facebook, then it implements this new software application.

How does the DeepFace work?

This application works 100 percent accuracy if computer is given a image of “X” it is slightly to the right or left, DeepFace can chart that image in 3D format and virtually turns it head forwards. Then it analyzes and produces a “Numeric Chart” of that forward facing physiognomy and searching for same patterns in the database that match with Facebook provided database. In the searching 2 similar charts identify then a match is found. Conclusion is one image used two different users so that account is fake account.

The DeepFace technology helps Facebook it identifies banned and porn content images and removes from Facebook. Wow what a technology Facebook used.

It is simple now to identify faces in Facebook and stop fake accounts.
(screen shot images credited selficity)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Facebook Buying Eleven Thousand Drones Why

According to the Facebook  yet one-third of the world’s population have access to the internet, Facebook thinking on this to give access net to all over the world, last year it is opening company with mobile giants Nokia, Samsung, Ericsson, and Media Tek, Opera and Qualcomm.

Now Facebook buying 11000 drones with the aim of to give access internet using drones to beam internet connections to Africa.

Right now Facebook users around the world 1.23 billions, it want to increase users of it. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wants to occupy as many as users of Facebook.

Few days before Mark Zuckerberg wealth became more and he wants Facebook connect everyone in the world. The project to give internet access through Drones is as same as Google’s own Project Loon. Google want to give net connection to remote areas. If it is successful it spread all over the world, now Facebook also doing same thing but it used drones.

Few days back it buys WhatsApp with $19 billion dollars, it is the biggest deal in the technical field. People thinking internet access with drones is worth than WhatsApp deal.

Google and Facebook one by one wants to occupy high percentage of people around the world to increasing marketing their products, now it is going on healthy competition. Some of the decisions of MarkZuckerberg is not worthy, he wants to declines users login via PCs and Facebook Messenger stops working from yesterday both windows and Firefox these are some unwanted decisions take Facebook, some surveys told  many people left Facebook because of no use of Facebook.
(all above images are screenshot images)

Friday, February 28, 2014

Face Book gives Shocking News to its Messenger Users

Screenshot image in my Messenger 

It is shocking news to Facebook messenger users, Facebook shut down its messenger for windows and Firefox, it fix the shutdown date on March-3. To hear the news everyone shocked, what is going on Facebook, just few days back it acquires WhatsApp it take this decision, now it took the decision to shut down its messenger. What a hell.

 See above image, I opened Facebook messenger normally it shows message on my messenger window.

It said after opening of messenger “we are sorry, but we can no longer support Facebook Messenger for windows and Firefox and it will stop working on March -3-2014, we really appreciate you using Messenger to reach your friends”.

This announcement comes from just Microsoft announced Facebook messenger for windows Phone arrive within few days later.

Mark Zuckerberg implemented his ideas and marketing plans, in the last year he opened internet org with a group of Mobile giants, just few days back FB announced user login via PCs will decline in future, now desktop messenger also shutdown.  All doings of Facebook shows only users used Facebook with mobiles only.

The thinking of Facebook is deadly wrong many countries mobile user density is low; it means in future Facebook users percentage will definitely decreased. Wait and see what will happen in future. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mobile Attacked by Real Virus Amazing News

Its wonder, unbelievable real virus attacked on a cell, researchers from Princeton University spot the event, particle sized virus tired to infect a mobile, and it’s amazing. They released a video


A virus like particle moving at high speed around the cell until it encounters a cell, it shows a show like a rubber ball, it bounce and skid on the surface again and again, it takes Nano second to complete the process and enter into the cell’s interior space and spoil the cell.

We know virus attacks on human, animals and trees, now we are suffering from non-curable diseases by virus like cancer, aids, Hepatitis, dengue and etc. there is no medicines some of the virus diseases.

Right now researchers invented curing methods to cells by virus attacks. Laughing news it is, but true the news.

all screenshot images credited MovieS6

The real virus attack video captured by Haw Yang and Kevin Welsher scientists from the Princeton University. Kevin Welsher told viruses and Nano-particles are very small and fast to move, to capture the event is very hard and critical, but they capture and invent unbelievable news.

These scientists used 2 cameras 1 is captured virus particle and second is cell and current surrounding environment of the cell.

Any how people attacked by another new viruses, be careful. Thank you.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Google new Feature Are you want Track your Gmail with Streak ok Track it

Image credited to Streak
Friends Google chrome add a new extension are you want to track your Gmail account, add Streak to your chrome browser then it will track your Gmail account.

Image credited to Streak
Once you add Streak for Gmail, it tracks entire your Gmail history like who read your sent emails and other.

How it works?  A user views your email sent through Streak an “Eye” icon appear in your inbox, he opened the email it turns into “Green”, you see a signal the sender that their email has been read.

As per Streak you keep track your all deals right from your in box, you get bulk mails from one same sender it can push that all mails into one view in your pipeline.

 See all your deal in your Gmail account, It can build a holistic view of your customers, built spreadsheet view you are able to edit your all deals and create simply and easy reports.

Image credited to Streak
Simple sharing want to talk to a specific customer, Streaks makes easy, and you are selectively share parts of your inbox and all your needs.

Tracking available Streak email tracking shows all tracking history in your inbox, after tracking it shows Green or Gray eye icon, it means whether the email are read or not ( Green eye icon means it is read, and Gray eye icon means it is not read).

Image credited to Streak
Streak works with Google Apps streaks works with your personal Gmail accounts or provided by your organization, school and business accounts. It works with all Google application like Google apps for business, education and Government.

CRM app: you managed phone calls and send emails through directly with this app, tracked latest news feed updates.

Currently Streak is free in Beta version, and there is always be a free plan, in the future Streak implemented paid features.  

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Facebook and other Social Media Posts undergone to Lie Detector Test

Friends its very hot news to you, users of social media, like Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites shares undergone to Lie Detector Test, Not now it’s become true in future.

The European Union takes up the project with the researchers of Sheffield University and other 5 famous universities, it is 3 years project, and famous researchers participated in this project.

How it works: in social media huge percentage of rumors going around the clock, the Lie Detector system catch and analysis the rumors information automatically in online. Wow what an idea, which technology they used.

After analyzing every nook and corner of the rumor, the result will be shown on dashboard, and it takes the rumor in to hold. It classify social media rumors into 4 types 1) weighing, means how much interest creates in online 2) disputable, 3) misinformation 4) Propaganda. The system examined reliable source such as journalists, famous experts, newspapers, witnesses, enquiring public, and see the history of the user who can share it, how many people involved in it, what is the background of the users, and their accounts are real or fake or to create accounts for spreading rumors. Finally it become its real or fake after that it would alert the all emergency services, Governments, and friends to act immediately on the rumor.

Why the Lie Detection test conducted on social media shares, we know many countries faced more problems from social media, because now the social media acts very powerful than any other media. Politicians also come to connect with people with social media; marketing companies also used this social media.

Anyhow friends think one minute at the time of sharing your post or friend’s posts, check it is right or wrong, if you shared it you will fall in danger be careful. Thank you.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Google launched Project Tango

Image credited to Project Tango

Google announced new project “PROJECT TANGO”   that is prototype 3D smart phone its enables to create 3D maps of a Smartphone user current surroundings environment.

Image credited to Project Tango

What is it?  “The Project Tango” is prototype android Smartphone 5” containing customized software and hardware, it tracks and create continually 3D maps of the user current environment. The sensors allowed the mobile to make a quarter million 3D measurements every second. Means you can see your current place surroundings with 3D effect, it gives new experience to users and also it can update every second in real time.

It is an exploration into new experience to give mobile devices a human scale, are you imagine if you never found yourself lost in a unknown building, furniture mall, shopping mall and forest, no problem it can understanding of space and motion of your current place, what an idea of Google really it’s amazing, after see and feel the new feature experience of Google Project Tango no words can describe the experience.

Image credited to Project Tango

Which devices it works: Project Tango runs Android and includes development APIs, the android applications are written in the languages of Java, C, and C++.

How could you do with Tango: you want capture the dimensions of Taj Mahal simply by walking around the Taj Mahal with your phone, its complete it created 3D maps of Taj Mahal at where you walking current environment.  

Currently Google looking for professional developers with dreams of creating more than a touch screen app and it can have 200 prototype developed kits.

Future of the Project Tango:  it is not a part of android, right now it is researching in the labs, after successfully completed trails in labs and it is in the hands of billions of people, the future is awesome; Google can build it faster and give to the people hands as early as possible
Available in the market: Google expects to launch these unites in the market probably in this year on March-14th.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Facebook buys the Powerful and Crazy WhatsApp

Social network giant Facebook buy the powerful and crazy application android WhatsApp, total deal cost is $16 billion, $4billion in cash and remaining $12 billion in the Facebook shares.

Right now the biggest and crazy messenger app is Whatsapp, now it is buying by Facebook, the app running successfully over the world.

image credited WhatsApp


           -Worldwide 450 plus million users used this app.

           -70% of the people active users per a day.

           -600 photos uploaded per day.

          - Daily more than 1 million users registered per a day.

           -200 voice messages sent per day.

Whatsapp is running in Facebook as a separate service, they want to connect more and more people around the world.

The aim of Maker Zuckerberg is to connect billions of people worldwide; Whatsapp fits the Mark’s vision perfectly. The app service and brand will continue as its original way, there are no changes, because it occupies key markets in the world, like US and India.

 The Whatsapp messenger has growing quickly than any other apps. Now the game started Google and Facebook buys famous tech companies one by one, what is going on, the tech giants capitates each other every day they buy a company. Wait for some time what is going on in the web.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Google wants to changed Typed Password to replaced with unique Song

Google wants to changed typed password to replaced with unique song, user login his all Google accounts with typed passwords, now it can implement new feature in the password section, typed Passwords to replace with unique song of user.

(image credited SlickLogin) 

Google completely changed the internet user’s life, after it buys Israeli based sound authentication firm “SlickLogin” take some security steps to navigation of internet. The founders of SlickLogin are Or Zelig is Chief Executive Officer, Earn Galili is Chief Technical Officer, and Ori Kabeli is Vice President of R&D, the three are sound knowledge on technology and internet applications, Or Zelig is an experienced Project Manager and he  also expert of new ideas, Eran Galili , he hacks computers at the age of 12 years and a expert of software and hardware security researcher and Ori Kabeli he is a expert of software development and developing security oriented products. The main aim of the 3 is giving more and more security to user’s internet security. the technology that allows websites to verify a user’s identity by using unique sound, it works by playing a uniquely produced sound through computer speakers, which is picked up by an app on the user’s mobile, it gives perfect secure internet access to users.

Totally it is an innovative way of Google, right now internet security become more critical, search engine giant Google also fall security threats, always Google doings are changed rapidly and viral, song is a password is a new magic from Google.

Typed passwords are changing weakly once, continually used one password is harmful to user, few days back Google also take some information at the account login time, now it buy “SlickLogin” so in future Google give more and more security to its users. Thanks to Google.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Google gives 10 GB Internet Data Transfer Speed

Are you think internet speed becomes 1000 times than normal speed, yes its true, Google working on data transfer speeds in its next generation project, Google CFO Patrick Pichette told at the Goldman Sachs technology and internet meeting, company aims into 10 GB per second data transfer speed to users. He said it’s a very hard application that are data intensive will run smoothly over the internet, currently Google fiber data transfer speed is 1 GB per second.

Net speed will increase users trust the use of software, now very slow data transfer speed available in some countries, for example my internet connection is dead slow, I am tired with this internet connection, no way so I run this internet connection. In many countries net speed dead slow. Many people suffered with it, Google observed this condition, then it take the next generation project, and offer high speed internet with a speed of 10 GB speed per second.

Google is not working one on this, last year some of the scientists told they have transfer data with 10 GB speed with light it is called “li-fi” and social networking giant Facebook also worked on this, and Mark Zuckerberg launched with aim of to give internet all people in the world.

Google doings are created shaking in the minds of people, tech people heard the news and they are already starts working on it. Google has billions of money and spent on any invention so it can achieve its goals.

This 10 GB internet speed of Google Fiber comes into all over the world within years. Friends it is very happy news to us. Thanks to Google.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Google gives Surprising gift for Valentine’s Day

Screenshot image

Entire web seeing which gift coming from Google, world celebrates Valentine’s Day tomorrow, Google give a flavor of charm to the celebrations, it create a doodle, now it’s uploaded on New Zealand home page. Everyone creates your own valentine’s chocolates.

Screenshot image

In the doodle, you see a couple the man and the woman making “o” and “o” in Google.  The second “o” is the candy box, you want to create valentine’s chocolates click on second “O” it is candy box, in the box some flavors are shown, like cherries, strawberries, almonds A box plate contain blinking triangles, click on triangles flavors are changed, which flavor want to you, total 13 flavors put in the box, click on the box at one time create 13 types, take it and make own chocolates.

Screenshot image

Once created 3 candies the heart shaped box get gift pack containing Google logo with emblazoned on heart shape. The heart shaped Google logo box has man and woman with both sides. Under the doodle blinking box shows social networking sharing buttons, i.e. Google PlusFacebook, Twitter.

Google give amazing gift to lovers, it’s surprising manner of Google, people thinking how can  the search engine giant Google Satisfy its users. Now Google satisfy all over the world to its innovative manner, make a doodle gift send to its users.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Google’s New Doodle it’s too crazy and Eye-Catching

Google create some wonders, in the entire web people are waiting today what is the news from Google, every minute Google is a suspense movie, no one can tell what is Google’s work, we are going to winter Olympics, now Google designed a doodle colored with a look like a rainbow, it’s a new design.

Every time Google designed animated doodles to all over the world important things, any country has a special day, then Google designed new doodle for it.

In the rainbow design, games are in winter Olympics skiing, snowboarding, curling, ice hockey, bobsleigh, and ice-skating. This year winter Olympics held in Sochi in Russia.

Google always wants world integrity, it thinking people wellness, last year it announced a health service company, in this year it acquires an artificial intelligence company Deepmind.  to create Google search engine think like a human. Any how we go to winter Olympics today. At the bottom Google give some Olympic motive note.

We tell best wishes to all players.  you want look new Google Doodle click  on this dofollow linklink

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

FaceBook Sends wonder Gift to its Users?

Its amazing Face book celebrating 10th birthday, Mark Zuckerberg dream is success, at the same time some bad effects shows on society, anyhow now social networking is a powerful platform to all people.

 Social networking sites connected people worldwide, world became a small village, people know what is going on in the world without go to outside, all news about politics, inventions, science, health, automobiles, trending, beauty and fashion trends, each and every thing what you want, totally found in web. Now 2 social networking sites ruled the internet, Google Plus and Face Book.
 Yesterday Facebook celebrates it's 10th birthday, and it gives a gift to us. It created a video of your entire history, your sharing’s, updates, photos, news, videos, greetings and what you did in face book, it created a video and show in your timeline, if asked you share it, if you want you are share it, here a problem many accounts are fake in Face Book, they share unwanted material and other stuff, in the video shows entire history from your joining date in Face Book, it’s very amazing gift and bad also. You want to create it visited this LINK.

People history is opened and public, many people surprised and shocked what it is, they don’t know its wonder gift from Face book. Many people thinking what it is.

Friends I told one thing there is no hidden in the web; all are opened, because web gives good and bad results on the society. Some are used in correct way, and some are used in wrong way, many people used web for their developing, like education, research, training, earnings, marketing their products and many other events. Friends using web on the right way.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Google News! Build Digital World with Chrome LEGO Bricks

Video Credited to Googlechromeaunz

It is amazing any time Google hit the web with wonders, any news creates totally viral, now it hit with Build with Chrome, what an idea.

You can build whatever you like with Lego + Chrome, now easy to design of any building, no problem Google give easy to design all whatever people liking, Google added a new flavor to the digital web, build and explore more with the digital world of LEGO. Build with chrome is a kid’s game model, Google working with LEGO Australia, to brought bricks to the Chrome. It is totally new experiment from Google.

(Screenshot image)
With the help of Chrome Bricks you build a new world in the web, here 8 trillion bricks are available in different models and colors.  It is a new experience, and you’re engineering skills, you can prepare for the upcoming web world what you think.

(Screenshot image)
Opened build with Chrome website shows buildacademy, it has contain some basics how to build, all colorful bricks in the web using WebGL, with a 3d graphics technology, you are enter a whole new world of building with Chrome LEGO bricks, in build with Chrome a trainer named Vitruvius, he is a master Builder, he knows different ways to use different LEGO bricks and building techniques. Go and trained under Vitruvius and become you’re also a master builder.

Open your skills to creating new digital world and design, for future, you feel free to operate with LEGO bricks. In Chrome Digital World some short tutorials shows how to use it, there 8 trillion bricks in wonder colors, and also you made world also, you want to design luxury hotel, towers, apartments whatever you want build like Skype towers, PETRONAS towers, Burj Dubai, palm tree and many styles as you like.

It is totally new feature and amazing experience with Google and Chrome browser. Friends come and build with Chrome Bricks, become master Builder what you want. Thank you.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Future Google Search Engine thinks like Human?

We know all about what is Google search engine, if Sergey Brin and Larry Page is not invented Google, we have no internet, it is truth, each and every thing what you want find in Google. If Google search engine thinks like human, what the situation is, some of the experts told yes Google work on it, if computers think like a human.

Before few days ago Google buy a company, it is Deepmind, an artificial intelligence company, neuroscientist Demis Hassabis is the founder of the Deepmind, he sold 242 million Euros, a computer genius become overnight a millionaire to sold his company to Google, see technology creates wonders, he started it just 2 years ago, main aim of him to create computers think like humans, many people surprised to hear, what? Computers think like a human, never. He tries to create artificial intelligence computers.

He said “Google and Deepmind partnership goes to solved society’s problems with the power of machine learning tools, and they want to give more enjoyable life to people”; its unique quality is Machine learning.

Future Google Search Engine structure: now in the searching, we typed any query it shows some results, in future you typed a query it shows some amazing information, in the Google news at the right side below we see YouTube videos related to that news, near future anything it shows videos, means like Google Hangouts, some of the employees researched and learning what we want in search.  For example you searched for some beauty, education, traveling, hotels, and medical information, then it shows some videos in those videos, which information is the best and those sites its Google page rank is high, top content, traffic and other, it takes all information of that sites and show video results, unnecessary pages.

Why Google changes its searching option, people want information to live, here we have many live channels, in YouTube we saw full information about all over the universe, so Google always thinking how to give new features and experience its users. It attracts more and more people. Totally video results shown in searching result is a new experience to people. (It is my own idea) thank you.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Google add new feature in Google search engine

It is time to find a website, right now common need to all people, why?  Each and everything we find in internet with only our Google search engine, billions of websites and pages, we find everything what we want in Google. Now Google is became people life and one organ of the life. Every time Google come with a new features. 

Now it added complete information of which website you want, you want to know about health, you typed in Google search, you see complete about health means, health cards, health kart, health tips, health insurance, health and glow, health care, you want beauty it show beauty tips, beauty parlor, beauty tips, about beauty, you want insurance it shows insurance policies, insurance institutions and other. What a beauty of search in the past it shows pages directly now it shows related information about your search.

You will see more about information if the site is popular in the field and it is widely recognized in online, and also the site used Google webmaster tools. Google extended knowledge graph for new search feature. Then we have not seen in search unnecessary information, search engine recognized your words, what you want and show quickly about your search.  Google want to feedback, if your feelings on new website feature, it provided feedback from users.  I think Google is the search engine king, we have many search engines but all over the world many users used only Google search engine. Thank you, happy searching experience from Google.

Bloggers take the opportunity

We are lived in internet world, in internet we see many websites, and these sites are in the form of .com/.net/.org and other, why all websites have these extensions. It is called domain extension.

Within a short period Google implemented domain extensions in blogging, all are opened blogs with a name of their own interest, in the net it is hard to indexed, billions of blogs, and web pages in the Google indexed it is difficult, many sites have domain extensions, in the net first top level domains are indexed and in search, those are appeared in first place.

Every one want top level domain extensions, it is hard, all people want .com extension, some of the domain selling sites researched how to give more and more domain extensions to website/blog owners, in net some companies give many top level domain extensions, really it is wonder, it give all types of domain extensions.

Now amazing domain extensions are available in domain selling websites. You know domains are in cheap in cost, nearly 2 dollars you spend on it, finished, olden days domain names are high in cost, rich people are only buy domains. Now technology is at your door step, then cost is decreased. Internet access people are also grown; it is occurred on Smart phone entered in the market.

Some of the experts told near future Google changed its policies in blogging section, I.e., every blog contain domain extension, it removed “BlogSpot” it is only taught, anyhow friends first you redirected your BlogSpot into domain extension like .com or other.

I give new domain extensions list: .kitchen, .graphics, .land, .luxury, .menu, .photography, .technology, .guru, .holdings, .blog, .shop, .online, .app, .web, .clothing, .camera, .Construction, .today,  .venture, .construction, .web, .site, .vegas, .online, .nyc, .lighting, .menu, and so on.

See above domain extensions, all verities are available, if you have Real Estate business you take- .land, app developer take, blog owner take, cloth business take -.cloth, hotel business, every field domains are available, all domain extensions are very popular, you used it in your business, office, intuitions, real estate, e-commerce, online business, health, design, luxury hotels and all other fields.

Friends take this golden opportunity and before Google implemented the policy of domain extension, put your sites a domain extension.You take it many benefits are taken in your hands; your site is indexed quickly, in searching first appeared, and many other benefits. Thank you.