Thursday, December 19, 2013

How can understand Mark Zuckerberg?

Mark Zuckerberg he is the ruled the internet, how can we understand him. His doings are very suspense no one can understand his mind, to day morning he announced he wants to give $18 million to charity, I think he is following of the great person Microsoft owner Bill Gates he is famous to charity, he is the meaning of the charity in the world, now many billionaires followed Bill Gates. In a few days we celebrate Christmas Eve, so early we heard happy news from Mark Zuckerberg.  All the money goes to his owns foundation (Zuckerberg's foundation), Silicon Valley foundation and the breakthrough Prize in Life Science.A big prize
(in this prize Google also include) it is like a Noble Prize. He also opened to reach internet to all over the world it is called internetOrg

Mark Zuckerberg offer people who missed at the may 2012 public issue of Facebook, now Mark offer 70 million shares in the market. Why he sold the shares any one can expect no, it is suspense, and recently he announced TV ads are appeared in Facebook it is also create sensation. Many people think Face book is opened a video sharing channel like YouTube. What can happen in future wait and see.
Face book stocks are sold in the market the news heard people response heavily, the news hit internet like “Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake” Dance video in YouTube.

Tech billionaires are knew earning is not important than Human, we earned billions of dollars, the money coming from people, so we helped people in their own way.  God give full strength to him to help more people through his charity all over the world.  We wish best of luck to Zuckerberg.