Monday, December 24, 2012



 God created mankind in his own image.  In the image of God he created male and female. And he gives some   message “I AM THE LORD OF YOUR GOD”.
At the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, after God created man (Eve and Adam. He tells you are living in my kingdom. But don’t eat apple fruit. But Eve and Adam eat apple fruit then started struggles.

 God says I will send my son on to the earth he saves your lives. Yes God send his son. He is JESUS CHRIST (HE IS THE LORD OF THE EARTH). On December 25   MARY GIVES birth   to JESUS CHRIST (CHRISTMAS)
Jesus Christ gives the holy book the BIBLE to mankind this book is very important to mankind because this is not a book this is the voice of god. In this book many truths he told. Everyone and everything is created by God. God is the only king of universe  No others saved you only God is saved you. You believe on God he saves immediately  In the Holy Book Bible he told what we want and what we do and how to live on the earth, how to reach God, and what are the duties of people.

 Honor your Mother and Father, Respect every one, and don’t scold to others.Don’t tell lies. You shall not murder, you shall not commit adultery, you shall not steel. You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor, you see your neighbors like brothers and sisters, you shall not steel others properties and all of others. Don’t scold to your mother, father, sisters, brothers, friends, relatives and neighbors.  Knowledge (awareness the plan .Belief (giving mental assent to accepting it is true).Volition (acting upon what you believed)
The Bible is the only one which claims to be the actual words of God. Those who believe the Bible also believe that God inspired various people through the years to write down His actual words for mankind. JESUS SAVES YOUR LIFE
                   I wish you a happy Christmas. 

Saturday, December 22, 2012


(image created by me)


 Every parent wanted their children become IT professional. Now every student want to become software professional in this way they studied engineering and soft ware courses. In their learning they are studied JAVA, ORACLE (db, warehouse, 10g and other) Linux and so many other courses. At the learning time they do some practicals also. But real time in their job they faced many problems.  Then mantel tension started.

  In the world now IT professionals are suffered from many health defects. In their work they take projects, here top level to bottom level employees are involved in a project. Like project director, architectures, manager, team leader and project application makers. Every person has lot of pressure who involved in the project. Because design of soft ware application is not a simple thing, for example take a bank project prepare different customer names, nominees , account states in update, ATM log in updates, every minute account updates, Mobil banking application updates, internet banking updates, credit card, debit, visa, master card updates, checks and many other applications are developed  here.

 Next, time is less to develop application, morning 8 to evening 10 they work hard but some technical problems are arising in their work. This is very critical to develop soft ware applications. Here the soft ware employees gone under pressure, mental tension and stress. Then health problems are beginning. In working time sit in a chair at in front of computer the climate is heavy radiation, they see always computer and thinking how to design the soft ware application their mind gone under high pressure then automatically Blood Pressure grown and in high range. This is effected on their health.

 Some of the diseases like eye problems, back pain, spinal card problems, brain problems, mental tension, fear, B.P, hands, finger problems, knee problems, some skin problems, kidney problems (I saw some died with kidney problems) fall of hair problem, skin effects with radiation and many problems are come to the soft ware employees. Their working hours are also heavy if task is not completed they are working 12 or 15 hours per a day. They have shift systems, because if they worked some company the client belongs to U.S the time is difference between two countries they worked in India with their clients time. So working hours is very different to them. They have no time to see their families matters. This effects on his mind very deeply. We read many articles about IT professionals. Many opportunities are in IT industries so there is no other way.  But it employees take some precautions to their daily life, their life become happily. They go to temples and some relax places like parks, beaches, some holy places and other places  in week ends with their families its give very peace to their mind. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012


(video created by me)
 December twenty first is the last day, do enjoy yourselves, take last supper, go and met friends, relatives and others, enjoy yourselves because the world ended on 21th  December, 2012, now  you opened any T.V channel or internet this rumor is telecasting  twenty four hours per a day.

 Today every people in the world discuss on this topic end of the world in 21-December-2012. In every country all T.V channels also presented some programs on this topic. So every people are afraid of this topic end of the world in 21-December-2012. First we see who is the beginner of this word? Answer is Mr. Jose-Arguelles he belongs to Mexico and he is a famous American history writer.  He researched on Mayan Calender and wrote a book on MAYAN culture its name is “THE MAYAN FACTOR” that book is very popular and also MAYAN calendars are very popular (in the video you see MAYAN calendars) then all world looks on MAYAN culture many people researched on Mayan calendars and decided the world ended on 21-12-2012 then this news spread like a virus. Note:the Mayan calendars are stopped at 21, December, 2012 they were not wrote next years calendars so some people decided world ends on 21-12-2012. BUT SCIENTISTS  TECHNOLOGISTS AND NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND  SPACE ADMINISTRATION (AMERICA) ARE NOT ACCEPTED their statements.

World Ended Rumors in History:- 1806-Hen Leeds rumor,  Mr. Miller a former in America told world ended in 1843 - march- 21 or 1843 April 23,  Marian Armageddon church founder Josef smith told world ended in 1891, etc ----

  Our holy books the Bhagavad Gita and the Bible told, any thing created by GOD that thing compulsory destroyed in any day. World is ended but this is not the time. We believe these words because the Bhagavad Gita and the Bible are speeches of GOD.  The two holy books are not told the world ended day is 21-12-2012.

As per Hindu holy books the world end after 4, 32,000 years, the Hindu holy books divided our earth life into 4 padas (4 foots or parts) we are in first part(first pada) so the world not ended on 21 December.

   In The holy book BIBLE LORD JESUS told the world ends but he did not told the world ended date. IN THE BIBLE IN MATTHEW IN CHAPTER 24, LORD JESUS TOLD what the ending signs of the world are. THIS CHAPTER CONTAINS TOTAL TOPIC ON WORLD ENDING. So the world not ended on 21 December.

  We have many scientists and our GOD’s Gift NASA. These scientists are not told the world ended on 21 December. If any problem arises they told before the problem arising  The NASA international space station always rounds to earth it watched 24 hours. So any danger begins the space station told NASA. NASA takes prevention.

So don’t believe rumors, don’t’ afraid of rumors  Some psycho persons are spread theses type of rumors. No problem, we have no danger.


                                                                                                       Thank you.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


 Fitness is many types like physical fitness, body fitness, organ fitness, and mental fitness. How many have these all fitness? If a man has above all he is called perfect and healthy man. But everyone in the world has not above all. Everyone has defects in fitness.

Mainly in the polluted world we are having some compulsory any one of the above. Mainly if we see any one face, then we comes a conclusion for example the person face looks good we decided oh beautiful face , if lean we decided oh bad face. So first impression is the best impression, everyone take care on their faces. In the technology world in many MNC’s H.R is the important person. In interviews first H.R sees candidate face then he/she comes a conclusion face looks good give good marks and good response, if face looks lean or weak H.R is not interested to take that person. So everyone must take care their faces not only young and teenage, but also old. In our face cheeks are very important because if cheeks are looks good face looks good, if cheeks are lean or irregular shape face looks bad. Our Cheeks also says our healthiness. Everyone take care their cheeks. I explained how to take care on cheeks to looks good.

  Above video I give some suggestions you follow that suggestions you maintained beautiful face. After wake up from sleep take a glass of salt water and take into the mouth then pulling is beginning( why salt water is taken because salt water is the best prevention of our teeth from tooth decay).  After pulling split that water, next press cheeks with hands minimum 10-15 minutes. Next take long breath and the air is stopped in the mouth and do as same as I show in the video. Nearly one or two months regularly do face yoga your face become very beautiful. Face yoga (cheeks yoga) is also helps we are free from unwanted fat in the cheeks and face. Eyes are also healthy doing with cheeks yoga ( cheeks yoga comes under science of the body)


Sunday, December 16, 2012


In world people are divided into 2 types. First type is Believers and second type Non-Believers.
 BELIEVERS: - in this type the people are believes the life is given by God not only life but also all things in the universe. In their lives good or bad total happens is depended upon their past life. In the past life do wrong things that effected in the present life God gives punishment to us. If do good things in the past life God give s us good birth in a noble or famous family and put in the greatest position.
 NON –BELIEVERS: - these types of people are not believed on God. They believe nature is gives everything to us. They believe science and technology is the greatest and human is the greatest person. In the world only man creating everything, his brain is very powerful.
 See above video some people are walking on fire and fire flames. How can they walk? Really wonder they have lot of confidence God is within them. So after walk I am not found any injures their foot or body. I asked them how can walk on fire? They replied we have lot of hope GOD gives strength so no problem. I described below the power of devotion. In the devotional way acquired some powers and many wonder things are takes place.
 In the devotional way some powers are come. The first power of devotion is that it burns sins (violating of God’s will) and evils (wrong doings) of many births (past and present). The second power of devotion is that it restrains us from doing wrongs and sins (violating of God’s will) in the life. Because of in the real devotion cleans our mind and soul.  The third power is we are able to hear our inner voice. What is inner voice?  Inner voice is like some sound that is called GOD’s voice, some are believe that is our soul vibrating. In the deep meditation we heard clearly our inner voice sounded. It gives some instructions to us what is good or bad. Each and Every minute it is warn us.
  The fourth power is to see a blinking of light (full white color) in the middle of our eye brows. Yes this is real many people see this light, that is called our soul or GOD. Fifth power is we have created anything and appears anywhere, to see anything with our mind. See future of any one and know everything.  In the devotional way we have lot of confidence to face any problems in our life or other. We are free from sins and evils, God gives next birth a human birth in a noble family or we have no birth that means we have no rebirth. Our soul is merged with GOD. Everyone wants this, in any religion and our holy books are telling this truth. To walk on the devotional path is the only way to make our human life successful & wonderful.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


(example image  of 10G )

(Above image is created by me)
Number magic-1

What is number magic 2G, 3G, 4G-----------------next 10G,
these all Gs are used in Tele-Communications not 10G.

2G: - Second Generation of wireless mobile technology.
3G: - Third Generation of mobile telecommunication technology.
4G: - Fourth Generation of mobile communication (Wi-Max) technology.

10G: ------------------------------------- what is this?

10G this technology developed in my mind then I wrote in my blog. I explained what 10G technology is.

  In ancient days many saints used above all technologies, ability to used nature and they living in nature.

How can get these technologies they are?
Through yoga and self control, means strong ability to control on their mind. In the way they were talked any person in anywhere in the universe through sun races. That means if they want to talk any person then they send some signals through their mind and the signals traveled through sun races and reached to the person who want to talk the saint. They thoroughly practiced and used this sun race technology. They also talked with GOD directly.

  In the same way in our computer world near future 10G technology will be comes. No doubt. Above I show a picture. In 10g technology 2 micro chips and one spectacle are used. One micro chip is fixed at ear another is fixed shirt button under the neck and spectacle used is optional. Theses micro chips and spectacle are worked with phonetic language. If we want to cal a person then we speak that person’s name then automatically call will transfer to wanting person. Here no rings, directly a voices is hear like hello, hello, hello and his name.  He wants to talk then he also replies to speak with his mouth without pressed any switches. If he wants to see and talked to that person he wears the spectacle. These spectacles are designed latest technology and inserts micro chips. Our eyes see clearly 25 Centimeters objects as same as these spectacles are designed in that way. And also expand the distance. If he wants hear fm or songs or any other then he speaks that ward like which he wants, then automatically that micro chips are activated and he heard which he wants.

 Hear no carrying of cell phones or any other device. 10G technology is, useful to uneducated men. Mainly in India this is very useful.  

NOTE: - This is only my thought and feeling, please don’t think otherwise. If this is possible are not possible no problem but I think this is possible in near future. So every technology is obtained from nature. Nature is GOD’s gift to us.

                                                                                          Thank you

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Breathing is bomb?

 Yes, really breathing is a bomb. In our daily life we take breaths automatically. Daily wake up and do daily works, in the work we feel some serious, funny, comedy, serious, tension, happy in these times we are taking automatically  high and low count of breaths. If we have a ability on our breathes why? Yes I tell the importance of breathing.

   For example in hurry and worry time our breathing count is in high level.  Example Take a sports person normally in his practice time or participation time his breathing count is very high level per a minute. At the time high breathing body is under pressure, every body parts and organs feel pressure, blood pressure count also very high. See after complete of sports he take rest for some time. After rest he becomes normal. Sometimes heart stroke is also come.  Recently in India in some states in police selections some people died of heavy breath count.

  Here logic is occurred take a tortoise its breath count is very low it takes nearly 4-5 breaths in a minute. Its life span is nearly 300-400 years. Why? It takes fewer breaths in a minute its life span is increased. As same as we take fewer breaths our life span is also increased. I tell another example if take a tire of vehicle at the manufacturing time its lifespan is fixed (expire date) we take the tire and used continuously per a day then its lifespan is decreased and spoil quickly, as same as our breath count is decreased life span is also increased.

  Here arise a doubt breathing is very important of our life but you tell breath count is decreased our life span is increased.  Our lung capacity is fixed. But we take heavy breaths all body parts become restless, heart also pumping blood rate is very high it affected on body organs, heart pumping is in high rate all body parts working rate is also in high rate. So body parts spoiled quickly then automatically our lifespan is decreased.

In yoga practiced and developed ability to control on breathing, they tell breathing techniques.  Many saints are having capacity to control breathing. They lived nearly 200-300 years like a tortoise. Breathing count is decreased food consumption is also decreased and developed natural strength to the body. The strength gives developing immunity of the body.

So  breathing is a enemy to us. please live in peaceful life and learn how to decreased breathing count and living like a tortoise.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


 Human body system is coming under body science, in our computer world people life in hurry and mental tension, it is caused many diseases  most dangerous disease attack people with tension life is diabetes.
 India is in no-1 position in a recent study, not only India but also all over the world.  The diabetic spreads like virus. What is the cause of this? In the world all people suffered from this. Old, small children and all ages are suffered from diabetics.
 First we see our body science, if we want to live or work in daily; we have some energy to do all things that energy created in our body a natural system is operated to do it. Gland name pancreas gland release insulin (this hormone helps converts glucose in the blood to energy). If our pancreas fails to generate enough insulin or our body's cells start to resist insulin. Then start the development of diabetes.  Now we do not know why this happens in some people and not others.
 In people Diabetes is 2 types.  Type-1 and Type-2.
 Type-1 diabetes: - it is caused by some damage of our pancreas.
 Type-2 diabetes develops when the body stops responding to insulin. The pancreas reacts by producing additional insulin and the liver responds by releasing extra glucose.
 Foods for diabetes: - Beans and legumes, Green vegetables, sea foods and Mollusks, Seeds, Avocados, Blueberries, Citrus Fruit, Brown Rice, Lean meats, Milk, Carrots.
Diabetes people take care of their foot, because they are neglected safety of their body and foot because any damage occurred on foot  he lost their foot.
 Health Tips:  Daily take 3 to 4 cups of coffee may cut diabetes risk by 25 percent.  Coffee consumption is reduced risk of developing type-2 diabetes in people
Daily do exercises, compulsory daily go to morning walk this is very good for diabetes effected people. And take relevant medicines with doctor suggestions. And do yoga daily

Sunday, December 9, 2012


(video created by me)
Technology creates wonders. Yes it is correct hear I tell a story how can an ordinary man become very rich, world famous and famous pop star used with technology.

The story about Park Jae-Sang, better known by his stage name PSY (GANGNAM STYLE), he was born on December 31, 1977 in the Gangnam District in South Korea. He is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and record producer. Psy is best known for his humorous videos and stage performances and for his international hit single Ganganam style which became an internet meme due to its popular promo video he has appeared on numerous television programs.

An ordinary stage singer before created Gangnam style he do not famous and not known to many people, after created Gangnam he is a world famous star over night. How can he become a world famous? Yes the credit goes to technology mainly “ YOU TUBE” it is a universal famous in internet, nearly daily 120 0000000 people see the YOU TUBE  After making of Gangnam dance video it puts in YOU TUBE in July then all over world see the video.  Then PSY become a pop star in the world. Now the most watched video of all time on YOU TUBE  The song video Gangnam style spread like a virus on YOU TUBE in a month 47 million views are recorded worldwide nearly 400000-500000 likes are recorded.     world come under (mainly youth) PSY GANGNAM style. He gives an honor “YOUTUBE KING”.

In Google search typed psy gangnam style then results come 589000000 web pages, it means many pages are created on him. Overnight an ordinary man becomes a world hero. Wonder it can possible only in technology. After he becomes a world hero he give his shows in a famous televisions like EXTRA, It is an American entertainment television. X-man a popular game shows in South Korea and many other Channels he performed his Gangnam Style.  Now video games, 3D animation pictures, wallpaper, ringtones created on his name and million dollars of business in   market on his name psy gnangnam.

So technology created wonders. An ordinary man become very famous or a famous man become infamous over a night it all can possible with technology.
So we use technology in a right way it gives wonders to us.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


 The day In 1958 October -1 is the world rebirth day yes because that is the birth date of NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION (NASA) birth day.

Before NASA establishment people did not knew what is space science and space technology. NASA giving a hit like a tsunami wave in space science & technology.Any man think or dream to land/walk/see on the moon, all are know that is impossible but NASA create wonder with its Apollo manned lunar program. The greatest program was APOLLO MANNED LUNAR LANDING PROGRAM. NASA Conducted Apollo missions between December 1968 and December 1972. 12 people walked on the moon’s surface.

In ancient period people worshiped moon as a god, they did not know moon is a planet after walked on the moon surface every people dream to walk on the moon’s surface.Before NASA birth, people did not outer surface, planets, asteroids, aliens and many other thing like causes of natural disasters. After established of NASA space science and technology is developing very fast. Today in disaster time they give everything to live telecast of disasters. Recently NASA mission on mars it is a amazing step in space science &technology; space technology (CURIOSITY MISSION).

People believe NASA give security to earth from asteroids, aliens, outer space, and other planets. It is correct because it takes many steps to save earth from above I said. NASA always watches our earth with international space station and telescopes.(image source Google search)
bopha hurricane



earth in night

rock on mars

At present every country comes and doing experiments in space science and technology, developing country like India also doing experiments on moon.  China also doing experiments in space it plans to establish a space station its own. No doubt those experiments are totally based on NASA experiments. So every country sees what are the experiments of NASA takes and results?
NASA became a godfather of space science & technology. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


 National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). NASA can do everything. In the universe NASA is the only one to save earth from outer space, aliens, other planets and asteroids see the amazing video of NASA.  In the video show our earth’s overview. Some astronauts shot the video.
After see the video which technology is used NASA. NASA PEOPLE are really heroes because they are working with dedication. They are used latest and developed technology.
Any how NASA give boost to our world, every people proud to it's successes. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


image source Google search


 At present scientists think how to fly without plains. This is a million dollar question. People believe it is not possible. But fast grown technology it is possible.  I read some books, in the ancient period mainly in Indian Vedic period Lord Indra, Ravanasura and some others used pushpaka vimanam. It was flying without oil; it had some wings and in the air it was flying automatically, but it operated by some magic powers (supernatural powers). 

 I read at my primary education time a lesson. In a jail father and son tried to fly to escape from jail. They collected wax and birds wings. And they wear and fly from the top of the jail, they were fly sometime in the sky lastly the wax melted with the sun races, and then they felled on the ground and died.

 And also I read some holy books some people fly in air, the book "autobiography of a yogi", a saint sit in air, his name “NAGENDRANATH BHADURI”  he is a levitating saint(to rise into the air and float in apparent defiance of gravity.  I show his photo at the top) and some other saints also sit and fly in air.

Now the idea is fulfill with jet-pack.  Our fast grown century scientists are developed JET PACKS, it is  developed with new technology. A man flies without flight with it. It is worn back side of a man; it is operating by jets of gases, sometimes liquid water.

 Mainly astronauts used it for extravehicular activities. Now it developed to use another purpose, and it is mainly used in military. In it a disadvantage is takes place that is its operating time is very low that is nearly 30 seconds, now scientists try to develop operating time, and only one person can fly with it.

 Wear jet-pack, it is thriller, we see some of the bond and batman movies they are fly without flight and stand villon paradise and other places. Anyhow in our fast grown technology everything is possible. We dream our scientists are developed JET PACKS to fly as same as flights. At that time(near future) airports are disappear. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012


   In the world many people living here. Mainly in India many people living here they followed many religions. They are living happy and like relatives.
Mainly in INDIA many temples built in ancient times. They are still not destroyed with climatic and natural conditions. This is a wonder. Which technology was followed by the people at that time? This is a mystery question.
Now those temples are famous in the world. Many people come and see that temples and their beauty worldwide. I show some pictures of those famous temples. See what a beauty it is.

  See the beauty of the Thanjavur temple. It is known as “BRUHADEESWAR TEMPLE” this is Lord Siva temple, this temple is a world famous, because of its age, structure and build process.
This temple built in Cholas dynasty. The Peruvudaiyar Kovil also known as BRIHADEESWARA temple, RAJARAJESHWARA temple at thanjavur in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It remains India’s largest temple; the temple is the part of the “UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE GREAT LIVING CHOLA TEMPLES”.
  This temple built in 1010 AD by Raja Raja Chola in thanjavur. Brihadeewara temple also popularly known as the “BIG TEMPLE”, turned 1000 years old in 2010.

  Kedarnath is a Hindu holy town located in UTTARAKHAND in India
This is located in the HIMALAYAS, about 3584meteres above sea level near the head of river MANDAKINI.

 Kedarnath and its temple exist from INDIAN Vedic purana MAHABHARATA, WHEN THE PANDAVAS ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE PLEASED LORD Shiva by doing penance there. Pilgrims are coming from all over the world to this holy place.

 Badrinath is a famous of its holiness this temple in Indian state Uttarakhand.  Badrinath temple is Lord Vishnu’s temple. Here a wonder takes place, it is closed in 6 months in a year, at the closing time a joyti (fire lamp) is fired and put in the temple and closed, in closing time heavy snow is covered full of the temple. In summer reopened time opened doors that fire lamp is fired this is a wonder world famous wonder. People are come and see this heavily.