Friday, December 27, 2013

New Invention New iPad mini NoteBook

Do you know what is Laptop and Tablet, olden days we called desktops, and Laptop, modern technology gives Tablet, now it again gives NoteBooks, like Google Chrome book. We surprised some one thinks why iPad turn into Laptop; an excellent idea came in Japan, company name is Japan Trust Technology It is called JTT Bookey cover2.

Specifications of the iPad mini NotBook: Weight 294 grams, battery capacity 150mAh, dimensions (when folded, excluding rubber feet) about side 205mm x depth 145mm x 23mm thickness. It has a special iPad mini note book used in 2 ways if you want to use only iPad you removed the keyboard, yes wonder what an idea.

It is available in more colors Red, Blue, White, and Black; cost of the Bookey Cover 2 is $40 cost is very low, key board is English array, total 59 keys, connection method is Bluetooth 3.0, charging method is connect USB port of a PC. Amazing in this is iPad mini Retina your looks is not turned other side.

You want to by it you go to JTT online store and buy it. In the store you chose which color you want. Friends technology creates wonders, we wish science and technology give many products in the New Year 2014.