Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Facebook take a survey from me, for news feed


Social networking giant Face book take a survey from me, opened my account I surprised to see the invitation. The survey is mainly on its news feed, face book, I asked my friends are you faced survey of face book, they told no. I am regularly opened face book and updated every day, after joined Google +, I updated weekly once; there is no use to use face book.
In the survey , they asked 10 questions those are they take my face book friends shares and ask are you like this post ( the share is a advertisement), if like we feed more of same to your timeline, you are strongly disagree, disagree, neither agree, nor disagree, agree, strongly agree. If I take strongly option, face book send as same as type of advertisements on my wall.

   They show a image which is share of my friend, it is Kerala ayurveda ( it is a one type of treatment in India) treatment photo, I told strongly agree, then face book send same type of ( medicine) advertisements on my wall, 10 questions are one by one show some images ( means some friends like iphones, laptops, Samsung mobiles, TVs, shoes ) different advertisements, all they show compulsory something like advertisements. I think that is image related advertisement and also news all over the world, if I like some news, face book send same type of news occurring around the world.
   Totally face book tries itself to stand and occupy the market, now many people thinking what is face book, no use of it, one thing first Orkut came in internet many people opened  accounts in it, at that time all the world become a village, people wanted a new trend in their lives, they attracted Orkut, after Face book entered internet people left Orkut, joined Face book, after Google+ launched people joined in it, now the users of Google + became more than 1 billion, gradually Google + take the place of Face book. Mark Zuckerberg know this thing very well, he is also a account holder of Orkut ( I think) and Google+, I am one of the friend of Mark Zuckerberg in G+

  So Mark Zuckerberg always thinking how can improve and give more features to face book users, how can they satisfy, so he put many changes in Face book.