Tuesday, October 30, 2012


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Nature‘s angry
 What is this?  Why nature is angry on man.  See sandy hurricane storm hit United States; any body can save from sandy, no, nobody can save from sandy.  Only GOD can save from sandy (super hurricane) hour by hour it become very large.
 So we pray God please save us from sandy.

Please all are pray GOD to save from Sandy Hurricane.

Monday, October 29, 2012


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Why disasters are come and hit to the man and destroy all of our uses.  Only people can cause this all disasters. Yes we used earth for our uses like digging earth for minerals, granite, and all other purpose, we destroyed our natural sources for our uses. Then God/Nature is angry upon us.


                                                                            THANK YOU TO ALL 


Sunday, October 28, 2012


Magic of technology new approach in disaster management

The American Red Cross society set up live updates about Hurricane Sandy for people who have new mobiles Android/iPhones through a free application called Hurricane.  It is now available on iTunes app store and Google play store.
This is very new and easy approach to disaster management. We get the latest news and updates of people who are affected by the disaster and are fleeing from their homes.  It has been proven useful especially for no power available in the areas.  In the storm time power is not supplied due to the heavy rain and wind, in that time this application is very useful for people.  

The application offers more useful tips for people what to do before, and after the storm has passed, and also each and every bit of information it provides about the storm in straight. The Red Cross that all information, especially news, being fed to the app is the most recent and official. Above all, the app has all necessary features that everyone might need in times like this.


   Massage: The Hurricane app offers one touch “I’m safe” messaging to serve as reassurance for our families and friends that we are out of the harm’s way. The message will be broadcast-ed to social media outlets for everyone to see.

        THE RED CROSS OFFICE LOCATIONS: Using the app, we can easily locate open Red Cross shelters near our current position. It is difficult and too risky to wander off looking for safe places to stay during the storm; this feature is most useful to save us.

       FAMILY EMERGENCY PLAN TIPS: There are simple steps and checklists available in the app that we can use to create a family emergency plan. When we  anxiety , it is difficult to think clearly on what to do, so Red Cross made sure that with the help of the app, we will be guided with this app correctly.

      Hurricane Sandy weakened to a Category 1 storm late 25th of this month as it hovers over low-lying southeastern islands in the Bahamas. In Friday, the storm already left 31 an accident as it continues to gain mass spawning a “HYBRID” super storm. It is expected to hit the U.S. East Coast and cause even more destruction before it exits the country. If any one of us are ones the people that will be affected by Hurricane Sandy or know someone who might be in its way, better to download the app now.

No doubt about of it. This app is a technology magic. See how the technology is used to us.  God is great/Nature is great to give ideas to our minds.  So we thanks to God/Nature and Scientists 

Friday, October 26, 2012


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 Internet operating system ruler Microsoft has launched its latest OPERATING SYSTEM, Windows 8; this is very high end operating system.  Micro soft wants to occupy the internet application system with Windows 8. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, said in the occasion   “We have reimagined Windows, and we’ve reimagined the whole PC industry”. In India Retail and enterprise users will be able to experience from Friday all that Windows has to offer with a new user interface, a host of applications from its store," Microsoft India chairman Bhaskar Pramanik  said.
The new system looks to merge a touch-screen with the PC experience and the new tile design template is all about achieving that.

Ever one want to upgrade to Windows 8, all are eagerly waiting how the OS WINDOWS 8 is worked how it is installed, what is the futures of it, what the price of it is.  Many questions are arising in minds to the technology people and internet community.

 The new OPERATIAING SYSTEM will have two versions at retail WINDOWS 8 & WINDOWS Pro, while Windows 8 enterprise offers mobile productivity with features like To Go, Direct Access.
The bundled version will be available on form factors ranging from tablets to laptops and ultra notebooks from 14 OEM (original equipment manufacturer) partners, including Acer, Dell, Fujitsu, HCL, Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Wipro and Zenith Computers.

Cost price of OS windows 8: - I read news in a news paper I.e.  Cost of the windows 8 version is in India nearly for Over 250 Windows 8 enabled devices, including 23 new SKUs (stock keeping unit) of Windows 8 PCs are available across 100 cities and over 2,500 retail stores Rs 699/- and Rs1999/-. In India In India “Users can upgrade their personal computers (desktops) That have Windows XP, Vista or Window 7 at an affordable price of Rs.1,999/-  till Jan 2013,"

Conditions for installing the  Windows 8 version:- If  any one bought a new PC with Windows 7 between 2 June 2012 and 31 January 2013 then one can get Windows 8 Pro for a promotional offer of Rs 699/-.
Those who bought a Windows PC before June 2 will be able to upgrade for $39.99 (Rs 2150 approximately). You must already have Windows XP with Service Pack 3, Windows Vista or Windows 7.
India as Windows anytime upgrade (WAU), the latest version is cloud connected. Users will have to sign once with their MS (Microsoft) account to ensure they will be able to access mails, calendars, contact, and pictures among other apps (applications)".

PC must also have valid Windows 7 OEM Certificate of Authenticity and product key as well for being eligible.


On the earth God/nature give many comfortable things to live human.  Many people believe God gives these all to man, but scientists believe nature is give these all to man.  Any how God/nature gives to us a valuable or golden gift to us that is “TIME”.  Time is most valuable thing to all. Some of the important persons give preference to their time.
The first thing to think is that God/nature treats every thing equally.  God/Nature has not made anyone rich/poor.  To each and every one and who   living on the earth god/nature gives to them freely for all. Nature has sent her offspring armed with two important things. The first is TIME and second is Power of labor, but we cannot have the benefit out of it and run in shortage.  God sent human beings on this Earth, but he didn't bestow any particular materialistic things.  Whatever He has given to man is so much valuable that all the worldly things could be obtained through this, besides intellect, life and body.  God has given man the most invaluable gift.  I.e. TIME   it is said that man has got counted breaths and breaths continuously go on.  One breath lessens one unit of TIME. In other words, we can deem this as time.  Direct form of life is beyond human grip but its expression can surely be felt.
  Subtle existence of life is manifested in the form of time.  Our achievements depend upon as how and for what, we utilize time.  Every unit of invaluable life diminishes at its own pace. If water pot leaks drop by drop, it will go empty after some time. As the same as rolling day to day, time and human life is also decreasing.  When the consequences of time’s use and wastage are comparatively appraised, then it appears as how much difference is there between readiness and expectation one that understands the significance and aspect of time and becomes ready with total awareness of its use has got life, otherwise indifferent people get loss only. Time is invaluable.  One who wastes time recklessly, wastes life in vain.

Do not  waste God/Nature give the most valuable gift to us (TIME)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


In the 21th century rapid changes are occurred mainly from 2000 this is speed century. After invention of computers & internet sudden changes are coming in the world.
Technology improved day by day very rapidly it give boost to our lives.  It is excellent but in this we found some bad results also.
 Many children spend their time at video games they bluff their parents.  We heard news, one parent ordered her son do not play video games on computer.  Then the child become very angry and killed his mother.  Read the news I felt very unhappy what technology gives to us.
 Many children play video games in computer they waste their golden time and childhood.   Continues playing is effected their eyes.  If a child plays video game 4 or 5 hours or more his /her eye sight falls in to danger. Children lost memory, knowledge, eye sight, and also valuable time. Some children follow their parent’s advices. Some are not following.  A parent asked a internet export adult filters because they went to office then their children opened and see all sites (Adult contents or other porn sites).  So please observe your children. 
Parents observed their children if they see Internet and play video games strictly worn them.  So don’t spoil your children to give computers/lap-taps.

Monday, October 22, 2012


Middle Eastern oil and gas companies have been targeted in massive attacks on their computer networks in an increasingly open cyber war where a new virus was discovered just this past week.

The virus also hit Rasgas, a joint venture between US oil firm Exxon Mobil Corp and state-controlled Qatar Petroleum.
It took Aramco, the world's biggest oil company, two weeks after the August 15 attack to restore its main internal network, but the group said that oil production had not been disrupted.

HSBC says websites hit by cyber attack
HSBS largest bank said some of its websites had been hit by a cyber attack that disturbed its on line services. But customers that their data were not compromised
It said a number of sites were affected around the world but did not give an exact number or say where they were.  But bank takes steps to stop attacks.  In this attack any customer’s data is not spoiled. The total data is in safe.
"We are taking appropriate action, working hard to restore service," the bank added. It said some of the sites are back up and running.

United Nation says now in the world 6 billion cell phone subscribers, and 2.3 billion Internet usersAre using cell phones and Internet 



It is very useful for Education and business.  Their aim to make computers more accessible to everyone and hope that the new Chrome book makes it even easier for us to bring the power of the web to classrooms

Sunday, October 21, 2012


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        Google is added 25 million building FOOTPRINTS TO MAPS

  In the world all people lived in marketing.  Many business people traveled different places. Any marketing many people involving in promote their product, in this consists  lot of employees are working .they used vehicles or other sources,  used cell phones like Google nexus, android, galaxy phones. Many people use Google maps to use see their own locations and other.  To build their own location and enabled applications. Google launched two new applications.

        Google Maps Tracks applications allow an organization or company to build their own applications that can store, display and analyze Global Position Searching  data on a map. The API is built on top of Google’s reliable cloud infrastructure and offers specialized features such as  geological fencing

               Google Maps Geological location API enables an application or device to determine its own location without the use of Global Position Searching by looking up the locations of nearby Wi-Fi access points and cell towers. By limiting Global Position Searching usage, a device can save battery life and work indoors or in remote areas (like rural areas).

The Google maps tracks and geological location application allows Management Company can en quire its vehicles with advance positioning capabilities. In heavy traffic cities company can locate its employees where they are staying and which company they are stayed.

This is helps track all vehicles we track a man in bus or train or any other vehicles exactly.  The Google tracks application is called geological fencing.

     The Google Maps Tracks API allows businesses to take advantage of a technique called geological-fencing, where a company can create a virtual region on a map to notify a device when it enters or exits a predefined area. For example, if a company could set up notifications or any other information that would automatically alert drivers whenever they were 10 miles outside their delivery point and need to turn back. Automated notifications could reduce dependence on employees, allowing the delivery company to use their employees more efficiently.

The big increase in data detail comes from aerial photography, Google explains in the Google officially announcing the change. Feeding aerial photos into an algorithm, its engineers used computer vision techniques to render shapes of the building, adding a wealth of information to its maps.


 INDIA has lot of religions and customs.  Mainly in Hindus celebrate many festivals.  Festivals have many programs like puja (devotional) many arts like classical dances.
Now this is the festivals period in India manly south Indian people celebrate many festivals DHASARA, DEEPAVALI, SANKRANTI and more.  Dhasara it is ten days festival all schools gave holidays. Children go to their grandfather/grandmother villages and celebrate Dhasara very happy.  During this festivals some natural science is include.

In the video women and girl formed a round and doing an art named KOLOTAM it is very popular art in South India.
Women are take small sticks and touching together in the touching time a sweet sound THA is coming from the sticks. People enjoy themselves to seeing this event.

KOLATAM is good exercise to body.  At the performing” KOLATAM” they are doing very quick and faster movements.  It gives good exercise in that time some enzymes are delivered from glands it helps body fitness some glands like frankeyasis gland, pituitary gland and some glands delivered enzymes this is help maintain body balance.

Kola tam helps reduce cholesterol in the body. For women it is very good exercise.  In it no risks no gym exercise some body movements of hands and legs.

KOLATAM art include some natural science it will helps breathing control all body position are fit with out gym.  It developing concentration  increasing grasping power, and  weight loss treatment