Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Google wants to changed Typed Password to replaced with unique Song

Google wants to changed typed password to replaced with unique song, user login his all Google accounts with typed passwords, now it can implement new feature in the password section, typed Passwords to replace with unique song of user.

(image credited SlickLogin) 

Google completely changed the internet user’s life, after it buys Israeli based sound authentication firm “SlickLogin” take some security steps to navigation of internet. The founders of SlickLogin are Or Zelig is Chief Executive Officer, Earn Galili is Chief Technical Officer, and Ori Kabeli is Vice President of R&D, the three are sound knowledge on technology and internet applications, Or Zelig is an experienced Project Manager and he  also expert of new ideas, Eran Galili , he hacks computers at the age of 12 years and a expert of software and hardware security researcher and Ori Kabeli he is a expert of software development and developing security oriented products. The main aim of the 3 is giving more and more security to user’s internet security. the technology that allows websites to verify a user’s identity by using unique sound, it works by playing a uniquely produced sound through computer speakers, which is picked up by an app on the user’s mobile, it gives perfect secure internet access to users.

Totally it is an innovative way of Google, right now internet security become more critical, search engine giant Google also fall security threats, always Google doings are changed rapidly and viral, song is a password is a new magic from Google.

Typed passwords are changing weakly once, continually used one password is harmful to user, few days back Google also take some information at the account login time, now it buy “SlickLogin” so in future Google give more and more security to its users. Thanks to Google.