Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Facebook Buying Eleven Thousand Drones Why

According to the Facebook  yet one-third of the world’s population have access to the internet, Facebook thinking on this to give access net to all over the world, last year it is opening internet.org company with mobile giants Nokia, Samsung, Ericsson, and Media Tek, Opera and Qualcomm.

Now Facebook buying 11000 drones with the aim of to give access internet using drones to beam internet connections to Africa.

Right now Facebook users around the world 1.23 billions, it want to increase users of it. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wants to occupy as many as users of Facebook.

Few days before Mark Zuckerberg wealth became more and he wants Facebook connect everyone in the world. The project to give internet access through Drones is as same as Google’s own Project Loon. Google want to give net connection to remote areas. If it is successful it spread all over the world, now Facebook also doing same thing but it used drones.

Few days back it buys WhatsApp with $19 billion dollars, it is the biggest deal in the technical field. People thinking internet access with drones is worth than WhatsApp deal.

Google and Facebook one by one wants to occupy high percentage of people around the world to increasing marketing their products, now it is going on healthy competition. Some of the decisions of MarkZuckerberg is not worthy, he wants to declines users login via PCs and Facebook Messenger stops working from yesterday both windows and Firefox these are some unwanted decisions take Facebook, some surveys told  many people left Facebook because of no use of Facebook.
(all above images are screenshot images)