Thursday, March 20, 2014

Google Projects and Thoughts of Google from Larry Page

image credited TED

Larry Page co-founder and CEO of Google he expressed Google notions in interview at the Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED-2014). Larry Page was interviewed by US television host Charlie Rose at TED-2014. Larry Page talked about ideas, projects and future developments of Google.

Q. where is Google and where is it going?

Larry Page: - Google is a mission we defined to organize the world’s information and make it usable and accessible with 100% accuracy. We have been doing on Google mission for 15 years already, yet it’s not at all done and not completed.

Smarter computers: we are looking at search and trying to understand, computer doesn’t know where you are, what you know and what you are doing, we are deeply trying to make devices work, to understand your context and you might need. Deep Mind is a UK company we just acquired; it worked on voice recognition, now it is not good had helped make computers smarter. He said that Google was working on its own machine learning project; we ran machine learning on YOUTUBE. We're seeing a lot of work going on artificial intelligence that crosses computer science and neuroscience, it’s very exciting.

He said that Google prepared medical records and wants patients to hand over their data to researchers then it will save billions of lives.

He told about some of his crazy ideas in this interview such as Project Loondriverless cars, Google plans to launch its driverless cars on the roads by 2017. And he added some important developments of Google, they working on Android Operating system on PCs and Smart Phones.