Friday, February 21, 2014

Google launched Project Tango

Image credited to Project Tango

Google announced new project “PROJECT TANGO”   that is prototype 3D smart phone its enables to create 3D maps of a Smartphone user current surroundings environment.

Image credited to Project Tango

What is it?  “The Project Tango” is prototype android Smartphone 5” containing customized software and hardware, it tracks and create continually 3D maps of the user current environment. The sensors allowed the mobile to make a quarter million 3D measurements every second. Means you can see your current place surroundings with 3D effect, it gives new experience to users and also it can update every second in real time.

It is an exploration into new experience to give mobile devices a human scale, are you imagine if you never found yourself lost in a unknown building, furniture mall, shopping mall and forest, no problem it can understanding of space and motion of your current place, what an idea of Google really it’s amazing, after see and feel the new feature experience of Google Project Tango no words can describe the experience.

Image credited to Project Tango

Which devices it works: Project Tango runs Android and includes development APIs, the android applications are written in the languages of Java, C, and C++.

How could you do with Tango: you want capture the dimensions of Taj Mahal simply by walking around the Taj Mahal with your phone, its complete it created 3D maps of Taj Mahal at where you walking current environment.  

Currently Google looking for professional developers with dreams of creating more than a touch screen app and it can have 200 prototype developed kits.

Future of the Project Tango:  it is not a part of android, right now it is researching in the labs, after successfully completed trails in labs and it is in the hands of billions of people, the future is awesome; Google can build it faster and give to the people hands as early as possible
Available in the market: Google expects to launch these unites in the market probably in this year on March-14th.