Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Facebook Implemented DeepFace App to Catch Similar Images

Facebook always tries to pick up users personal data, it grows day by day, now it is published an update about its powerful facial verification software “DeepFace” it allows Facebook servers to identify and catch individuals in images with perfect accuracy.

The DeepFace software has name derives from artificial intelligence known as “Deep Learning” (with massive amounts of computational power, machines can now recognize objects and translate speech in real time, Artificial intelligence is finally getting too smart).  According to the source Facebook explained that out of 4 million facial images of over 4,000 people DeepFace can catch and match images of individuals, shadows, position of the head and other complicating factors, it identify  with 97.25 accuracy. So Facebook enter deep and deep in user’s personal data, because security problems, many fake accounts put fake images like political leaders, celebrities, gods and other, it is very difficult to maintain their accounts they comment and share banned content, it is headache to Facebook, then it implements this new software application.

How does the DeepFace work?

This application works 100 percent accuracy if computer is given a image of “X” it is slightly to the right or left, DeepFace can chart that image in 3D format and virtually turns it head forwards. Then it analyzes and produces a “Numeric Chart” of that forward facing physiognomy and searching for same patterns in the database that match with Facebook provided database. In the searching 2 similar charts identify then a match is found. Conclusion is one image used two different users so that account is fake account.

The DeepFace technology helps Facebook it identifies banned and porn content images and removes from Facebook. Wow what a technology Facebook used.

It is simple now to identify faces in Facebook and stop fake accounts.
(screen shot images credited selficity)