Friday, January 31, 2014

Future Google Search Engine thinks like Human?

We know all about what is Google search engine, if Sergey Brin and Larry Page is not invented Google, we have no internet, it is truth, each and every thing what you want find in Google. If Google search engine thinks like human, what the situation is, some of the experts told yes Google work on it, if computers think like a human.

Before few days ago Google buy a company, it is Deepmind, an artificial intelligence company, neuroscientist Demis Hassabis is the founder of the Deepmind, he sold 242 million Euros, a computer genius become overnight a millionaire to sold his company to Google, see technology creates wonders, he started it just 2 years ago, main aim of him to create computers think like humans, many people surprised to hear, what? Computers think like a human, never. He tries to create artificial intelligence computers.

He said “Google and Deepmind partnership goes to solved society’s problems with the power of machine learning tools, and they want to give more enjoyable life to people”; its unique quality is Machine learning.

Future Google Search Engine structure: now in the searching, we typed any query it shows some results, in future you typed a query it shows some amazing information, in the Google news at the right side below we see YouTube videos related to that news, near future anything it shows videos, means like Google Hangouts, some of the employees researched and learning what we want in search.  For example you searched for some beauty, education, traveling, hotels, and medical information, then it shows some videos in those videos, which information is the best and those sites its Google page rank is high, top content, traffic and other, it takes all information of that sites and show video results, unnecessary pages.

Why Google changes its searching option, people want information to live, here we have many live channels, in YouTube we saw full information about all over the universe, so Google always thinking how to give new features and experience its users. It attracts more and more people. Totally video results shown in searching result is a new experience to people. (It is my own idea) thank you.