Saturday, February 15, 2014

Google gives 10 GB Internet Data Transfer Speed

Are you think internet speed becomes 1000 times than normal speed, yes its true, Google working on data transfer speeds in its next generation project, Google CFO Patrick Pichette told at the Goldman Sachs technology and internet meeting, company aims into 10 GB per second data transfer speed to users. He said it’s a very hard application that are data intensive will run smoothly over the internet, currently Google fiber data transfer speed is 1 GB per second.

Net speed will increase users trust the use of software, now very slow data transfer speed available in some countries, for example my internet connection is dead slow, I am tired with this internet connection, no way so I run this internet connection. In many countries net speed dead slow. Many people suffered with it, Google observed this condition, then it take the next generation project, and offer high speed internet with a speed of 10 GB speed per second.

Google is not working one on this, last year some of the scientists told they have transfer data with 10 GB speed with light it is called “li-fi” and social networking giant Facebook also worked on this, and Mark Zuckerberg launched with aim of to give internet all people in the world.

Google doings are created shaking in the minds of people, tech people heard the news and they are already starts working on it. Google has billions of money and spent on any invention so it can achieve its goals.

This 10 GB internet speed of Google Fiber comes into all over the world within years. Friends it is very happy news to us. Thanks to Google.