Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mobile Attacked by Real Virus Amazing News

Its wonder, unbelievable real virus attacked on a cell, researchers from Princeton University spot the event, particle sized virus tired to infect a mobile, and it’s amazing. They released a video


A virus like particle moving at high speed around the cell until it encounters a cell, it shows a show like a rubber ball, it bounce and skid on the surface again and again, it takes Nano second to complete the process and enter into the cell’s interior space and spoil the cell.

We know virus attacks on human, animals and trees, now we are suffering from non-curable diseases by virus like cancer, aids, Hepatitis, dengue and etc. there is no medicines some of the virus diseases.

Right now researchers invented curing methods to cells by virus attacks. Laughing news it is, but true the news.

all screenshot images credited MovieS6

The real virus attack video captured by Haw Yang and Kevin Welsher scientists from the Princeton University. Kevin Welsher told viruses and Nano-particles are very small and fast to move, to capture the event is very hard and critical, but they capture and invent unbelievable news.

These scientists used 2 cameras 1 is captured virus particle and second is cell and current surrounding environment of the cell.

Any how people attacked by another new viruses, be careful. Thank you.