Wednesday, February 5, 2014

FaceBook Sends wonder Gift to its Users?

Its amazing Face book celebrating 10th birthday, Mark Zuckerberg dream is success, at the same time some bad effects shows on society, anyhow now social networking is a powerful platform to all people.

 Social networking sites connected people worldwide, world became a small village, people know what is going on in the world without go to outside, all news about politics, inventions, science, health, automobiles, trending, beauty and fashion trends, each and every thing what you want, totally found in web. Now 2 social networking sites ruled the internet, Google Plus and Face Book.
 Yesterday Facebook celebrates it's 10th birthday, and it gives a gift to us. It created a video of your entire history, your sharing’s, updates, photos, news, videos, greetings and what you did in face book, it created a video and show in your timeline, if asked you share it, if you want you are share it, here a problem many accounts are fake in Face Book, they share unwanted material and other stuff, in the video shows entire history from your joining date in Face Book, it’s very amazing gift and bad also. You want to create it visited this LINK.

People history is opened and public, many people surprised and shocked what it is, they don’t know its wonder gift from Face book. Many people thinking what it is.

Friends I told one thing there is no hidden in the web; all are opened, because web gives good and bad results on the society. Some are used in correct way, and some are used in wrong way, many people used web for their developing, like education, research, training, earnings, marketing their products and many other events. Friends using web on the right way.