Thursday, February 20, 2014

Facebook buys the Powerful and Crazy WhatsApp

Social network giant Facebook buy the powerful and crazy application android WhatsApp, total deal cost is $16 billion, $4billion in cash and remaining $12 billion in the Facebook shares.

Right now the biggest and crazy messenger app is Whatsapp, now it is buying by Facebook, the app running successfully over the world.

image credited WhatsApp


           -Worldwide 450 plus million users used this app.

           -70% of the people active users per a day.

           -600 photos uploaded per day.

          - Daily more than 1 million users registered per a day.

           -200 voice messages sent per day.

Whatsapp is running in Facebook as a separate service, they want to connect more and more people around the world.

The aim of Maker Zuckerberg is to connect billions of people worldwide; Whatsapp fits the Mark’s vision perfectly. The app service and brand will continue as its original way, there are no changes, because it occupies key markets in the world, like US and India.

 The Whatsapp messenger has growing quickly than any other apps. Now the game started Google and Facebook buys famous tech companies one by one, what is going on, the tech giants capitates each other every day they buy a company. Wait for some time what is going on in the web.