Saturday, February 22, 2014

Facebook and other Social Media Posts undergone to Lie Detector Test

Friends its very hot news to you, users of social media, like Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites shares undergone to Lie Detector Test, Not now it’s become true in future.

The European Union takes up the project with the researchers of Sheffield University and other 5 famous universities, it is 3 years project, and famous researchers participated in this project.

How it works: in social media huge percentage of rumors going around the clock, the Lie Detector system catch and analysis the rumors information automatically in online. Wow what an idea, which technology they used.

After analyzing every nook and corner of the rumor, the result will be shown on dashboard, and it takes the rumor in to hold. It classify social media rumors into 4 types 1) weighing, means how much interest creates in online 2) disputable, 3) misinformation 4) Propaganda. The system examined reliable source such as journalists, famous experts, newspapers, witnesses, enquiring public, and see the history of the user who can share it, how many people involved in it, what is the background of the users, and their accounts are real or fake or to create accounts for spreading rumors. Finally it become its real or fake after that it would alert the all emergency services, Governments, and friends to act immediately on the rumor.

Why the Lie Detection test conducted on social media shares, we know many countries faced more problems from social media, because now the social media acts very powerful than any other media. Politicians also come to connect with people with social media; marketing companies also used this social media.

Anyhow friends think one minute at the time of sharing your post or friend’s posts, check it is right or wrong, if you shared it you will fall in danger be careful. Thank you.