Monday, February 24, 2014

Google new Feature Are you want Track your Gmail with Streak ok Track it

Image credited to Streak
Friends Google chrome add a new extension are you want to track your Gmail account, add Streak to your chrome browser then it will track your Gmail account.

Image credited to Streak
Once you add Streak for Gmail, it tracks entire your Gmail history like who read your sent emails and other.

How it works?  A user views your email sent through Streak an “Eye” icon appear in your inbox, he opened the email it turns into “Green”, you see a signal the sender that their email has been read.

As per Streak you keep track your all deals right from your in box, you get bulk mails from one same sender it can push that all mails into one view in your pipeline.

 See all your deal in your Gmail account, It can build a holistic view of your customers, built spreadsheet view you are able to edit your all deals and create simply and easy reports.

Image credited to Streak
Simple sharing want to talk to a specific customer, Streaks makes easy, and you are selectively share parts of your inbox and all your needs.

Tracking available Streak email tracking shows all tracking history in your inbox, after tracking it shows Green or Gray eye icon, it means whether the email are read or not ( Green eye icon means it is read, and Gray eye icon means it is not read).

Image credited to Streak
Streak works with Google Apps streaks works with your personal Gmail accounts or provided by your organization, school and business accounts. It works with all Google application like Google apps for business, education and Government.

CRM app: you managed phone calls and send emails through directly with this app, tracked latest news feed updates.

Currently Streak is free in Beta version, and there is always be a free plan, in the future Streak implemented paid features.