Saturday, February 1, 2014

Google News! Build Digital World with Chrome LEGO Bricks

Video Credited to Googlechromeaunz

It is amazing any time Google hit the web with wonders, any news creates totally viral, now it hit with Build with Chrome, what an idea.

You can build whatever you like with Lego + Chrome, now easy to design of any building, no problem Google give easy to design all whatever people liking, Google added a new flavor to the digital web, build and explore more with the digital world of LEGO. Build with chrome is a kid’s game model, Google working with LEGO Australia, to brought bricks to the Chrome. It is totally new experiment from Google.

(Screenshot image)
With the help of Chrome Bricks you build a new world in the web, here 8 trillion bricks are available in different models and colors.  It is a new experience, and you’re engineering skills, you can prepare for the upcoming web world what you think.

(Screenshot image)
Opened build with Chrome website shows buildacademy, it has contain some basics how to build, all colorful bricks in the web using WebGL, with a 3d graphics technology, you are enter a whole new world of building with Chrome LEGO bricks, in build with Chrome a trainer named Vitruvius, he is a master Builder, he knows different ways to use different LEGO bricks and building techniques. Go and trained under Vitruvius and become you’re also a master builder.

Open your skills to creating new digital world and design, for future, you feel free to operate with LEGO bricks. In Chrome Digital World some short tutorials shows how to use it, there 8 trillion bricks in wonder colors, and also you made world also, you want to design luxury hotel, towers, apartments whatever you want build like Skype towers, PETRONAS towers, Burj Dubai, palm tree and many styles as you like.

It is totally new feature and amazing experience with Google and Chrome browser. Friends come and build with Chrome Bricks, become master Builder what you want. Thank you.