Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Face Book Amazing invention View Yourself! Faces of FaceBook

World famous social net working site face book, any news from face book and other news of face book is create wonders.  Here I give wonder news to you. Face book users are in 1 billion+. Now a wonder technologist invented a great application to face book with the help of face book API. To display faces of face book 1.2 billion users. It is amazing step
The technologist name is Natalia Rojas, his creation is amazing, wow he used face book Applications of this invention now it is very hot topic in internet world wide. Every people want to know what is it, some people fear what is privacy policies of Face book in the website they told
Connected your face book account and find your face or friend face where in the gallery of face book faces your friends are and which  of them was the first to open account in Face book, they displayed a funny thing that is Note: we are extremely sorry if you cannot find your face in the provided gallery.
They said “we are not exceeds any of the face book privacy policies and rules, we don’t store any one’s private information, pictures or names. Only display photos of users. They show 1,278,842,363 face book profile pictures and organize them in chronological order.
The faces of face book are a personal project by Creative Technologist Natalia Rojas.
I think this taught became in the face book 1 billion more than users are used face book, here friends, relatives, and other, they don’t know each other my brother has account in face book, so he taught to develop this application then all are see profile pictures and know oh my brother, my friend and my relatives are used face book.
But in some countries women are follow their religion customs, they don’t want to show their photos publicly, but in this app all faces are public and open anyone want to see faces of his interest.

Any how this is a big step; Natalia Rojas has a brave person, because his invention goes to many things.
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