Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Google new Invention: Train locator Map with Google Maps Engine

Now train travelling is very hard, millions of people travel in trains, now super-fast trains came into force. Every one wants to know where the train is in which station, if he knows his time is saved. Everyone buy tickets and checking train status at the movement. This is common. They are tension if train comes or not.
Google gives track train location and know the train location. The Google train locator map lets people see at all the trains across the country and zoom in on a given region or station.  All people can search for any train in the country, by train number/name by searching over a train on the map; they see a message the train is on time/ late. It is very useful of the passengers; if train is late they chose another work in the late time. If rite time then they will come earlier into the station. Map locator gives the real time data from Global Position System.  Train passes by sensors near the tracks; the location information is send into Google Maps Engine, with the station data from the content management system. The information provides a reliable platform. They think up more ways to make this system traveler friendly.
Google make any thing is in different way, this train locator map is very useful to all people. They know train position in anywhere at any place, it gives save our time. It is very useful for business people. Because they have little time to leisure, if train comes late they are in station their time is wasted, so they know the actual position of the train, then they come to station correct time.

Now it is experiment, and only working in US only, after development and people response it is used worldwide. It is great step in the technology development. Google can do anything and everything no doubt.
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