Saturday, October 12, 2013

Android Air breathes every one!

Now we are in android age, every day many android developments are coming into force. Many companies made android applications, these all applications are based on Google developed android application.
Every person used android phones. In youth very crazy so our life started with android we eat, drink, and breathe android so I called now we are in Android air and android climate.
I give some examples of android phones data.
In a survey in this year all over the world, selling of android phone is more than 1 billion, because people see it very crazy. In the smart phone applications up to 2017 android is the king in the market. In this year 1.80 billion android mobiles are selling around the world. In 2017 it is more than 2.30 billions. Many mobile companies give discounts to its smart phones now some phones are purchased 4000/-, now android application phones are available in cheep cost. But smart phones market is very high in developing countries.
I think Google android and Apple iOS operating systems are empires in the android market. There is no alternative for those applications. In this year Microsoft windows phone is exceeds Block Berry’s phone. Now Microsoft buys Nokia to establish and occupy smart phone market all over the world. It is big step to Microsoft. With the support of Google android applications and other company’s applications android stand its first position in the smart phone market. Position of operating systems in smart phones in the year of 2013 is Android -75.3, iOs -16.9, Windows- 3.9, Black Berry -2.7.

So day by day many android application are quenched all over the world, mainly Google concentrate android applications, recently android Kit Kat application is started, I think this is not ending only beginning. Mainly Google and Microsoft are fighting with each other in technology. It is useful to people because they invented new technologies for people day by day. So we wish more android applications are coming from our Google, Microsoft and other companies. Finally we are in Android climate.