Sunday, October 13, 2013

Is it true Google Faced Competition from Sputnik?

Larry Page and Sergey Brin invented   Google search engine in internet.    We know   what the power of the Google is. Slowly small search engine Google become giant in internet,   people thinking if there is no Google, there is no life. Right now Google don’t’ faced   competition. But now it is faced competition. Russian Telecom Company Rostelecom planed create internet search engine named “Sputnik”, the name is we heard in past years it is spacecraft name. It plans to occupy Russian internet market. Already Yandex search engine is running it is a competitor of Google. It is occupy 62 percent traffic in Russia. Russia has the largest internet population in Europe. Every company want to occupy the market. Internet search engine business is a different field from telecom service business. But I think already Yendex is running successfully, in China Baidu also running very successfully, and Rosteletelecom is a big telecom company so it thinks give competition to Google and Yendex in Russia. It plans launch in 2014, now it invites developers to work in the Sputnik project.  Many technology people think it is also success because Google is king in US and some other countries. I analysed depended upon Image Graphics report now in the world Google and Face books are kings, but only in some countries. Yahoo is king in Japan, as same as now netzines thinking Sputnik is give tuff competition  to Google in Russia. Some netzines think Google is well established and famous in internet Sputnik is little baby it is not competitor of Google in any way. Anyhow competition is running, it is profit to the people, products are available very cheap and saves money of the people. Any how we see Sputnik search engine in 2014, it is not born child, but Google is a elephant, it is not competitor to Google.

All rivers are finally merged in the sea as same as all search engines are merged in Google. Google is well established company, for example in India has world second largest population. All internet people used Google search engine because it is easy to operate and friendly user. So everyone wants to use Google. I think there is no alternative of Google.